Co-creation affects the guest journey


Lennert Rietveld senior counsellor at van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy gave an inspiration session last month about co-creation. In this blog an insight into this session; which shows that the focus during events is shifting to influencing the guest journey!

The inspiration session for 80 event organizers showed powerful examples of co-creation. The presentation focused on compelling examples from entrepreneurs working together to improve the visitor experience. Everything is evolving around the guest journey. A good example is the initiative of the Dutch amusement park the Efteling to develop an app in co-creation with a Belgian company. They offer their visitors a lot more experience around their visit of the Efteling through ‘mixed reality’ and smartphones. Brilliant for kids, for example at the route app a witch voice gives directions.

A couple of other examples from the inspiration session around co-creation:

  • Guests staying at selected Marriot Hotels got the change to use a complimentary GoPro camera during their stay to share their experiences with family and friends at home. An old trick to get your guest to share their experiences at your spot. Why wouldn’t you ask your festival guests to make videos of the event?
  • Les Mills Live is a collaboration between Reebok and Les Mills, organizing fitness festivals all over the world. With visitor numbers around 6.500 per festival. Within 10 hours they experience 35 different workouts in a festival atmosphere. What that looks like? Watch the video.
  • Individual health is getting more important and a lot of apps support health. Apps like Fitbit and Sleeptrackers sound already familiar? Did you follow the news on CO2 emissions labels on individual travels? The SCIO pocket is one of those apps that is financed through crowdfunding for 2.7 million. This SCIO is a sensor which scans food and medicine, after which you will receive the data on your smartphone. There is also an app that measures air pollution and a CO2tracker. Add apps like these to the experience of your guests at your festival.
  • The Dutch bank ABN AMRO collaborated with ID&T and other parties in OPENHOUSE.  A platform for innovation in dance industry. Does a platform like this work? Well an example of their success is the Kartent: durable tents made of cardboard as a solution to the mountain of plastic waste (often abandoned tents) at festivals. In addition, they offer opportunities to print advertisements or texts on the tents. This project has already been funded.
  • The ‘Verspillingsfabriek’ translated as the waste factory: Hutten catering in the Netherlands innovates with the waste factory. In cooperation with universities, suppliers and governments they started this initiative which converts food waste into new products. They offer a fully transparent and sustainable product line. This in addition to a waste-manager who is concerned with reducing waste.

Above mentioned examples are some of the more than 60 examples we showed during the inspiration session. Co-creation and starting new projects by working with enthusiastic people, each with their own experience and knowledge. The examples given made the participants look at their own events from a different ankle. It broadens their view towards the possibilities.

For 1,000+ examples, check! Are you organizing an inspiration session please contact us!

Lennert Rietveld, senior counsellor at van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy. You can either contact us via email: or by phone: 071 541 88 67 or via LinkedIn.

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