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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others multi-keg switching tech changes beer kegs automatically and Hometels, a bridge between hotels and Airbnb’s.

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April Fool’s Day | Duolingo promised its brand of craft beer would help drinkers become fluent in any foreign language

What if all it takes to chatter away in a foreign language is a little liquid courage? Language learning site Duolingo ran with this idea and created its own brand of craft beer, Brewolingo. Sadly, the brew itself is not available for purchase—the concept was created as an April Fool’s joke based on the idea that drinking will improve your language skills.

Milkybar Wowsomes | Contains 30% less sugar through ‘restructuring’ the sugar

Nestlé says it has harnessed science to reduce the sugar in chocolate. Nestlé is claiming a world first by “restructuring” the sugar it uses in its confectionery to produce a white chocolate bar with 30% less sugar than its usual Milkybar brand. The sugar in the new product, named Milkybar Wowsomes, is “amorphous and porous”, says the company, made by spraying sugar, milk and water into warm air and drying the mixture. The resulting sugar dissolves faster, like candy floss, it says, giving a sweeter taste in the mouth. Nestlé claims that both adult and child tasters like it.

Multi-keg switching tech changes beer kegs automatically

Meet startup KegoMatic, technology to monitor the beer levels of a keg. KegoMatic enables multiple kegs (two, three, or four) to be tapped at once, and it switches the line automatically when the keg runs out. The technology not only prevents the problem of changing a keg during service times, it also provides critical data analytics back to the business. The system includes hardware, packed with LED sensors and weight scales, plus a tablet app to manage the influx of data.

Cannabis-Infused Water | Love Hemp Water you can buy it in the UK

Following the legalisation of Cannabis in many US states, we’ve seen popularity and availability of edible cannabis products rise dramatically over there. Love Hemp Water is the first CBD hemp-infused water in Europe, and Ocado is the first UK supermarket to sell it. Love Hemp contains 2mg of hemp extract, which contains cannabidiol but not THC which is the chemical that makes you high. Cannabidiol has an influence on the release and uptake of chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, resulting an enhanced feel-good mood.

Hometels Room2  | A bridge between hotels and AirbnB’s

Lamington Group launches ‘Hometels’. Exclusive serviced apartment providers, UK real estate developer Lamington Group is launching the second development of its kind, following a pilot in Hammersmith in 2016, will open in Southampton this June called Room2, a flexible living environment offering up 71 rooms that are charged for per night. “Speaking to our guests in both Room2 Hammersmith and our existing apartments, we heard that they want more than what a traditional hotel, aparthotel or an Airbnb can offer,” explained Robert Godwin, MD. “They want something that combines the best of all three, with flexible living, all the comforts of home and personable, attentive service.”

What would happen if Americans stopped eating meat?

Interesting, but long read, at Fine Dining Lovers about what if all Americans would replace meat with plant based foods!

If all the farmers in the U.S stopped raising cattle and devoted their land to growing plant based foods, the country could feed 350 million more people, according to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Using complex computer modeling, researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel were able to analysis the American diet between 2000 to 2010. Working on a population size of 300 million, they looked at what would happen if all animal based foods, including dairy and eggs, were replaced with plants.

Deliveroo | Has plans to make food and replace chefs and riders with robots

Deliveroo has laid out a radical plan to overhaul its business model with automation and making its own food. During a presentation in July last year they told investors it will half the cost of food and double its profits. The food delivery company raised $385 million in its most recent funding round, taking the total it raised to $860 million and valuing the six year old startup to over $2 billion.


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