Dubai launches a self-flying drone taxi service


In Dubai, from this summer onwards it’s possible to experience a self-flying taxi. Passengers can select a destination and the ‘Ehang184’ drone will transport you to this destination. This new type of transportation should reduce the number of accidents on roads and move passengers faster from destination A to B.

Self-flying taxi

From July onwards, the drones will transport passengers from destination to destination. The self-flying taxi can fly up to 100 kilometers per hour, operates within an area of 40 to 50 kilometers and can fly for 30 minutes at a time. Unfortunately it’s not possible to book a family taxi yet as the Ehang only offers space for one person and maybe a small suitcase. The fully electronic taxis are directed and monitored via a command center.


With the introduction of the flying-taxis, Dubai wants to position itself as the advantage of being the ‘city of the future’. Projects such as the Burj Khalifa (worlds’ highest building), the underwater hotel, the Palm Islands and the taxi drone shows that everything is possible in Dubai. Another future project is the Hyperloop, a super-fast transportation system that allows shipments and passengers to travel via a vacuum tunnel.

Bron: Springwise

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