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Best read articles in 2016


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At the end of 2016 we are not going to publish the ´Trends we spotted this week´. Instead of that we have collected the best read articles of last year. The top five articles are published below. We hope you will get inspired in 2017 just as you were in 2016 by our trends.

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Sustainability | What to do with potato waste?


  • FrietHoes Vodka
  • Pieper Bier (credits: Wiemer Vliet)

The Netherlands is a real potato country. Because of the excellent climate potatoes have been growing there for centuries. They are cheap and every Dutchie has his ‘own’ potato dish. A product to be proud of! However, knowing that the potato is one of the most wasted vegetable in the country is less inspiring. It’s actually a bit of a shame, as there are plenty of products which can be made out of the remains. To inspire we gathered some examples of drinks made from almost ‘wasted’ potatoes. lees verder

Cannabis in the Netherlands | impact on the hospitality industry


  • General Washington's Secret Stash
  • General Washington's Secret Stash
  • General Washington's Secret Stash

Extensively in the news last week, the legal production of cannabis. Is the legalization of the production finally happening after years of tolerating? And does this mean that on the long term the use will be legal as well? What does this mean for the hospitality industry? In any case, the use of cannabis will be trendy for a while and new cannabis products will appear on the market. We looked at what restaurants and other producers in America have created around cannabis since it has been legalized for some time now in various states. Below a list with examples of “the impact of cannabis on the hospitality industry.” lees verder

Organic restaurant Amass shows the way in waste reduction


  • Chef Matt Orlando - restaurant Amass
  • restaurant Amass
  • Gerecht restaurant Amass
  • gerecht restaurant Amass
  • Teaching farm-to-table
  • chef Matt Orlando

Organic restaurant Amass in Copenhagen received the Gold Organic Certification by the Danish Ministry of the Environment. The gold guarantees that 90%-100% of all food and beverage served at this restaurant is certified organic. The Gold Organic Certification is part of the Danish Organic Action Plan 2020. Restaurant Amass is one of only two fine dining restaurants to achieve this designation in Denmark. They even teach farm-to-table to kids with their Amass Green Kids Program. Check out their Instagram account for great pictures of the food they serve, the products they use and their gardens.

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An initiative from the United States: TraffickCam. This app enables you to help combat sex trafficking by uploading photos of the hotel rooms you stay in when you travel. TraffickCam asks travellers to take photos of their entire room, the bathroom, the bed and details such as carpeting and furniture. The Police Department can use the data to cross-reference against suspicious images taken by sex traffickers. lees verder

Skyline Chicago – cable car plans revealed in Chicago


At the website of Designboom we spotted the initial plans for a network of cable cars connecting Chicago’s city centre. Will these Skyline cable cars replace the hop-on hop-off busses in Chicago in the future? It could become Chicago’s unique feature like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the London Eye. lees verder

Co-creation affects the guest journey


Lennert Rietveld senior counsellor at van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy gave an inspiration session last month about co-creation. In this blog an insight into this session; which shows that the focus during events is shifting to influencing the guest journey!

The inspiration session for 80 event organizers showed powerful examples of co-creation. The presentation focused on compelling examples from entrepreneurs working together to improve the visitor experience. Everything is evolving around the guest journey. A good example is the initiative of the Dutch amusement park the Efteling to develop an app in co-creation with a Belgian company. They offer their visitors a lot more experience around their visit of the Efteling through ‘mixed reality’ and smartphones. Brilliant for kids, for example at the route app a witch voice gives directions.

A couple of other examples from the inspiration session around co-creation:

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UrbanFarmers in The Hague, vegetables and fish without fear of heights


  • UrbanFarmerscredits: UrbanFarmers
  • UrbanFarmerscredits: Space & Matter
  • UrbanFarmersLogo UrbanFarmers
  • UrbanFarmersUrbanFarmers
  • UrbanFarmersUrbanFarmers
  • UrbanFarmersUrbanFarmers
  • UrbanFarmersUrbanFarmers
  • Bram KosterinkBram Kosterink - UrbanFarmers

It will be the largest urban rooftop farm in Europe. The unique ‘farm’ is at 40 meters altitude in The Hague and will annually produce 50 tons of local, rooftop vegetables and 20 tons of fresh (urban) fish. Our colleague Bram Kosterink already got a tour of the impressive project.

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De CowGum: kauwgom met vleessmaak


Kauwgom kennen we sinds jaar en dag, in alle smaken en maten. De kauwgom die nu ontwikkeld is, is echter weer iets heel anders: de CowGum. Alles hieraan komt neer op vlees. De smaak, de geur en de kleur zorgen voor een vlees-achtige ervaring en met een reden.

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