Frosé or frozen rosé


  • Orange Anchor Dock Bar

Frosé took the USA by storm this summer. The alcoholic treat was served in New York, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. Frosé will disappear from most menus once fall comes, but it will reappear for the slush-loving hearts next summer. We hope it will appear in the Netherlands as well, we love to try it!


Frosé (or frozen rosé wine, sometimes blended with additional ingredients and sweeteners) is very popular amongst the slushies lovers. We already wrote about it in our article about popular wines  this summer. But then with the slushies of wine in combination with fruits. The Frosé is new to us! We wonder how many summers we have to wait till it will be served in Amsterdam.

Picture of the waterfront destination in Washington DC, Orange Anchor Dock Bar.

Website: Orange Anchor Dock Bar

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