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The Nexto Guided Stories are a new type of navigational experience, available on the Nexto Platform. Users who are visiting a city can get into the shoes of an active explorer to discover location-based information in an interactive way. Think of cultural tourism destinations and museums. Nexto Guided Stories uses Augmented Reality, which is the same technology as the Pokémon GO game released last year.

Nexto Guided Stories

The Nexto Guided Stories can be seen as a successor of the city audio tours in which (mostly) elderly people walk around with their headphones on when visiting a cultural city. At each attraction a story is being told before walking towards the next one. The advantages of Nexto in comparison to the ‘old method’ are:

  • Through the use a familiar conversational interface, the story is told gradually, at a pace that feels right to the visitor.
  • With the use of audio, visual and augmented reality elements visitor can get a unique glimpse into the past: ruins can be reconstructed, new painting layers can be uncovered and historic characters can be brought to life.
  • By solving puzzles, riddles and other mini-games, visitor can collect points and other rewards that drive the engagement and interest with the location further.

In short, Nexto Guided Stories is something to get started with if you are a city marketer in a cultural city. Augmented Reality is a technology that is rapidly increasing and will continue to develop. For museums, it offers opportunities to tell historical stories in a creative way.


Guided Stories are currently available in 3 destinations in Slovenia, with more launching soon in other European cities. Nexto team is currently looking for partners operating in the space of cultural tourism, destination marketing and AR that will help bring g uided stories to more heritage destinations around the world.

Website: Nexto

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