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Here in the Netherlands it looks like we control the #Covid-19 outbreak and we’re trying to get used to the new normal. We wish all those living in areas where all the measurements against the pandemic are still in place to stay healthy and take care of each other.

At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Prosecco Rosé that will hit the market in 2021 and about a Ramen Pizza, created by Pizza Hut and Japanese ramen chain Menya Musashi.

In Reykjavík ICE & FRIES opened their doors, a selfservice concept with a bionic bar. Two cocktail-shaking and dancing robots create more than 150 drinks per hour.

And in New York the city government is considering extensive road closures as part of its plans to slowly reopen its economy, The architecture and design company The Rockwell Group have created a modular kit to create safe terraces on the pavements.

Airbnb is going to measure discrimination at their platform, they’re creating a system in cooperation with Color Of Change and with guidance from civil rights and privacy rights organizations. The project is called Project Lighthouse. And Starbucks introduces an Impossible Breakfast Sandwich in selected locations in the U.S.  lees verder

The WELYNQ app , the smart green card for an event and hospitality visit


  • De app van WELYNQ ontzorgt bij de controle gesprekken
  • De app van WELYNQ ontzorgt bij de controle gesprekken

Everyone is looking forward to visit events, theatres, a cozy terrace or booking a table in a restaurant. The event and hospitality industry is ready, but also knows that the requirements are strict. Here in the Netherlands everyone has to indicate to be healthy beforehand. Only when you answer all questions about your health positively, you get a virtual green card that allows you to enter either the event, theatre or restaurant. A great step forward, but there are quite a few snags. And what if it turns out that someone with corona was at the location you visited? Then you want to know that, too. WELYNQ has developed an app that solves it all.

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Camping at Olof’s in Amsterdam| Master chef Chris Naylor opens BBQ restaurant


  • Chef Crhis Naylor van Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas

In the months of July and August, the temporary restaurant Camping at Olof’s opens its doors in the oldest chapel in Amsterdam: the Sint Olofskapel on the Zeedijk. It will be a barbecue restaurant led by chef Chris Naylor of Michelin-starred restaurant Vermeer.

A pop-up staycation restaurant that requires you to book a camping pitch! You cannot sleep there, but you can enjoy the camping atmosphere and great food. Inspiration for chefs all over the world, create a special restaurant once your government allows you to open again!

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What does the hospitality industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration June 9


Since the first of June the Dutch restaurants and bars reopened. We already enjoyed the first terraces again and we also went out for dinner. Wonderful to be able to enjoy a restaurant visit again! But we’ve experienced first-hand that there is no rush to enjoy dinner or lunch, not even on the terraces. Let’s hope that everyone regains a little bit more confidence after the first effects of the relaxation of the corona measures become known. For the time being, it looks like the Dutch intelligent lockdown has worked so now we need more sun and better temperatures to enjoy our great terraces! We hope that you will be able to reopen or enjoy dinner or lunch in your country as well. We have come across some great articles as inspiration on what’s going on in the hospitality industry.

With this week links to articles about DIY ‘Social distancing crowns’ by Burger King in Germany and the trendiest suntan trend 2020 we spotted on the Instagram account of hotel Dexamenes in Greece! Both funny!

Another funny article is about a Covid-19 masks for dining out with a remote control mouth! And inspiration for other hotels; a nice gesture ‘Together again’ by Oaks Hotels, Resorts and Suites in Australia.

In the south of the Netherlands, in the city Maastricht, Dadawan restaurant reopened with robots as extra staff and check out the Smink mobile with which restaurant Smink delivers their @home menu. And created in Japan: the Norimaki Synthesizer, which allows us to taste video games!

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Turning The Tables | Digital discussions with restaurant industry insiders


  • Turning The Tables by Fine Dining Lovers

In response to the biggest crisis ever seen in the restaurant industry Fine Dining Lovers, the global gastronomic platform by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, has brought together some of the brightest and boldest voices of the global hospitality industry to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Turning The Tables: Digital Discussions with Industry Insiders. The inspiration has been aired on May 26th and consists of four presentations, two debates and over ten short video soundbites from over 25 of the brightest and boldest voices of the global hospitality industry and they’re interesting for anyone interested in restaurants, both consumer and from within the industry. In the video’s they also presented the results of the ‘Fine Dining Lovers Global Coronavirus Restaurant Survey’. All videos can be viewed here without registration and content will be added consistently as the situation evolves and changes. Wondering who is sharing their insights?

Without the ‘Turning The Tables’ section we already loved to check ‘Fine Dining Lovers’ for insights in the culinary scene, we even often link to them in our ‘Trends we spotted this week’. 

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What does the hospitality industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration May 18


As noted last week, we here in the Netherlands are still in an ‘Intelligent Lockdown’ which means, we’re all working from home if possible and our high schools,  universities, restaurants, cafés, gyms, leisure centers, museums, etcetera are closed. But we can take a walk outside and shop for food and even shop at hardware stores and garden centers. As from May 11 our primary schools have re-opened as have the day-care centres but also hair and beauty salons and physiotherapist are allowed to re-open.

As from the first of June restaurants will re-open with a maximum of 30 persons inside, and a social distance of 6 feet, terraces are re-opening as well without a maximum of guests. This, of course, if the Covid-19 casualties remain low. Our government created a path in which they think our economy has to restart, with no festivals, concerts or congresses till the first of September and even gyms aren’t allowed till then. In the meantime we keep spotting all kind of inspiration worldwide around the hospitality industry.

With this week links to articles about the Robot dog Spot that is used in a park in Singapore to warm people to observe a social distance. And the Restaurant Brands International Inc. (Burger King, Tim Hortons and Popeyes) considers designing face masks as part of their uniforms.  

‘Care by Roseate Hotels & Resorts’ is an interesting article for those hotels who aren’t sure yet what measures to take to implement a touchless hospitality.  And Eleven Madison Park’s chef-owner Daniel Humm says the coming back of his famous restaurant is a question mark.

The Frontline Stays Program by Airbnb has had 100,000 nights booking in free or subsidized accommodations for first responders. And check out the red puzzle by Heinz Canada! Would be appreciated by European puzzle and ketchup aficionados as well, especially during lockdown.  

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Rombit’s Romware Covid Radius | Smart bracelet to simplify social distancing on the workfloor


  • Rombit's Romware Covid Radius social distancing bracelet
  • Rombit's Romware Covid Radius social distancing bracelet

In April Technology company Rombit launched a digital bracelet to prevent coronavirus infections on the workfloor. The solution allows employees in construction, logistics and other heavy industries to resume work safely. Port of Antwerp started as the first to use this innovative bracelet. To produce this bracelet Rombit has added new functions to its existing safety bracelet, the Romware ONE. This will help employees to observe the strict precautions laid down by the World Health Organisation (WHO) while respecting the privacy of the wearer. The initiative is also a response to the call by the Flemish Government to create digital solutions for helping society through the current corona crisis.

These kinds of solutions would be great for the hospitality industry as well! Last month we already wrote about Aura Aware a smart distance awareness device, we then indicated that a wearable device would be a great asset for people working in restaurants, kitchens etcetera. It would even be better is the other person you meet doesn’t have to have the same device. The only challenge is to avoid too many signals in a restaurant 😉 We wonder if there will be affordable devices on the market soon….

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration April 21


We are writing this article a few hours before our Prime Minister Rutte’s press conference in which we all hope to hear that there will be a little bit more freedom for everybody in the Netherlands. It’s already clear that no major changes are to be expected, but it would be very positive if milestones were indicated to work towards. One of the items for this will nevertheless revolve around redefining our personal space, the rule that is very difficult to put in place for smaller restaurants. In addition to the missing space, they won’t make enough turnover. For companies where the 6 feet distance can be met, it is also important to continue to deliver in addition to the missing turnover. We think that lots of guests will still order online, they love to eat out but are still afraid for contamination.

With links this week to articles about Starbucks who’s investing 10 million USD in aid for partners worldwide, and about a DIY ShackBurger Kit by Shake Shack.

Mask to Go, is an initiative in Hong Kong where about 35 vending machines are installed from which one can draw medical-grade face masks for free! And Disneyland also tries to keep in touch with their (potential) guests, among other things by sharing recipes via social media.

And an article about a door handle that kills 99.8% of all germs! In California wineries across the state created almost 80 virtual experiences, go to the Wine Institute’s website at Discover California Wines.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration April 10


And then it is Easter! Most restaurants that have been delivering are now busy preparing their dishes. Last Wednesday, our colleagues from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultants  published a whitepaper: ‘Coronavirus crisis, resilience of the catering industry’, in which one of the conclusions is that even when the catering industry could start up again, in the new reality, the ‘social distance society’, delivery will certainly prove to be an addition to the turnover.

This week’s inspiration!

Including initiatives of collaborations between supermarkets and catering suppliers and restaurants.  But also a restaurant chain in the UK that is considering to create mini supermarkets in their restaurants in which they will sell products from their suppliers.

Great item for your newsletter, ask your regular guests what they are missing from your hotel or restaurant as done by the Oetker Collection. They also give recipes and exercises to keep fit. #WESTAYUNITED

Some brands even draw attention to ‘Social Distance’ with their logo, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in Brazil. Jure Tovrlian from Slovenia made a few examples, the last one is very funny!

A very useful item in this coronavirus period has more than raised their target amount on Kickstarter, a keyring with a ‘Hygiene Hand’ attached to it. And an example of how the BrewDog brewery is coping with this crisis, they have a Hop Drop app with drive-thru beer collection points, they help make handsanitizers and they organize an online bar.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter


  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter

Most of the Dutch people saw the crowds in the tubes in London on the news so we really understand the statement on the website of Patty&Bun. Here they indicated that they wanted to keep going for as long as possible, but felt it was no longer viable, or safe for their teams to travel into work every day. So…. What’s next? No more burgers for their guests? Well they’ve created a Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun, through the butcher HG Walter their guests can order their ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger or the ‘Smokey Robinson’.

We love all the collaborations and inspiration we spot at this moment. This is one that we think might be used by restaurants and fast food chains in collaboration with their suppliers! And you have to admit the result of a kind of DIY kit with the right ingredients must be more tasteful than a burger ordered in….  lees verder

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