The KarTent: the disposable festival tent made of cardboard


Every year one out of four festival visitors leaves their tent behind on several festival campsites all over the Netherlands. The amount of waste that this creates is bad for the environment. The solution is simple: from now on you can camp in a cardboard.

The KarTent

The KarTent is a disposable festival tent entirely made out of cardboard and is an idea of Jan Portheine, Bas Hacking en Wout Kommer, all (former)- students of the TU Delft. Because the tent is made out of cardboard, it can be recycled after the festival right away. Eventually the tent can be recycled into toilet paper, shoe boxes and other things.

Besides the fact that the tent is good for the environment, there are more benefits that come with it. As a festival visitor you don’t have to take as much luggage with you, as the tent will be set up for you on the festival grounds. Also cleaning up the tent is completely taken care of and you don’t have to worry about that as a visitor anymore. Bad weather isn’t a problem either, the tent is waterproof and should easily stay dry for about four days.

The festival organisations will also be very pleased with the KarTent. Because the tent is easier to clean up  than a normal tent, it will take less time to clean all of the festival ground. Besides that, there is also some space on the tent for advertising. A cardboard surface of two square meters can’t be missed by the visitors and is easy to print on. For sponsors this could be interesting.

KarTent in 2016

After a successful 2015 where you could have found the KarTent on festivals such as Mysteryland, Appelpop and Into The Great Wide Open, there are new plans for 2016. The visitors of Awakenings, DGTL Festival and Best Kept Secret will have the opportunity  to sleep in a real KarTent at the festivals. Check out the video here.


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