Hotspot Hutspot


Rotterdam becomes more green… The municipality of Rotterdam encourages urban farming and more and more urban farms sprout across the city. Inhabitants of several neighbourhoods have set up their own vegetable garden. A part of the production of the vegetable gardens is served in the neighbourhood restaurant ‘Hotspot Hutspot’. This restaurant serves three-course week menu’s for 7 euros with as many ingredients from the garden and other local produce. The menu is prepared with the help of children from the neighbourhood.

Terrace at the roof of a building


Urban agriculture becomes more popular. The municipality of Rotterdam encourages the construction of green roofs. The terrace of Restaurant Engels is situated on the roof of the ‘Groothandelsgebouw’ in Rotterdam. Herbs, vegetables and plants grow between the tables. The restaurant serves drinks, snacks and salads, and during the summer they will organize evenings like salsa dancing, talk shows and more. A very special place with a spectacular view and also sustainable.

Yoga in parking garage


The building 11 11 in Miami Beach, Florida is a beautiful example of an elastic environment. The building is designed to function as a parking garage as well as a venue for weddings, wine tastings, yoga classes and more. The building can ouse up to 300 cars but the seven floor structure can easily be transformed to suit a variety of purposes. The building is developed by Robert Wennett and Herzog & de Meuron. The building features high ceilings and thanks to the absence of exterior wall it offers guests stunning views of the city.

Race to the top


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The Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre and Urbanics Amsterdam organize the ‘race to the top’ on Saturday April 20th for the first time. Participants will run up and down three times and will finish on Floor 17 (bar). They need to overcome a total of 51 floors and 2020 stairs. The race starts outside at the parking lot and the stairs runners will be welcomed with a drink and a healthy snack at the top. The fastest man and woman will both win a hotel stay including breakfast for two.

Street Feast in Ireland


This video shows the Street Feast in Ireland 2012. Street Feast started out in 2010 as a non-for-profit event to bring local communities in Ireland together through social lunches. The initiative has grown ever since, and will have its fourth edition on Sunday June 23rd around noon. People are invited to take the initiative and organize a lunch themselves, or to join a community lunch that’s happing near them. Read more about this initiative at The Pop-Up City. This is an opportunity for local restaurants and cafes as well, why not co-organize a similar event to get acquainted with your neighbours?

A bicycle drive-in


By 2025 the number of cyclists is expected to double in Switzerland’s largest metropolitan area. Because of these staggering statistics, Zurich’s City Council has created the stadtverkehr 2025 program, which aims to improve the pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, and reduce motorized traffic. Part of this initiative includes the opening of the Velokafi – a ‘drive-in’ for bicycles on the outdoor terrace of the Rathaus Cafe, which is a popular spot next to the Limmat river. Two wooden docking stations with tabletops enable cyclists to pull up and have some food and a coffee without getting off their bike. Nice gimmick but we prefer to drink our espresso at the terrace. But the initiative gives a lot of rumour around the ‘Stadtverkehr 2025 program’.

DAMn Food Waste


40% of the food in the Netherlands disappears into the trash of consumers, supermarkets and producers. DAMn Food Waste wants to bring the food waste to the attention. On June 29 in the heart of Amsterdam they organize a free lunch for 5,000 people, made of food that would have ended up in the trash. However, they need 5,000 registrations on Facebook to organize this lunch. Previous actions against food waste were organized in London en Sweden.

Greenhouse on the roof of Whole Foods Market


Food store ‘Whole Foods Market’ and supplier ‘Gotham Greens’ are building a greenhouse farm of 20.000-square-foot on the roof of the forthcoming Whole Foods Market store in Brooklyn. Gotham Greens has been a valued local supplier of fresh produce and will grow in the greenhouse farm premium quality, pesticide-free produce. In this way Whole Foods Market can offer consumers the freshest leafy greens, herbs and tomatoes, year-round. Whole Foods also plans to offer educational opportunities for area students and local schools to learn about greenhouses and farming.

Cooking with weet


For the new campaign, fashion brand Stussy worked together with FreshCotton. FreshCotton has monopoly on the sale of Stussy t-shirts and as a result of this collaboration they launched a cookbook that uses a typical ingredient of Amsterdam, weed. For this project FreshCotton asked the highly rated chef Misha Sukyas to create recipes with every street-legal drugs available in Amsterdam. The project shows what we like about Amsterdam: fashion, good food and having fun. Check out the website of FreshCotton for recipes.

Urban Farm in Amsterdam


The urban farm in Amsterdam-Noord will be a place where you can gather fresh produce and enjoy the green and productive scenery of the countryside in the middle of the city. At the farm products like fresh fruits, vegetables are grown and it will be a place where pigs and chickens are free to roam and graze. A team of 15 enthusiastic students and professionals have started to develop an economically viable business case for the urban farm. Currently, the enthusiasts behind the urban farm are looking for donations.

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