Frozen | Like in Frosé or frozen Negroni


Last summer we spotted the trendy Frosé in the USA. Now the Frozen Negroni gets a lot of attention on the internet. When are we going to spot them on the Dutch sidewalk terraces?

Frozen drinks

Last year we already wrote about the Frosé, frozen rosé with a sweet touch of strawberries and frozen! If you’re thinking of creating Frosé check out the different recipes on Youtube. Now we’ve read an article about the ‘frozen Negroni’ at Tasting Table. They even offer a recipe of Shasha Beard of the pop-up rooftop bar SABBIA at the Birreria of Eataly NYC. She creates her frozen Negroni with orange juice, gin, sweet vermouth and ice, garnished with orange twits.

Negroni is becoming more and more popular in Amsterdam, according to the lists of popular cocktails in glossies in the Netherlands. Whereas the Gin & Tonic has become almost at the same level as beer and wine. We even spotted a G&T popsicle at the Aldi in Britain! For adults only with an alcohol percentage of 4.5% vol. and each 80ml Gin & Tonic Popsicle contains 11% Gin. So there probably are bars where they serve ‘frozen’ G&T’s as well.

Frozen Negroni

In 2014 we had the first Bitteria, Mercato Campari cocktail bar in Amsterdam, in this pop-up bar from the brand Campari everything revolved around cocktails that taste bitter. And the Negroni has become even more popular with a pop-up Negroni bar, Caffè Torino, in Antwerp Belgium last spring.

For those travelling to NYC this summer, the frozen Negroni is served at SABBIA (sand in Italian) at the Birreria rooptop at Eataly NYC Flatiron. It’s their pop-up rooftop restaurant inspired by the Italian seaside. They have a menu that celebrates both land and sea, from a bruschetta bar to an oyster boat. They also serve housemade craft beers, regional Italian wines with a dedicated rosé menu featuring more than 50 producers. Check out their Instagram for images!


Let’s hope we will be able to enjoy the frozen Negroni’s in 2018 at Eataly in the Netherlands!

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