Floating Farm | The first self-sufficient floating city farm


Floating farm is a floating self-sufficient city farm in which they produce fresh dairy in a sustainable and animal-friendly way. In a world in which the population is rising tremendously, does Floating Farm bring food production back to the people. The initiative is not only based on making profit, but also on educating its guests. There will be information available about innovative techniques and the science behind city farming. Development company Beladon created the unique design for this innovative city farm.

Know your food | Grazing cows in the middle of the city

The floating farm will be build up out of three floors. The top and middle floor are designed according to the natural living conditions of the regular cows. This means that there will be enough natural grass, trees and, of course, shadow. The milking of the cows, cleaning up the manure and other minor choirs will be performed by robots. If the cows are longing for solid ground, a foot bridge will bring them to a meadow on the quay.

A visitor and education centre is going be opened on the ground floor. Apart from informing and making guests enthusiastic about their innovative ideas, the ground floor will also be the base of their dairy production. In order to keep the concept as circular as possible, they will also place some machinery that will process the remaining residue.

Sustainable and circular | Closing the circle in Rotterdam

The cow is going to be central in the entire process. The cows will product raw milk, which will be processed to sellable milk, yoghurt, cream and fresh cheese. The grass, an important feature of the cows diet, is going to be grown in an artificial way, by an innovative LED system. This also happens on the ground floor. Apart from grass, the cows will be fed with mostly with raw-material residue from Rotterdam’s bakery’s, potato processors and breweries. De remaining nature will keep growing by natural sunlight, filtered rainwater and automatically planted seeds. Fertile soil is will be processed from the cow manure.

Floating Farm 

The unique project will open for visitors at the end of 2018. We, as a redaction, are very enthusiastic and looking forward to visit the floating farm in Merwe4haven Rotterdam!

Website: Floating Farm

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