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Extensively in the news last week, the legal production of cannabis. Is the legalization of the production finally happening after years of tolerating? And does this mean that on the long term the use will be legal as well? What does this mean for the hospitality industry? In any case, the use of cannabis will be trendy for a while and new cannabis products will appear on the market. We looked at what restaurants and other producers in America have created around cannabis since it has been legalized for some time now in various states. Below a list with examples of “the impact of cannabis on the hospitality industry.”

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3-course dinner cannabis

In Colorado, the three-course cannabis dinner is organized daily. The package from $ 125, = per person (10 people minimum) includes three different dishes with different strains of cannabis and a limo from your home to the venue.

Cooking with cannabis by The Herbal Chef

The Herbal Chef, as Chris Sayegh is also called, has a special restaurant.  ( Chris learned to cook by the best chefs and worked in various Michelin star restaurants. After the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, he started to supplement his gourmet cooking with cannabis. If you’re planning to eat here, well, you need to pull your wallet. Prices vary, depending on the number of courses, between $ 200, = and $ 500,= per person.

Cannabis cocktails

At the restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood cocktails with cannabis are being served. The cocktail is called ‘Stoney Negroni’ and costs $ 20, =. It consists of the necessary alcoholic beverages and some cannabis oil is added. If you have plans to visit Hollywood? Well, it might be interesting to go and taste a ‘Stoney Negroni’ and we would love to hear how it tastes!

Cannabis & hop makes beer

Craft beer enriched with cannabis. General Washington’s Secret Stash is one of the first breweries with a cannabis beer. Wondering where you can order it? Then click on the title above.

Greenhouse Kitchen | Diner in steaming smoke

Established in the Netherlands: the ‘Greenhouse Kitchen’ where you can dine in the steam of cannabis. You’re not allowed to smoke it because that is forbidden. According to the Greenhouse Kitchen the steam of cannabis is great in combination with excellent food. Curious? Check out the website.

Cannabis infused wine

In America they know it a bit longer, cannabis infused wine. During the wine making process during the fermentation of the sugars, cannabis is added. The alcohol ensures that the THC in cannabis is pulled out of the marijuana-infused wine. Great name: pot-wine.

Coffee and cannabis

At Ganja Grindz Coffee Company, the culinary experts and scientists have spent countless hours grinding away to create the highest quality cannabis infused bottled coffee, tea bags, coffee filters and single serve brew cups. Quite unique; a coffee shop where they only serve coffee with cannabis.

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