Nature swimming pools


In Amsterdam Purewtr/Pro from entrepreneur Stijn Weijns soon starts with the construction of a swimming pool in a “sustainable” hotel. After having built small pools for individuals the last years, the company now wants to expand to project development and designing public swimming pools. In the pools of Purewtr there is not a drop of chlorine or other chemicals. They use plants such as the yellow iris, the schoenoplectus acutus and the small-leaved lily to clean the water. The water quality is high and the pools uses 70% less energy than regular pools.

Brewery provides night buses in Ghent


In the Belgian city Ghent, an interesting partnership started between the municipality and De Koninck beer brewery. The company De Lijn which provides public transport in Ghent, had to cancel the night services due to budget cuts. But due to the collaboration at the municipality and the brewery, the buses will still drive during the night. There will be no major changes for the passengers, only the look of the buses change. The timetable and tickets will remain the same.

Visit Bruges-website


The Belgium town Bruges created a new website Visit Bruges, to attract more tourists. All the important tourist sites are clickable on the visual interactive website, like the Concert building, the Belfort and all other outdoor activities. The website is also available on the mobile smartphone.

New tourist center in Belgium


On Sunday November 25, tourist center Historium opens its doors in Brugge (Belgium). Seven themed rooms show the tourists how the city looks like centuries ago. The center features a grand beer café, called Duvelorium, which is created in association with brewery Duvel Moortgat and designed by Puresang. The interior consists of traditional materials combined with contemporary aspects. Duvelorium is opened every day of the week.

10 Trends for 2013


Marjolijn Kamphuis of Foodzy is explaining the 10 most important trends in the food and social media industry.

1. The Rise of Niche Social Networks

2. Second Screen Everywhere

3. Content is king

4. Location is customization

5. Be your own health coach

6. Smart devices everywhere

7. Social Media charm offensive

8. Don’t waste food and money

9. Subscribe to Curation


Watch the complete presentation here.

International Club The Hague


On Saturday November 17, International Club The Hague will open her doors officially. This is an informal social club for expats, and the family and friends of these internationals in The Hague, located in the former city hall at the Javastraat. International Club The Hague features a restaurant, including a chef’s table, a bar, a wine cellar, tv room, smoker’s lounge, library and a children’s room. This is (still) an official wedding location as well. Watch a short movie here about the International Club, including an interview.

Best restaurants of Florence


The website Business Insider was searching for the best restaurants in Florence, Italy, and found these restaurants with the help of locals:

  • Pizzeria Spera – for the best pizza
  • L’ Azdora Piadineria – to get the best thin sandwiches
  • Trattoria Mario – where you find the real old Italy
  • ‘Ino – for the best paninis
  • Camillo Trattoria – with an authentic Italian kitchen
  • Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi – here you will find the taste of the real Tuscany ‘mama’
  • Buca dell’Orafo – close to the famous bridge over the river Arno, Ponte Vecchio

The Neighborhood of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht


The new hotel Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht will open her doors officially at the end of October, but the neighbors are already welcoming the hotel. The 122-room design boutique hotel is located in the vicinity of the nine streets, Jordaan and the famous canals. Three neighbors re telling about the neighborhood and why this area is so inspiring.

The Food Line-up guerrilla campaign Amsterdam


  • Buskruid en Lotte Wouters

The Dam square in Amsterdam is the centre of a guerrilla campaign by foodtrucks on the World Food Day October 16th. From 12.30 to 13.30 o’clock the trucks serve a free lunch to get attention for the lack of food diversity on the streets of the capital. Most of the mobile food stands sell hotdogs or ‘oliebollen’ (deep-fried dough). The Food Line-Up and its initiator Lotte Wouters want to motivate the government to take the New York policy for food trucks as an example. The streets in New York provide a huge diversity of food trucks that are used by all social classes and backgrounds.

First gelato museum opens near Bologna


The first gelato museum opens its doors in Anzola Dell’Emilia, close to Bologna. The museum is initiated by gelato-machine maker Carpigiani Group and shows the history of this special ice cream.

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