Foodhall 88 – First pop-up food hall in Holland.


Foodhall 88, the first pop-up food hall in the Netherlands will open the 18th of February in Tilburg. At this moment the lobby of building 88 at the Spoorzone (Railway zone) is still under construction but as from next Thursday you’re supposed to smell fish, meat and vegetables here. Foodhall 88 is open until late April.

Foodhall 88

Foodhall 88 will become the spot to have a bite and a drink in Tilburg during the weekends. “Allthough the food halls are immense popular worldwide, the first food halls in the Netherlands only started two years ago, build by entrepreneurs with foodtrucks.”, according to Eric de Bont from Rolling Events. Together with Kim van der Hoff (owner of foodtruck Pura Vida) and Erwin Schellekens  from LOC brewery he founded this pop-up food hall. This is a small selection of de cooperating partners at Foodhall 88.

‘Bakboord’ will serve fish, ‘De Melksnor (translated as ‘the Milk Moustache’) with Dutch hotdogs and  ‘Smeer’m’ with ‘bitterballen’ (small Dutch croquettes). Besides that, there will be the ‘Dessert Ladies’ who do entertain the children as well as serving desserts. At ‘Leut van de Bont’ you can drink a cup of coffee, tea and eat pastries. Also, there will be a corner for a changing caterer in which tapas bar ‘Roots’ will be first. “Everything fits the big picture we have in mind for Foodhall 88”, says a happy Eric de Bont. “The idea is to offer a variety of food to the local guests, made by local companies with products from local suppliers. The idea is to create a setting in which you will meet with friends, grab a bite from the different spots at accessible prices. Foodhall 88 is a place for people who are looking for an unique spot.” Next to this there will also be a stage for musician, workshops from suppliers such as a wine-and-dine evening and a kids corner.

Because of the fact that the municipality Tilburg has big plans for building 88, the food hall is only temporary. At the end of April the hall will close and the location will be rebuild for a ‘house for entrepreneurship Tilburg.’ Eric de Bont: “If Foodhall 88 becomes a great success I cannot exclude the food hall to pop-up somewhere else in Tilburg”.

On the 18th of February the doors will open for this ‘food-event’ in hall 88 at the Spoorzone. The food hall will first be open on Fridays and Saturdays. Depending on the success and the number of visitors, the hall will open on weekdays.


Website: Foodhall 88

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