Horeca Trendgids 2012


This week, the Trendgids.com (Dutch) is presented and published. Tackle opportunities, creativity, collaborate and innovation dominate this edition. Trendgids.com is a free digital magazine in which experts, including Marjolein van Spronsen (Horecatrends / Van Spronsen & Partners), give their vision on hospitality in 2012. This magazine is intended to be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs of the industry.

Toronto snowman


To stimulate tourists to take and upload pictures of the city Toronto, the tourism agency of Toronto has come up with a campaign. At 21 strategic chosen touristic locations throughout the city, 2,5 meter high snowmen are placed, each in front of a famous building in Toronto. For each uploaded and liked picture, the campaign will donate to a charity.

Region FoodValley


The Region FoodValley is a cooperation where eight communities work together in order to produce and promote healthy and sustainable food. Region FoodValley is known for its knowledge and applications in food. Together with the partners of FoodValley Ambition does FoodValley work to achieve a European top-5 status in the area of healthy and sustainable food.

Bicycle light vending machine


At the railway station of Leiden (The Netherlands) customers can buy a bicycle light from the fast food vending machines this Thursday. It’s an initiative of the Dutch Bicycle union in partnership with the fastfood chain Smullers. The new campaign is called “Ik Val Op” (I’m noticed) and focuses on the youth of the Netherlands.

Restaurants help casualties hurricane


Hurricane Irene has done a lot of damage in the state of New York. Many farmers lost their harvest. To help these farmers and other casualties of the hurricane, over 100 restaurants in New York have donated 10% of their day revenue last Sunday. These revenues were donated to a charity fund that helps casualties from the hurricane Irene.

Poster made of waste



The American Barefoot Wine produced a movie which should creates the feeling of positivism, creativity and optimism which associate with the American beaches. To promote the launch of their movie, they created a poster made from waste collected on the beaches. The movie will be posted on Facebook.

A great invitation


The owners of the foodhall Eataly in New York do invite President Obama to visit. They have a banner hanging in their foodhall with the invitation to come and toast at his 50th birthday with a 1961 Barolo. An original way to invite a President! A beautiful food hall by the way where you can eat Italian food and buy it!

Crowdsourced Mystery shopping through an app


The Dutch location based marketing is thriving. After the introduction of Repudo it’s now Roamler that launches an app for location based messages. Members of this community can earn money and points with the assessment of products, filling in checklists or writing reviews. Heineken uses the app to check the presentation of their Coolcan in the supermarkets this summer. The City of Amsterdam asks members to send in nice graffiti and has included several other assignments around the theme ‘a green environment’. The app is now available for a select group of 500 people.


Your personal travel guide of Istanbul


Everything you want to know about Istanbul, you find out with Wizard Istanbul. This is a 24/7 crowdsourced online travel guide, where you can drop all your questions about Istanbul. Volunteers, like residents of the city or fellow travelers, can respond on your message and will give you nice and usefull tips.


Leg advertisement


The Donut Project. A guerilla campaign for Superette in New Zealand. By putting indented plates across the city at bus stops an park benches, those who sat down wearing short shorts or skirts walked away with the ad campaign ‘ Short Shorts on Sale’ imprinted on the back of their legs.

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