Sparkling Juicy Tea | Tasty 0.0% alternative at the dinner table


  • Sparkling Juicy Tea by Privatkelterei van NahmenSparkling Juicy Tea by Privatkelterei van Nahmen
  • Sparkling Juicy Tea - Rose - Darjeeling - Rhubarb and Verveine - Jasmine - RieslingSparkling Juicy Tea - Rose - Darjeeling - Rhubarb and Verveine - Jasmine - Riesling
  • Sparkling Juicy Tea - White Tea - Tahiti Vanilla - QuinceSparkling Juicy Tea - White Tea - Tahiti Vanilla - Quince

The family business Privatkelterei Van Nahmen has been around since 1917 and started producing apple syrup. Since the 1930s, they started specialising in fruit juices also. Current owner Peter van Nahmen combines sustainability and tradition with innovation. Resulting, among other things, in ‘Sparkling Juicy Tea’. Three unique products have emerged from a collaboration with tea sommeliers, including Niklas Schmeink (Tea Master Gold): unique blends of cold brew tea and fruit juice. A beautiful, ecological and vegan alternative for those who have to drive everybody home or those who don’t drink alcohol!

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SAAM restaurant, where culinary South Africa and Amsterdam come together


  • SAAM Restaurant.SAAM Restaurant.
  • Margot Janse - SAAM RestaurantMargot Janse - SAAM Restaurant
  • Het team - SAAM RestaurantHet team - SAAM Restaurant

Team of renowned chefs and sommeliers open a restaurant this fall.

When a variety of individuals and factors come together, something unique is born. This fall, a similar symbiosis is planned with the launch of a new restaurant that brings South Africa and Amsterdam together. SAAM restaurant (South Africa – AMsterdam), which also means “together” in Afrikaans, is the outcome of a merger of these two culinary worlds. The staff behind this restaurant has a clear goal and a wealth of expertise. Executive chef Margot Janse oversees the kitchen, which is headed by chefs Jasper Hermans and Thomas Kooijman. A staff of expert sommeliers, led by Koen van der Plas and Max van Bockel, is also on hand to serve the finest wines from South Africa and Europe to SAAM restaurant visitors. Rosemary Wessels oversees sales, marketing, and the back office.

We recently wrote about another interesting concept that will launch in Amsterdam this fall. Cape Town Social Club is another hospitality outlet with an South-African twist that will open this fall in the Jordaan. We are really curious about both concepts and hope to visit them soon!

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Claridge’s ArtSpace and Moët & Chandon present fashion photography from the ’90s


  • ClaridgesClaridges
  • ClaridgesClaridges
  • ClaridgesClaridges

Revealing an unseen archive of backstage fashion photography from the 90s

From 15th September 2022 – to coincide with London Fashion Week – Claridge’s ArtSpace will exhibit celebrity photographer Gavin Bond’s unseen archive imagery from the early 90s fashion scene in a specially curated 4-D showcase. The Gavin Bond: Being There Showcase presented by Moët & Chandon and Claridge’s will present photography of standout fashion moments featuring designers from Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier, to Valentino and Versace, and the supermodels of the era – from Kate and Naomi to Claudia and Carla. This photography, rediscovered by Bond in lockdown, results in a sensational showcase of large scale vinyls of the shots, plus displays of Bond’s many scrapbooks, collections of 90s headline catwalk show invitations and video footage from the era.

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Haute Photographie X Daalder pop-up restaurant


  • Haute Diner with DaalderHaute Diner with Daalder
  • Restaurant DaalderRestaurant Daalder
  • Haute PhotographieHaute Photographie
  • Helene Cristensen - credits Jacques Olivar & Project feathers and Porcelain credits Gemmy Woud-BinnendijkHelene Cristensen - credits Jacques Olivar & Project feathers and Porcelain credits Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk
  • credits: Campbell Addycredits: Campbell Addy
  • Kate Moss - credits Sante D'OrazioKate Moss - credits Sante D'Orazio

Where art meets food, on the wall and on the plate

A pop-up restaurant by Michelin star restaurant Daalder will open at the Haute Photographie, the 1000m2 boutique photography fair in the middle of Museumplein from 15 to 18 September. The fair focuses on a refreshing look at photography, and highlights the importance of this art form. Haute Photographie nourishes all the senses and an haute cuisine lunch or dinner should not be missed.

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I wish you many employees


  • Are you going to apply for #inspectorLeonardoAre you going to apply for #inspectorLeonardo
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam X VanMoofDoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam X VanMoof
  • honeygrow X DailyPay - on-demand payhoneygrow X DailyPay - on-demand pay
  • Mama Gaia Academy - credits Boris HristovMama Gaia Academy - credits Boris Hristov
  • Werken bij Postillion HotelsWerken bij Postillion Hotels
  • Kitchen Robot Flippy 2 - credits Miso Robotics

It is an old Jewish saying that means something like wishing someone a lot of worries and a lot of misery but many hospitality companies are currently having a lot of worries due to the lack of employees. Of course, the best approach is to discuss with your team what you can do to make sure those who work for you are staying. We’ve come across solutions such as closing an extra day, adjusting opening hours, but also snatching staff away from other restaurants. And of course making wages more congruent with other industries. Yet there are colleagues who approach it differently, we have made a list of examples for hospitality owners who are having a hard time finding new employees.

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Visit Oakland launches the Oakland Vegan Trail


  • Oakland Vegan TrailOakland Vegan Trail
  • Artistic award winning vegan cuisine at Millennium - the Oakland Vegan TrailArtistic award winning vegan cuisine at Millennium - the Oakland Vegan Trail
  • Vegan Burger and loaded tots at Malibu's Burgers - Oakland Vegan TrailVegan Burger and loaded tots at Malibu's Burgers - Oakland Vegan Trail

Visit Oakland launches the Oakland Vegan Trail, an online gastronomic guide that boasts 20+ plant-based restaurants found in the town. With culinary hot spots serving up delicious globally inspired vegan cuisine from American to Chinese to Ethiopian, Filipino, Mexican, Thai and so much more, visitors can taste their way around the world – all while staying in Oakland.  There’s even vegan coffee, donuts, and ice cream!

Great idea and we think a Vegan Trail would work for many other cities as well!

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Trends we spotted | Week 33


  • Trends we spottedtrends we spotted week 34
  • Auntie Anne's pretzel beer by Evil Genius BeerAuntie Anne's pretzel beer by Evil Genius Beer
  • Hertog Jan expert at Beer Masters at DiscoveryHertog Jan expert at Beer Masters at Discovery
  • BYOC-day at 7ElevenBYOC-day at 7Eleven

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about amongst others the format Beer Masters on Discovery, in which the Dutch master brewer of Hertog Jan is an expert. And Finnish confectionary manufacturer Fazer is exploring cocoa based on cellular farming.

On 27 August it is ‘Bring Your Own Cup’-day (BYOC-day) again at Seven Eleven, a good idea for fast food restaurants or coffee shops? And a sustainable alternative for the imported avocado: the Ecovado!

Artists create art on Brazilian basketball courts and Budweiser pays the costs, all to save these courts from project developers. From 19 August to 4 September, London’s Covent Garden Cool Down will offer visitors the chance to cool down with ice cream or a frozen cocktail or…

Inspiration on Instagram, Danny Kim challenges chefs to turn takeaway into a gourmet dish. Great idea for a local snack bar or fast food restaurant to challenge a chef for some local publicity?

A list of the participants of the Vineyard Open Days 2022 in the Netherlands on 17 and 18 September. And The Bedford by Martha Stewart has opened on the strip in Las Vegas.

Auntie Anne’s has teamed up with Philadelphia-based Evil Genius Beer Company to launch a beer made with their signature pretzels. And London will get another food hall in Battersea Power Station in 2023. Created by London’s JKS Restaurants.

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

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Uncovered Festival | Brewery De Leckere celebrates its 25th anniversary


  • Brouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered FestivalBrouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered Festival
  • Brouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered FestivalBrouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered Festival
  • Brouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered FestivalBrouwerij De Leckere 25 jaar - Uncovered Festival

On 16, 17 and 18 September, the Werkspoorhaven in Utrecht will be transformed into a true beer-walhalla during the Uncovered Festival. More than 15 different breweries will present the beers they are most proud of. As guest, you can visit the bars of all these breweries and taste their beers. There are even special ‘beerflights’ arranged by the organisation that make sure you can taste different beers in the right taste intensity.

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HosPETality | Examples of pet-friendly gestures


  • HosPETality - @thedoodlecalledjimmy loves to travelHosPETality - @thedoodlecalledjimmy loves to travel
  • A thermal dedicated dog pool at Lifestyle & Thermal retreat FonteverdeA thermal dedicated dog pool at Lifestyle & Thermal retreat Fonteverde

A couple of weeks ago we spotted the great term HosPETality and because we travel with our family & office dog, Labradoodle Jimmy, we spot a lot of examples of pet-friendly gestures. In hotels you have to pay a small fee for the dog but mostly you get a bowl, doggy pillows and if the dog is lucky, a treat! It already starts with the reservation, we booked a stay at a hotel in Spain and because we gave notice of our dog and asked them to book a table for dinner, they emailed us that they booked us a table at the terrace so Jimmy could accompany us for dinner. Just thoughtfull! We made a list of very great small gestures hotels and restaurants can implement.

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SweeTARTS® hosts first branded Film Fest on TikTok | Championing everyday storytellers


  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok
  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok
  • SweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTokSweeTARTS Film Fest on TikTok

SweeTARTS®, the iconic brand that has been encouraging fans to live their most colourful lives and ‘Be Both’, understands the best storytellers aren’t just traditional filmmakers. They’re nurses who can sing acapella, students with a knack for thrift-store finds, or skateboarders who dabble in cooking, all with a shared passion for creating content from their everyday lives that sparks impactful emotions. To elevate the unique talents of these storytellers across the country, SweeTARTS is reimagining the typically exclusive award show concept by hosting the first branded Film Fest on TikTok.

Great idea to create a TikTok contest for your own club, restaurant chain or bar if you want to  engage young people with your brand. Done right it will push your amount of followers on TikTok and who knows it might interest young people that didn’t visit your place before. In the past we spotted similar ideas for Instagram.   

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