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We spotted a YouTube video about a public phone booth, placed outside The Standard High Line hotel in New York City, here they connect you directly to your political representatives. #RingYourRep, free of charge. In all five hotels of The Standard you can dial direct to Congress in your hotel room. All to make your voice heard on issues that matter to you. Don’t text or Twitter but dial direct.


In the Dutch article we recommended hotels in The Hague (our political centre) to use this tactic to call our representatives. We could all call them to ask them to hurry up with forming a coalition government!

The Standard indicated that they’ve been thinking a lot about what they could do to support positive, productive activism. As they’ve gone out and talked to people who are engaged in this very thing, one piece of advice they’ve heard again and again is this: speak up! There are lots of ways to take action, lots of ways to make a difference, but there is no substitute for the simple act of making your voice heard.

With this in mind, they’ve launched #RingYourRep, encouraging guests, staff, and the public to take direct action by contacting their representatives and voicing their positions on important issues. Whether it’s health care, the environment, immigration, LGBTQ rights, education, speaking up makes a difference. Not only that, it’s contagious. They’ve installed a customized phone booth on The Plaza of The Standard, High Line that dials directly to the U.S. Capitol Switchboard. Head for the yellow revolving doors of the hotel’s entrance, and you’ll see it directly to your right, just below the High Line on 13th St. Simply lift the receiver, and you’ll be connected. Punch in your zipcode, choose the rep to whom you wish to speak, and leave your message. For the uninitiated: congressional staffers tally up calls for/against, and these calls can play a role in how senators and representatives vote.

They also rolled out a direct-dial feature on our in-room phones at all five Standard hotels, making it free and easy for you to give your reps a piece of your mind when you’re staying at The Standard.

Website: #RingYourRep

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