#ParkthatPhone in your Mobile Parking Lot


Mobile Parking Lot

A Mobile Parking Lot: a semi new non-tech invention to spice up your meeting room! At Mobileparkinglot.tumblr.com you can download different designs, all free of charge. Great initiative by Christiano Neves and Fernando Barbella.

It might be because of my grey hair but I’m always looking for either my wallet, keys or my phone! When it takes a long time to find any of these items, I always think that I have to create a spot to leave them. That’s just what Mobile Parking Lot did! They created a gimmick to freely spice up your meeting room. No more phone distractions, just ask your meeting partners in a humorous way to park their phone in your Mobile Parking Lot.

Your Mobile Parking Lot

Mobile Parking Lot gets rid of device distractions during the day and ensures that all eyes are on you during a meeting. Christiano Neves and Fernando Barbella created this non-tech device while they worked and lived in London. They believe that the success of meetings is determined by actively being involved in the meeting without being distracted by mobile phones. To overcome this distraction problem, they created the Mobile Parking Lot, where all mobile phones should be parked before a meeting. #ParkthatPhone at the door and get your mind focused. You can download them for free and start using them at the office, a meeting room or at home, like I will! ^Marjolein

Bron: PSFK

Website: Mobile Parking Lot

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