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At the end of 2016 we are not going to publish the ´Trends we spotted this week´. Instead of that we have collected the best read articles of last year. The top five articles are published below. We hope you will get inspired in 2017 just as you were in 2016 by our trends.

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Cooking on stone at De Librije

Jonnie Boer decided to move his restaurant De Librije from the former monastery in Zwolle to an indoor courtyard and was sure to make the kitchen the center of the restaurant, made by Dekton by Cosentino.

Bram’s, Gourmet Frites

On the 11th of February Bram Ladage opened ‘Bram’s, Gourmet Frites.’ At this new, international formula fries are prepared on a high culinary level and will be sold from a remarkable, black shipping container. The pilot store can be found at the ‘Kop van Zuid’ in Rotterdam.

Trends for your terrace 2016

In Amsterdam we had to wait this year to see if the warm weather would show a sign of itself. What you should have served on your terrace this season? Below you can find a list of products we expected to see on the Dutch terraces. In our first trend presentation this year, about terrace trends, the products below were mentioned.

Foodhall 88 – First pop-up food hall in Holland

Foodhall 88, the first pop-up food hall in the Netherlands opened on the 18th of February in Tilburg. The lobby of building 88 at the Spoorzone (Railway zone) was under construction for a long time but on the 18th of February you could smell the fish, meat and vegetables. Foodhall 88 was opened until late April.

Egloo | warms the room for a few cents

Egloo launches electricity-free heater that warms up the room for just a few cents a day.

The Egloo, a cool little heater that uses a simple concept which heats the room for just a couple of cents a day – without the use of electricity. Egloo is the new way of dealing with lower temperatures. The Egloo keeps rooms warm without the expensive costs of using gas or electricity whereby you have to heat the entire house.

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