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A centralized and standard platform for lost and found gear. In the Netherlands the crowdfund was backed with €238.000,= last year and are rapidly expanding their iLost network.

The most forgotten gear during holidays are the charger for the mobile phone or tablet. Somehow you always find out after a couple of days. Most hotels will be able to help you with an extra charger but if you lose something with a high personally value, might be handy. Large organisations use like HTM and GVB (train- and bus organisation in the Netherlands), hotel chains like the Van der Valk hotels and the Conscious hotels, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Arena, cities, The RAI in Amsterdam, Herz, the Keukenhof, etc. All registered found objects at their premises appear at to eventually create a single platform for lost properties. In order to reduce the handling of lost & found gear for organizations, they can post a statement on their website to refer to The one looking for an object can check this will reduce the time spend on calls, e-mails and forms. The owner of the object can retrieve the object or have it delivered at home via (worldwide).

Check the video how it actually works, if you own a larger hotel chain, it might give your lost & found department some relief.


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