Trends we spotted | Week 20


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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others a special Instagrammable hidden dessert at Long Story Short Café in Melbourne, granola butter as the new spreadable gold and how to make dinner reservations through Instagram.

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Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. | Pickle flavoured soft serve ice cream


  • Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. | Pickle soft serve ice creamLucky Pickle Dumpling Co. | Pickle soft serve ice cream
  • Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. | Pickle soft serve ice creamLucky Pickle Dumpling Co. | Pickle soft serve ice cream

New York’s new Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is very creative with cucumber. How about pickle flavoured soft serve? The new, casual spot, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. is created by the team behind Jacob’s Pickles, a restaurant in NYC’s Upper West Side neighborhood at Amsterdam Avenue. If you’re in for a special treat and if you’re visiting NYC, you know where to go!

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Blue Matcha | Pink Matcha | Red Matcha


  • Blue, Red, Pink matcha teaBlue, Red, Pink matcha tea
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Premium, Organic Pink MatchaPremium, Organic Pink Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Premium, Organic Red MatchaPremium, Organic Red Matcha
  • Blue MatchaBlue Matcha
  • Blue, Red, Pink matcha teaBlue, Red, Pink matcha tea
  • Purple acai bowl with organic red matchaPurple acai bowl with organic red matcha by Fluxias GmbH sells blue, pink and red matcha. All three the matcha powders are packed in bamboo tubes. The all natural powders can be used to create vibrantly colored beverages or could be used as substitutes for food coloring. The blue matcha is for example the finely ground powder of specially grown and processed natural blue tea know as blue butterfly pea tea. Another product to create colored lattes, like the Mermaid latte and the Golden latte.

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Trends we spotted | Week 19


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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others AB InBev develops greener way to put bubbles in your beer, the 10 most instagrammable hotels in the world and Cafe Latte flavored water released in Japan.

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Trends we spotted | Week 18


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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others; a Dutchman wins the 10th Bacardi cocktail competition, McDonald’s tests international menu items in the USA and we’re wondering whether the Dutch McKroket will be on their menu! And a look inside the cafe located in Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters.

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Silent cafés | Ssssst

Café Adem Inn in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is advising their customers to put their phone in a safe when visiting the café. In addition to their menu, silence is served. No loud noises, no wifi, just enjoy a consumption and the silence around you. Adem Inn is a quiet café with room for reflection, although you’ll hear some music in the background and talking is allowed.

Dutchman Eric van Beek wins 10th BACARDI® Legacy cocktail competition

Dutch bartender Eric Van Beek was named 2018 Bacardí Legacy winner with his Cariño cocktail. His winning cocktail triumphed in a very exciting finale that was held in the Museo Numismático Nacional in Mexico City for 400 guests. Van Beek’s winning creation, called Cariño, is a shaken cocktail combining Bacardí Reserva Ocho rum with Yellow Chartreuse, Greek yoghurt, vanilla syrup and lemon juice. The recipe of the Cariño:

2 parts BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho | 1/5 part Yellow Chartreuse | 1 1/5 part Greek yogurt 4/5 part of vanilla syrup 2/5 part lime juice | Preparation: shake, serve over a large piece of ice cream | Glass type: Coupette.

NextGen Cup Challenge

Starbucks and Closed Loop Partners and its Center for the Circular Economy have announced the NextGen Cup Challenge. This groundbreaking industry consortium will develop recyclable and compostable cup solutions as the first step in the development of a global end-to-end solution that will allow cups around the world to be diverted from landfills and composted or given a second life.

Each year, an estimated 600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed worldwide. The NextGen Cup Challenge will bring together entrepreneurs, industry, and recyclers to identify and commercialize the next generation of recyclable and/or compostable cups.

McDonald’s tests international menu items in the USA | Would our McKroket be on the menu?

A new Chicago flagship restaurant offers meal options from worldwide locations and uses social listening for feedback. Fast food outlet McDonald’s opened a new location that gives diners the chance to experience some of the restaurant’s worldwide specialties without ever having to venture outside the United States. Their recently opened Chicago chain is part of the company’s ongoing initiative to modernize their restaurants and their customer’s dining experience. Among the staples on offer are the McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong, a French mozzarella salad and a barista bar resembling those in the company’s Australian branches. These international items will be available to customers on a rotating basis alongside regular favorites such as the classic chicken nuggets and fries or the Big Mac.

Marriott International gets into Airbnb territory by adding 200 vetted private UK homes to their Tribute Portfolio brand

Tribute Portfolio Homes is a new home share offering from Marriott International, launched in partnership with Hostmaker, a London-based homestay property management company. It still 1s a Beta experience; they would love your feedback to make the experience even better. Every property within Tribute Portfolio Homes is vetted and reviewed by hospitality experts. Properties meet rigorous safety, security and design standards before they are accepted as part of Tribute Portfolio Homes. They have partnerships with local property management experts, like Hostmaker, who provide 24/7 support. They also strive to make travel easy and stress-free through offering 24 hour in-person check-in; high speed wi-fi; premium bed linens and fluffy white towels – all expertly laundered; full-sized bath amenities; cooking essentials; and child-friendly items, such as high chairs and travel cribs. Staying with Tribute Portfolio Homes allows guests to earn with Marriott Rewards or SPG.

Edition Hotels ditch plastic in eco-conscious movement

Ian Schrager’s luxury hotel chain EDITION Hotels, co-owned by Marriot, is cutting down on the most environmentally damaging resource: disposable plastic. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, they’ve pledged to be disposable plastic free — leading the hospitality industry in a plastic free movement. ‘Stay Plastic Free’ is their initiative, aimed to make the luxury chain disposable plastic free by the end of 2019. Sparking a movement among hoteliers worldwide, this campaign is spearheaded by EDITION’s vice president of brand experiences, Ben Pundole.

A look inside the cafe located in Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters

Susan Kare, the woman behind the Apple Macintosh’s smiling computer icon, has lent her decades-long visual expertise and creative savvy to a new cafe located inside Pinterest’s San Francisco headquarters.

Kare, a UI and graphic designer, has worked for Pinterest since 2015. She also sits on the design team of the newly-opened cafe called “The Point.” Inspirational images in the article of Business Insider.

Alston superstore founders launch the Karaoke Hole

The founders of East London nightlife institution Dalston Superstore are to open a new karaoke dive bar, The Karaoke Hole, on 24th May. Tucked away on Kingsland High Street in the heart of Dalston, The Karaoke Hole will play host to professional drag queens and brave amateurs alike, stepping into the limelight on the bespoke, disco ball-clad stage complete with strategically-placed wind machines allowing every performer to unleash their inner RuPaul. Karaoke seems to become more popular, we recently wrote about the opening of the Duke of Tokyo, a Japanse karaoke bar in Amsterdam that opened in April this year.

Mount Everest is getting another pop-up restaurant

A group of chefs is attempting to set a world record for the highest ever restaurant pop-up – 11,600 feet to be precise, at Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas. The group of four chefs, which includes Indian chef Sanjay Thakur, who has competed in both the Bocuse d’Or and S.Pellegrino Young Chef competitions, will be setting off on an eight day trek from the town of Lukla, Nepal at the end of May, foraging all the way – an they’re looking for 10 intrepid diners to join them!

“The biggest challenge of course will be the altitude, which will affect everything,” says Thakur. “Flavour [perception] will be decreased, so we will be designing a menu of extraordinary dishes accordingly, where spices will have the upper hand.”

Over 150,000 Domino’s Hotspots® Launched in the USA | Redefining Delivery Convenience


  • Domino's Hotspots®

Thousands of parks, beaches and sports fields are now official delivery location options. In April  Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza company in the world based on global retail sales, has launched yet another delivery revolution, Domino’s Hotspots®. Over 150,000 Domino’s Hotspots are now active in the USA so that customers can receive delivery orders at spots that don’t have a traditional address – places like local parks, sports fields and beaches, as well as thousands of other unexpected sites. Local Domino’s stores around the country have selected these Domino’s Hotspots, which are now locations where drivers can meet customers curbside to hand off orders. lees verder

Beyond Burger® from Beyond Meat® available for the European Market | Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat


  • Beyond BurgerThe delegation of Zandbergen World's Finest Meat together with Beyond Meat

As one of the largest European meat importers and as producer of high-quality meat products, Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat is delighted to announce that they will represent Beyond Meat in Europe. The California-based start-up, widely recognized as the plant-based meat category leader, is expanding to Europe after explosive growth in the U.S. market. The revolutionary Beyond Burger® is the first plant-based burger that looks, cooks and satisfies so much like beef, that it is sold in the meat case in U.S. based grocery stores. lees verder

Surprise your guests with tap water | MADE BLUE


  • Made blue kraanwater
  • Made blueRestaurant Jetties, Haarlem
  • Made blueBrasserie Cronesteyn, Leiden
  • Made blueHet Magazijn, Dordrecht
  • Made blueDe Kleine Toren van Baarland

More and more businesses in the Netherlands serve chilled tap water in their own, hip bottles. About 150 hospitality businesses do that using MADE BLUE, whilst doing that they do support drinking water projects in developing countries. Every liter of water served does guarantee as much as 1000 times more clean drinking water. MADE BLUE has been active for nearly one and a half year in the hotel and catering industry and they created about 150 ambassadors or participants in the hospitality industry. “We have already realized almost 2.8 billion liters of clean drinking water with all of our ambassadors. That means a healthy and employed existence for 300,000 people,” says Frank van der Tang, co-founder of MADE BLUE. lees verder

Trends we spotted | Week 17


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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others the opening of an experimental floral restaurant, a new crunchy social media trend and the best summer job ever can be found at WOW Air.

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Nous Restaurant & Flowers | Experimental floral restaurant

Nous opened its first pioneering experimental floral restaurant in Dongcheng District in Dongguan early this year, offering mixed services of exploring the aesthetics of ingredients and  floral matching. The creative agency 0321studio in Shenzhen collaborated with Nous to organize and design this shop along the street. The customer’s request focuses on how to solve the relationship between floral and dining in visual, functional, and emotional ways.

Starbucks to Close 8,000 U.S. Stores for Racial-Bias Training After Arrest

Starbucks said on Tuesday that it would close its more than 8,000 stores in the United States for one day to conduct anti-bias training after two African-American men were arrested at one of its stores last week, prompting outrage. The arrest led to a lot of anger because video images showed that the two men did not do anything wrong.

Eating crunchy ice is a new social media trend

Chinese vloggers are competing to show themselves eating colourful ice lollies. The viewers take pleasure from hearing the crunching sound as vloggers slowly chew the ice cubes. The ice itself is also interesting to see. Apparently, vloggers would carefully make their own mini ice sculptures before biting into them. A bit strange if you ask us, check out Instagram for thousands of #eatingice video’s.

Best summer job ever | Travel for free this summer with WOW Air

WOW Air will hire a “travel guide” to move to Iceland for three months and travel while creating videos for the airline. In addition, the travel guide will get to bring a friend to accompany them on their summer journey. From June 1 to August 15, the winning pair will be based in an apartment in downtown Reykjavik and travel around the world to WOW Air destinations to create a digital travel guide.

Diageo hosts whisky pairings dinner for World Whisky Day

Diageo, the drinks company that owns Gordon’s, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff, is marking World Whisky Day with a whisky pairings dinner. The brand has partnered with Firmdale Hotels to showcase five of its Scotch whiskies including the Lagavulin distillery and Johnnie Walker. The event begins with a pre-dinner whisky cocktail and canapés. Before each course, Diageo Scotch Whisky ambassador Colin Dunn will introduce each of the hand-selected whiskies. Tickets are £85 and the evening will take place on 19 May at the Haymarket Hotel in central London.

Tabasco is releasing a limited-edition Diamond Reserve Hot Sauce

In honor of its 150th anniversary, Tabasco is releasing a Diamond Reserve Sauce that it’s describing as the “Champagne of pepper sauce.” The limited-edition bottles are filled with a highly curated selection of tabasco peppers that have been aged with salt for 15 years before being blended with sparkling white wine vinegar. According to the company, the rare condiment has an exceptionally complex taste, while still “maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy” Tabasco is known for.

Beer Ripples | Print any image on a beer


Beer Ripples will make every beer you serve a unique one. The machine makes it possible to print any high-resolution image or design onto your beer. Time to get creative! In 2015, the same company introduced Ripples, a similar machine that does the same trick on cappuccino’s and latte’s. lees verder

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