Fairmont Loves Film Event Series | Turns cinematic moments into memories with a new generation of filmmakers


  • Fairmont Loves Film Event SeriesFairmont Loves Film Event Series
  • Fairmont Loves Film Event SeriesFairmont Loves Film Event Series
  • Fairmont Loves Film Event SeriesFairmont Loves Film Event Series

Fairmont Loves Film Event Series launched with Gia Coppola as film ambassador and retrospective photographic exhibits in Toronto, London and Shanghai. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts introduced the Fairmont Loves Film event series, comprised of pop-up events and a retrospective photo exhibit officially premiering at Fairmont Royal York during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF, from September 6 – September 16 2018) and later traveling to London and Shanghai. Next to that they entered a partnership with film director and screenwriter Gia Coppola in the new role of Film Ambassador and Curator for Fairmont Loves Film. To celebrate this exciting program, Fairmont has also partnered with TIFF as the Official Gala Program Sponsor throughout the duration of the world-renowned festival.

Fairmont Loves Film Event Series

Ms. Coppola, who is known for her exceptional films including Palo Alto which she wrote and directed, got her start making short films for a friend’s fashion label. She is also a fine art and fashion photographer, and has worked with labels such as Opening Ceremony, Zac Posen and Gucci. Gia grew up on film sets, often experiencing memorable moments in Fairmont hotels while traveling.

To celebrate the launch of Fairmont Loves Film, another young artist, Cuba Tornado Scott, has created a short film exploring Fairmont’s historic connections to the world of cinema and the attachment to the brand’s legendary hotels. Like Ms. Coppola, Ms. Scott heralds a new generation in the film world, as a descendent of her grandfather, director Ridley Scott; her uncle, director Tony Scott and her parents: music video director Jake Scott and producer Rhea Scott.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gia as the Ambassador of Fairmont Loves Film and honored to work with Cuba to launch this exciting event series. These young talented women bring a fascinating perspective to the evolution of film and the timeless appeal of Fairmont hotels,” said Sharon Cohen, Vice President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “Fairmont enjoys a strong connection to cinema that is shared across generations and includes unforgettable personal moments, along with movie-making history at some of our most celebrated and awe-inspiring properties.”

In the video created by Ms. Scott, the audience is introduced to the Fairmont Loves Film project through the lens of a woman whose vivid memories revive the spirit of cinema within Fairmont. The creation of cinema and Fairmont become inescapably intertwined, the sense of luxurious comfort and whimsical wonder connect through a narrative arc between the contemporary and the classic. The film delivers a sense of curiosity and longing to know more about the experiences these characters had within the walls of Fairmont hotels, and builds a desire to witness new versions of those experiences.

Fairmont Loves Film visual exhibit

Images and video from these films, along with several others, will be showcased in a special Fairmont Loves Film visual exhibit beginning in early September at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto and later this year at The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel in London and at Shanghai’s Fairmont Peace Hotel in early 2019. In addition to the exhibitions, Fairmont also hosted a special pop up event at Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall, home of world cinematic premieres and gala programs during TIFF, running from September 6 – September 16, 2018.

Some of the films featuring Fairmont’s camera-ready hotels

“Fairmont hotels have been the site or setting of countless Hollywood blockbusters and legendary films,” continued Ms. Cohen. “When filmmakers and directors want to portray luxury accommodations that truly represent their destinations, they often focus their cameras on Fairmont. Many film buffs will know that Home Alone 2 (1992); and North By Northwest (1959) were filmed at The Plaza, but guests may not realize that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts across the globe have also had starring roles in such classic films as JFK (1991), Dr. Zhivago (1965), and The Great Gatsby (2013) to name but a few. For more than a century, we’ve done our best to meet and exceed the expectations of all our guests, including filmmakers.” Some of Fairmont’s most famous film credits go to the following camera-ready hotels:

Fairmont Royal York, Toronto which even has its own full-time Film Concierge! Filmed on this location amongst others the movies ‘Cinderella Man’ (2005), ‘Molly’s Game’ (2017), ‘The Killing Fields’ (1984), ‘Serendipity’ (2000), ‘The Tuxedo’ (2001), ‘Red’ (2010), ‘Chloe’ (2009), ‘RoboCop’ (2014) and ‘Miss Sloane’ (2016).

The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel, London. It was at The Savoy where Vivien Leigh met future husband Laurence Olivier, where Elizabeth Taylor spent her honeymoon with Nicky Hilton, and where Charlie Chaplin returned to his homeland. It has also been a favorite filming spot for movies such as ‘The Big Sleep’ (1978), ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ (1981), ‘Notting Hill’ (1999) and ‘All the Money in the World’ (2018).

The famous Jazz Bar at Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai and its legendary Old Jazz Band were captured in a documentary film by German producer Uli Gaulke called ‘As Time Goes By’ which premiered in the Toronto and Shanghai International Film Festivals in June 2013. Other films shot on location in the art deco styled interiors of the hotel include: ‘Empire of the Sun’ (1987), ‘The Last Aristocrats’ (1989), ‘The Silent War’ (2012) and ‘Lan Xin Theatre’ (2018).

Ever since Alfred Hitchcock chose to shoot his favorite San Francisco hotel for his classic film Vertigo (1958), starring Jimmy Stewart, Fairmont San Francisco has become a silver screen icon. The classic Hitchcock thriller established the hotel’s appeal as a film location and it went onto star in films such as ‘The Towering Inferno’ (1974). More recently, the hotel had a featuring role in The Intern (2015) with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway and Rene Russo.

The Plaza, a  Fairmont Managed Hotel in New York, has provided the location for many, many movies including ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ (1961), ‘Barefoot In The Park’ (1967), ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1971), Francis Ford Coppola’s film ‘The Cotton Club’ (1984), starring Richard Gere, Diane Lane and Gregory Hines; ‘Home Alone 2’ (1992), ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ (1993) and ‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013).

Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston filmed on location here amongst others: ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ (2008), ‘Bride Wars’ (2008), ‘The Firm’ (1993), ‘Zookeeper’ (2011),  ‘American Hustle’ (2013) and ‘The Equalizer 2’ (2018).

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