Which summer drinks are popular on the terrace?


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  • Summer Cocktails van Goeie Mie GinSummer Cocktails van Goeie Mie Gin
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Don’t you enjoy the outdoors again, being able to meet friends on a terrace? We do and we are curious which drinks are popular this year besides the standard white wine, rosé, white beer, special beer and non-alcoholic beer. The popularity of the Aperol Spritz remains undiminished, but we are seeing more and more versions of the Spritz and the non-alcoholic drinks are especially popular during the day! We have also spotted special glasses for drinks, a trend for 2022 as a colleague called it, but whether you can talk about it as a trend? During my time as a stewardess, I was given a small Buddha statue in which a plastic glass with a cocktail was placed at a Japanese Steakhouse, you could keep the Buddha. These Buddha’s were so popular with friends that I regularly enjoyed a cocktail there. And that was really a long time ago… ^Marjolein

A list of summer drinks that are now popular on the terrace and alternatives:

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Virgin G&T | The Duchess

The virgin G&T is perhaps the first really popular non-alcoholic choice we’ve spotted, think GINAMIS, NONA June, STRYYK™ and of course Seedlip. Another non-alcoholic drink alternative we came across is The Duchess’ virgin botanical. This non-alcoholic alternative is based on aromatic botanical extracts, such as: gin extracts, orange zest, star anise, cardamom, cloves, allspice. It also contains no calories due to the use of Stevia. It is sold by Stokerij de Moor in Belgium and comes in great looking little bottles!

A Spritz remains popular | Try it with ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto liqueur

The Spritz remains a popular drink on the terrace, whether with Aperol or with Limoncello (the Leiden Limo), Passimoncello or Orancello. But try it with ITALICUS.

We already wrote about it in July 2021, ITALICUS, an Italian Bergamot liqueur that was introduced in London then. We have not seen it in the Netherlands yet, but we recently wrote about the beer cocktail tap of Stadshaven Brouwerij and they also put ITALICUS in one of their beer cocktails. Fortunately, we were able to taste it in Italy in a cocktail approximately made the same way as an Aperol spritz. Very tasty with the full and smooth bergamot-lemon flavour.

In the article from 2021, we wrote about the ‘Alba Chiara’ cocktail. Here ITALICUS is combined with a delicate floral homemade peach and chamomile syrup and Fever Tree Tonic light, refreshing on a summer day! You’ll find the website of ITALICUS in the title of this text.

Lemonades at the restaurant and terrace of ‘Lot & de Walvis’ in Leiden

No alcohol and still a nice refreshing drink. More and more we spot homemade lemonades on the menu! A tasty alternative with flavour if you do not (yet) want alcohol. In Leiden, ‘Lot en de Walvis’ is the place to be. Here we tasted their homemade lemonades! They have two flavours, ‘tropical passion’ with passion fruit and lime juice and the ‘back home black tea’ with black tea and lime juice and orange. Deliciously fresh, and it looks beautiful too! Check out their menu in the link in the title.

Goeie Mie Gin | Local gin from Leiden

It is always great to use a local drink in your G&T’s or other cocktails. In Leiden you will find Goeie Mie Gin, link to their website in the title of this paragraph. Delicious in a G&T but they also gave us 2 other cocktail suggestions. Like a Pink Mie: mix 50 ml of Goeie Mie Gin with 150 ml of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, you can garnish it with cinnamon (just hold it in a flame for a wow effect!), dried hibiscus and orange.

And you can also try the Poison Cup, their Blue Sour cocktail! You make this by mixing 60 ml Mie with 30 ml lemon juice, 15 ml Blue Curacao and 15 ml sugar syrup. Shake well and enjoy! It can also be made in ice-cream or slush-puppy form… With a heatwave quite a refreshment on the terrace!

Lyre’s non-alcoholic mixed drinks | Virgin cocktails or mocktails

As we have already indicated, there is an increasingly large group of people who prefer not to drink alcohol. Creating tasty alternatives for your drinks menu is no problem. There are plenty of choices and even non-alcoholic alternatives to the classic drinks. We came across Lyre’s. They sell alternatives to amaretto, gin, vodka, rum and even drinks like triple sec or absinthe. So you can still offer your guests a cocktail in the summer. A virgin mojito, pina colada or other cocktail! The link to their website is in the title.

They opened a speakeasy in Paris earlier this year: Drinks&Co by Lyre’s. It’s an Australian brand specialized in non-alcoholic drinks, with an impressive line-up of 13 creations with 0.0% alcohol.

Pink Beach in Amsterdam

For a cocktail or mocktail with a special presentation you’re at the Pink Beach in Amsterdam Noord at the right place. Pink Beach is part of the WONDR experience in Amsterdam. The place alone is worthy of Instagram, and so are their drinks. The drinks include “Pina Koala” (served in a koala shaped glass) and “Mermaids tears”, a sweet combination of blue curacao, vodka, vanilla and lime, served in a bathtub. Although it was certainly spotted quite a few years ago, it remains a cool idea. especially if you give your guests the opportunity to buy the special glass. Great reminder. You can find the link to their website in the title of this paragraph. The Hard Rock Café is proving for years that the glasses can also be sold!

Dirty Shirley | So deliciously retro

The Dirty Shirley we came across on TikTok and, according to the NY times, is the summer drink of 2022 in America. It is a fairly simple cocktail. You fill a long drink glass with ice, add one or two measures of vodka, a measure of grenadine and fill the glass with sprite. As a garnish, you put a bright red marachino cherry on top. That’s it, especially the cherry is so deliciously retro! We haven’t seen it on the terraces in the Netherlands yet, maybe an idea to add to your drinks menu. You can also, very simple, turn it into a Virgin Dirty Shirley.


“Surely there’s drink of the summer?” Yes there is, and don’t call me Shirley. #dirtyshirley #cocktail #drinkofthesummer #cocktails #vodka #alexa99 #drinks #drink #cocktailtok

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Beer cocktails

Recently we were present when the first beer cocktail tap in the world was put into use! So cool you can tap a fresh beer cocktail á la minute! You can enjoy it at the Stadshaven Brewery in Rotterdam. The beer cocktailtap has 2 tap columns and per tap column there is the possibility to combine one type of beer with three different cocktail options.

The beer cocktails are cool, fresh in the summer. Of course you can also make beer cocktails without a special beer cocktail tap. One of my colleagues regularly makes a cocktail to this recipe with blond beer and gin. You make this cocktail as follows: 25cl blond beer of your choice, 5cl gin, lime, and a bit of grenadine for the colour. You pour all these ingredients in a nice glass with ice cubes. We are definitely going to try it this summer!

Another beer cocktail we’ve already seen abroad: take a traditional cocktail and put a bottle of Corona beer upside down in it. Simple!

Frozen cocktails during heat waves?

Still not very popular on the terrace, but you could say that if the temperatures keep rising like this, the ‘Frozen’ cocktails and mocktails will become popular here too! In 2016, we were already wondering if we in Europe would love the Frosé, however, until now we didn’t spot it yet. And the Frozen Grapefruit Negroni hasn’t really broken through either. While everyone who has tasted a frozen Margarita or Daiquiri abroad would love to drink it on a Dutch terrace. Occasionally, you come across them on the menu here in the Netherlands, but far too rarely. A colleague even had a frozen espresso martini recently!

Sustainable wine on the terrace? | The Good Wine

If you want to serve a sustainable wine, consider The Good Wine. Besides being completely organic and vegan, they also have great labels. This new Dutch wine label – founded by people living in Amsterdam – combines high quality, honest wine with doing something good for a better world. Therefore, for every bottle of wine sold by The Good Wine, 750 litres of clean drinking water will be donated to communities in Africa! Read more about it in our trends we spotted in week 25. And of course, The Good Wine’s wine making process is completely organic and vegan. The Good Wine launched with two flavors: Cheeky Sauvignon and Cheerful Merlot which are made in collaboration with winemaker Robert Eden. The link to the website can be found in the title of this paragraph.

Sei Bellissimi Bellini & Belli-No

For this surprisingly fresh cocktail in a bottle, bartender Giancarlo Mancino developed the Sei Bellissimi brand, with six wine cocktails as its objective. In the Netherlands Bellini.world is the exclusive importer and brand ambassador of these amazing wine cocktails. The Bellini is the first remastering of the cocktail series. Peach puree from Trentino Alto Adige and delicate sparkling Moscatel wine from Piemonte make this sparkling ready to serve cocktail the ideal thirst quencher. You don’t drink alcohol at the moment? No problemo! How about the alcohol-free version, the Belli.No. Bellini is a certified VEGAN product.

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