Rotterdam ranked 4th place in the top 10 cities by Lonely Planet next year?


With a lot of new initiatives in town, it wouldn’t surprise us! Like for example RiF010 will open in 2016. The ‘Steigersgracht’ (part of the river De Rotte) in Rotterdam will be separated from the rest of Rotte. The water will be purified and a wave installation will be placed in this part of the river. Several kinds of water sports will be put into practice in RiF010.


At the beginning of the new, closed ‘Steigersgracht’ a ‘wave installation’ will be placed. Every 8 to 9 seconds, this installation will push a 1,5 meter high wave through the canal. The waves will make the RiF010, the ideal place for surfers in Rotterdam. Besides being the ideal place for surfers, the clear water makes RiF010 suitable for diving lessons, kayaking, stand up paddle surfing or bodyboarding as well.

The beach house

At the edge of the canal a wooden beach house will be placed. The beach house will offer a beautiful view on the surfers, paddle surfers and divers. Besides the view, it will also provide changing rooms and showers. The beach house will be located between the RiF010 and the actual river De Rotte. The location makes canoe trips on the Rotte through the centre of Rotterdam possible.

Construction and opening

The city initiative got most of the votes from the Rotterdam population last year. At this moment, the promoters of RiF010 are busy planning the entire project. It’s expected to open in 2016 and will be accessible to the public.

Ranking in the top 10 cities by Lonely Planet

We believe that initiatives such as RiF010 will certainly contribute to an even higher ranking in the recently published top 10 cities by Lonely Planet.

Bron: Lonely Planet

Website: RiF010

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