Analyzing the world around you with the SCiO


How much fat is in this dressing? How much sugar contains this sugar beet and which melon is better at the moment? SCiO gives you answers to all these kind of questions, SCiO is a small gadget which scans the products you’re about to buy and shows you what these products are made of.

SCiO – a ‘molecular sensor’

About two years ago we also wrote about this gadget. Back then, the project was still on Kickstarter and caused sensation due to the amount of money that was raised, €2.7 million. This amount was 14 times the goal, for this reason SCiO ended up as one of the Top 20 projects ever on this website.

Easy said this is a gadget that scans a product and gives you all the information about the chemical composition of the product. It doesn’t have to be food, it also gives you information about medicines, plants and materials. Through a Bluetooth connection information get send to your smartphone and directly appears on your screen.

Who is SCiO for? The website says the following: “SCiO is for anyone who would like instant information about the things they interact with and consume every day. It is also great for people who want to help develop a rapidly expanding database of useful knowledge that will benefit the entire community of users!”

A group which will definitely benefit are those with an allergy. The SCiO can immediately give a summary of the products involved in a certain dish which will minimize the risks of eating something you are not allowed to. In fact, the SCiO is useful for everyone who is conscious about the food they’re eating.

Another example of how the device can be used is when you’re standing in front of the fruit shelf in the supermarket. Which fruit is already ripe to eat? We all know how difficult it is to pick the right avocado out of the large amount.


At this moment the SCiO can be ordered by everyone who is interested. However, it is quite expensive. The cheapest edition would cost around € 220,= and can be ordered at this website. If there is anyone out there who is already a proud owner of the device, we would love to hear your experiences!

Website: SCiO

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