Cooking with weet


For the new campaign, fashion brand Stussy worked together with FreshCotton. FreshCotton has monopoly on the sale of Stussy t-shirts and as a result of this collaboration they launched a cookbook that uses a typical ingredient of Amsterdam, weed. For this project FreshCotton asked the highly rated chef Misha Sukyas to create recipes with every street-legal drugs available in Amsterdam. The project shows what we like about Amsterdam: fashion, good food and having fun. Check out the website of FreshCotton for recipes.

Urban Farm in Amsterdam


The urban farm in Amsterdam-Noord will be a place where you can gather fresh produce and enjoy the green and productive scenery of the countryside in the middle of the city. At the farm products like fresh fruits, vegetables are grown and it will be a place where pigs and chickens are free to roam and graze. A team of 15 enthusiastic students and professionals have started to develop an economically viable business case for the urban farm. Currently, the enthusiasts behind the urban farm are looking for donations.

Escape Flight choose a destination for people


Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a destination when you want to get away for the weekend. Recently the travel site ‘Escape Flight’ launched in the U.K. ‘Escape Flight’ chooses a destination for their clients, they only have to give input as what they are looking for, like culture, food, nightlife or outdoor and sort results based on price, hassle or weather. So ‘Escape Flight’ works by finding locations that provide characteristics and attributes selected by the user, rather than searching directly for a specific deal. ‘Escape Flight is currently only operational for flights that depart from London.

The Bay Lights


Inspired by the Bay Bridge’s 75th Anniversary, artist Leo Villareal created the project ‘The Bay Lights’. ‘The Bay Lights’ is the world’s largest LED light sculpture, that is made of 25,000 white LED lights and is 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high. Each light is individually programmed and shines from dusk until 2:00 a.m for the next two years.

Hangout for farmer and consumer


The Youth Food Movement and the Dutch ‘Agrarische Jongeren Kontakt’ bring farmers and consumers together at the online platform ‘Het Eetcafé’. With the online platform the distance between farmer and consumer is reduced and the consumer learns more about the daily practice on a farm. The online platform gives the farmer the opportunity to explain how things are going at the farm and the consumers can ask questions, criticize and start discussions. The platform will soon be offline as well. This year they will organize days throughout the country where farmers meet consumers in the city and consumers can visit the farm to see where their food comes from. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economics of the Netherlands.

A digital concierge in Renaissance Hotels


Besides the traditional concierge, Renaissance Hotels introduced a digital concierge. The hotel started working with the Navigator program last year. The Navigator offers suggestions for restaurants, shops and sightseeing in the surroundings of the hotel. The Navigator displays information that is generated by hotel employees and by Wcities, an online destination content provider. You can open the program via the site or an App.

Special job interview at Heineken


Heineken was looking for an intern events and sponsorship when they received 1,734 applications. For this reason Heineken devised an interview where the candidates could not be prepared for. Heineken examined how the candidates responded in unexpected situations, such as hand-in-hand walking, a recruiter who feels unwell and on a fire alarm. After the applications, the three best candidates were selected and people could vote on the candidates. Guy Luchting won the internship.

Sustainable Ecofont saves print costs


By using the font Ecofont you can save on ink and it is a simple way to anticipate on sustainability. The Ecofont software leaves small holes in the letters and saves printer ink. These holes are never visible on screen and our brains ignore them on paper. The savings on ink costs can be up to 50%. Hospitality businesses can save on ink by using this font for invoices and letters and it promotes environmentally sound behavior within the organization.

What does a heart look like?


Just great to watch, kids about Valentine’s Day. No trend or anything but we started this morning with a smile.

Have a nice day. Video and image courtesy of YouTube,  Small Fry

The use of Social Media by Lego


Another example of how to use Social Media. The campaign ‘Holiplay’ by Lego is simple. Simply building something with Lego, combine it with whatever you have in your surroundings and snap a photo. That concept captures the very essence of LEGO – use your imagination and play. Konstellation, the creative digital agency, responsible for the campaign likes to refer to it as ‘Brickmented Reality’. Watch the movie and see how Lego has used Social Media and the effect of it.

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