The Food Line-up guerrilla campaign Amsterdam


  • Buskruid en Lotte Wouters

The Dam square in Amsterdam is the centre of a guerrilla campaign by foodtrucks on the World Food Day October 16th. From 12.30 to 13.30 o’clock the trucks serve a free lunch to get attention for the lack of food diversity on the streets of the capital. Most of the mobile food stands sell hotdogs or ‘oliebollen’ (deep-fried dough). The Food Line-Up and its initiator Lotte Wouters want to motivate the government to take the New York policy for food trucks as an example. The streets in New York provide a huge diversity of food trucks that are used by all social classes and backgrounds.

First gelato museum opens near Bologna


The first gelato museum opens its doors in Anzola Dell’Emilia, close to Bologna. The museum is initiated by gelato-machine maker Carpigiani Group and shows the history of this special ice cream.

Taste, a matter of art


Restaurant ‘In de Keuken van Floris’, located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) will co-operate with ‘Garage Rotterdam’, an exhibition space for contemporary art. Chef Floris Versluijs was inspired by the exhibition Border Lines, where ethnographic pieces of the collections of the World musuem are central. This coming Monday October 15, he will cook a culinary six course dinner surrounded by several art pieces. Photo: Garage Rotterdam – Bas Czerwinski.

New destination for old Shell Tower


In the spring of 2012, Amsterdam started a pitch to develop a new destination for the unused Overhoeks tower in Amsterdam, the old Shell building. Last October the 4th, club owner Sander Groet (Club AIR, Amsterdam) is announced to winner to create the new destination. The plan shows us the new destination of several headquarters, but as well several restaurants, clubs and a hotel.

KLM uses Google Streetview in banner


Airliner KLM promotes flights from Stockholm to New York by the integration of Google Streetview in its advertisement banners on news websites. The ad shows new technical possibilities of the available space and creates an extra experience for the user. This feature can be very interesting for hotels as well.

The annual iG Nobel Prizes


Harvard University presents the annual iG Nobel Prizes on the 20th of September. The prizes are for respectable researchers that ‘make people laugh and then think’. The first satellite event in the Netherlands is in the ‘Stadsgehoorzaal’, Leiden. The award show is live broadcasted. Before the show various Dutch researchers and scientists explain their funny or crazy research to the audience. The Hotel Leiden, Ibis Leiden Centre and Holiday Inn offer special package deals for this event.

Around the plate


At we regularly organize trend presentations. Recently we were invited by Our Common Food to inspire the teams. Take a look at the (Dutch) Prezi presentation here.

Giant chewing gum and cigarette


This giant chewing gum and cigarette creates awareness about all the little indecents of life. The five meters high statues can be found on the train station of Marseille, France.

Street Charge


Having your battery die: a constant problem for the person on the move in the city. It always feels a little silly to drag around cables to charge your electronics at the office, doesn’t it? The folks at Brooklyn-based design agency PENSA! have created a new concept that allows you to get your charge on outdoors. Aptly named ‘Street Charge’, the idea is to attach a thin structure to existing street infrastructure such as street signs, powered by photovoltaic cells and batteries, allowing passersby to plug in their digital toys with a USB cable.

Paris Pastry app


It’s not necessary anymore to search for pastry shops in Paris. With the new Paris Pastry guide app you are directed to the nearest store. The app shows also reviews, photo’s and opening hours. The app is created by David Lebovitz.

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