Five Star Lager | Beer cans with discount code for ride home


This January USA’s second-largest ride sharing company Lyft teamed up with Chicago’s Baderbrau Brewing on Five Star Lager. They created beer cans with discount codes for the ride home. Hoping to reach drunk drivers and to persuade them to call for a ride home. lees verder

Nexto Guided Stories | Guided Audio tours 2.0



The Nexto Guided Stories are a new type of navigational experience, available on the Nexto Platform. Users who are visiting a city can get into the shoes of an active explorer to discover location-based information in an interactive way. Think of cultural tourism destinations and museums. Nexto Guided Stories uses Augmented Reality, which is the same technology as the Pokémon GO game released last year. lees verder

The Standard | #RingYourRep


We spotted a YouTube video about a public phone booth, placed outside The Standard High Line hotel in New York City, here they connect you directly to your political representatives. #RingYourRep, free of charge. In all five hotels of The Standard you can dial direct to Congress in your hotel room. All to make your voice heard on issues that matter to you. Don’t text or Twitter but dial direct. lees verder

Frazzled Cafe | It’s OK to not be OK!


The number one bestselling author, comedian and leading mental health campaigner Ruby Wax has joined forces with Marks & Spencer to launch Frazzled Cafes in M&S stores.  ‘It’s ok not to be ok, feeling frazzled, come on in and let it out!’ lees verder

Dubai launches a self-flying drone taxi service


In Dubai, from this summer onwards it’s possible to experience a self-flying taxi. Passengers can select a destination and the ‘Ehang184’ drone will transport you to this destination. This new type of transportation should reduce the number of accidents on roads and move passengers faster from destination A to B. lees verder | Website for lost & found


A centralized and standard platform for lost and found gear. In the Netherlands the crowdfund was backed with €238.000,= last year and are rapidly expanding their iLost network. lees verder

Best read articles in 2016


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At the end of 2016 we are not going to publish the ´Trends we spotted this week´. Instead of that we have collected the best read articles of last year. The top five articles are published below. We hope you will get inspired in 2017 just as you were in 2016 by our trends.

If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! lees verder

Sustainability | What to do with potato waste?


  • FrietHoes Vodka
  • Pieper Bier (credits: Wiemer Vliet)

The Netherlands is a real potato country. Because of the excellent climate potatoes have been growing there for centuries. They are cheap and every Dutchie has his ‘own’ potato dish. A product to be proud of! However, knowing that the potato is one of the most wasted vegetable in the country is less inspiring. It’s actually a bit of a shame, as there are plenty of products which can be made out of the remains. To inspire we gathered some examples of drinks made from almost ‘wasted’ potatoes. lees verder

Cannabis in the Netherlands | impact on the hospitality industry


  • General Washington's Secret Stash
  • General Washington's Secret Stash
  • General Washington's Secret Stash

Extensively in the news last week, the legal production of cannabis. Is the legalization of the production finally happening after years of tolerating? And does this mean that on the long term the use will be legal as well? What does this mean for the hospitality industry? In any case, the use of cannabis will be trendy for a while and new cannabis products will appear on the market. We looked at what restaurants and other producers in America have created around cannabis since it has been legalized for some time now in various states. Below a list with examples of “the impact of cannabis on the hospitality industry.” lees verder

Organic restaurant Amass shows the way in waste reduction


  • Chef Matt Orlando - restaurant Amass
  • restaurant Amass
  • Gerecht restaurant Amass
  • gerecht restaurant Amass
  • Teaching farm-to-table
  • chef Matt Orlando

Organic restaurant Amass in Copenhagen received the Gold Organic Certification by the Danish Ministry of the Environment. The gold guarantees that 90%-100% of all food and beverage served at this restaurant is certified organic. The Gold Organic Certification is part of the Danish Organic Action Plan 2020. Restaurant Amass is one of only two fine dining restaurants to achieve this designation in Denmark. They even teach farm-to-table to kids with their Amass Green Kids Program. Check out their Instagram account for great pictures of the food they serve, the products they use and their gardens.

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