Sustainability | What to do with potato waste?


  • FrietHoes Vodka
  • Pieper Bier (credits: Wiemer Vliet)

The Netherlands is a real potato country. Because of the excellent climate potatoes have been growing there for centuries. They are cheap and every Dutchie has his ‘own’ potato dish. A product to be proud of! However, knowing that the potato is one of the most wasted vegetable in the country is less inspiring. It’s actually a bit of a shame, as there are plenty of products which can be made out of the remains. To inspire we gathered some examples of drinks made from almost ‘wasted’ potatoes.

Potato waste? | Instock made Pieper Bier

InStock, a company concerned with food waste, launched its own Pieper Beer last year. This beer is brewed with rescued potatoes that normally would have been thrown away. During the brewing process partly potatoes are being used instead of malt. The beer can best be compared with a pale ale.

Potato waste? | FrietHoes made Vodka

In the earlier days it used to be more common to use potatoes making vodka, nowadays corn is used more often. This is why FrietHoes decided to make the ‘potato vodka’ again by using the leftovers from their potatoes. FrietHoes is making their own French fries so they have a lot of leftovers! The result was their own FrietHoes Vodka.

Potato waste? | Linie Aquavit

Linie Aquavit is a flavoured spirit produced in Scandinavia and is often drunk during festive gatherings. The production process of the spirit begins with fermented potatoes, different herbs and spices are being added later. Linie Aquavit is famous for its maturation in oak sherry casks at sea, a journey that has continued for more than 200 years. Exposing the cask to the constant rolling of the waves and shifting weather conditions gives the aquavit a perfectly balance of spices and cask aromas.

Potato Waste? | Greydanus made Potatoe wine

Obviously, there is also wine being made from potatoes. Potato wholesaler Greydanus from Friesland makes white wine from a potato variety called Santé, this results in a pink coloured wine. The taste of the wine is most close to port and should therefore be served as an aperitif or dessert wine.

Potato waste? | Make potato juice yourself

Potato juice, although it doesn’t sound that appetizing it seems to be quite healthy. The juices can be ordered online at drugstores or you can make it yourself. A lot of recipes can be found on the internet!

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