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It will be the largest urban rooftop farm in Europe. The unique ‘farm’ is at 40 meters altitude in The Hague and will annually produce 50 tons of local, rooftop vegetables and 20 tons of fresh (urban) fish. Our colleague Bram Kosterink already got a tour of the impressive project.

Urban Farmers in the building, De Schilde

The location of UrbanFarmers is on and in the building, De Schilde. It’s the largest commercial city facility (UF002) for food production in Europe: a roof with 1.200 square meters fully available for growing specialized vegetables and an indoor fish farm of 370 square meters. Within the farm a further 250 square meters is reserved for events and guided tours.

‘Initiative for Urban Agriculture’

The city farm is located in the former factory De Schilde, built in the fifties, in which Philips Telecommunications was located for years. The classic building at the Televisiestraat 2 is currently largely empty and is reallocated as a project of the municipality of The Hague. The project is renamed  by the municipality in ‘Urban Agriculture Initiative’. UF002 is the first urban agriculture project that  starts in the building.

Vegetables and fish without fear of heights

The unique farm will simultaneously produce vegetables and fish, all based on an old and sustainable technology. Wasted nutrients (among others faeces of the fish) will be recycled from the fish farms as a fertilizer for plants, plants that at the same time purify the water which is reused for the breeding of the fish.

Where to buy the products?

As from August the produced products will be on sale for individuals at various places in The Hague. They will be selling boxes with the fresh vegetables and fish. In addition you will be able to taste the vegetables and fish at some ‘Gastro Partners’ of UF002:

  • Museum Catering
  • De Kookfabriek
  • Hof Catering
  • Strandpaviljoen (Beach restaurant) De Kwartel
  • Restaurant Mochi
  • Restaurant Het Gouden Kalf
  • Restaurant Maison de la Foret

Tours and Events

Wondering how they proceed at the UrbanFarmers? Weekly tours will take place once the farm has opened to show the visitors that the products are grown and breed a 100% sustainable. In addition to the tours, the location is also suitable for various events such as weddings, banquets, parties and live cooking.

Opening of UrbanFarmers

Would you like to visit the UF002 project? On the 20th of May, UF002 at De Schilde will organize a grand opening party at the roof farm. From that date, everyone is welcome to visit the project. More information about the project, tours and event options are available on the website of UrbanFarmers. ^ Bram Kosterink

Website: UrbanFarmers

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