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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week among others articles about, Eataly in London and Bee Approved, a 100% vegan, gluten-free & organic alternative to honey.

In the food delivery section we spotted Pickup Pods by Minnow, contact-free food delivery and pickup solutions developed in the US and in New York, Eat Plantega. This company offers vegan foods in fridges in bodegas.

A company in Belgium created the FagronLab™ UVGI-80 Air-Sterilizer. It does a full cleanse of contaminated environments, via the elimination of virus and bacteria spread in the air through aerosols. And trust in how you clean the surroundings is very important according to this online survey: ‘Dining Habits 2020’ by Lightspeed.

KFC has unveiled its Next Generation Prototype restaurant that puts digital and contactless experiences front and center and we spotted the cutest ‘Charcuterie Chalets’ on Instagram. Might be inspiration for your Christmas dinner!

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Eataly will open a location in London Spring 2021

Funded in Italy, the chain has swept the U.S. with stores in New York, LA and Chicago, while also expanding worldwide with halls in Moscow, Tokyo, and Munich. Eataly London has been in the works for almost three years, and despite the pandemic, is slowly inching closer to completion. There will be 3 restaurants at this location – a pizza, pasta counter and a more upmarket dining spot called Terra (the latest will open a little later Summer 2021. The location with some 42,000 square feet will be situated on Broadgate, near Liverpool Street station. More at Secret London, link in the title.

BEE APPROVED | A 100% vegan, gluten-free & organic alternative to honey

A UK company has launched a product, BEE APPROVED, which is a sweetener that looks and tastes like honey but most importantly no bees are harmed in its production. This vegan-friendly honey alternative is made from organic brown rice. It contains no artificial colours or flavours, gluten or preservatives and claims to taste like bee honey. Honey alternatives can benefit from the popularity of plant-based eating and the migration of health-minded and environmentally conscious consumers towards vegan products.

BEE APPROVED is suitable for vegans, environmentally friendly people, animal lovers, and those who are conscious of their common sugar intake. BEE APPROVED is also a winner in the Food Innovation category at the Future Food Awards 2019!

Pickup Pod by Minnow  | A contact-free food delivery and pickup solution

Minnow, an IoT startup that has developed a contact‑free food delivery and pickup solution (called the Minnow Pickup Pod™). Minnow created this food delivery and pickup pods from two sectors: food service and commercial real estate. For food service operators like restaurants, cafeterias, food halls, and ghost kitchens, Minnow Pickup Pods offer a safer and more secure order pickup experience for both customers and food delivery workers. For commercial real estate companies that operate office and multi-family residential buildings, Minnow provides a contact-free food delivery amenity that can help them manage a growing volume of food deliveries while keeping their tenants safer. Check out how it works in the video below (text continues below the video).

Eat Plantega | Vegan foods in fridges in bodegas in NYC

Launched this fall Eat Plantega, they install fridges full of vegan food in bodegas in New York. They want to ensure that products by leading plant-based brands are both affordable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their zip code. At each fridge buyers can choose between 30 different plant-based items from companies like Eat Just, nutpods, Follow Your Heart, Good Catch and Miyoko’s Creamery, and they’re currently installed at three bodegas in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Two of the stores also stock vegan cheese and cold cuts in their deli counters to offer customers freshly-made sandwiches. Do you want to read more? Check out the article at Trendwatching, link in the title.

FagronLab™ UVGI-80 Air-Sterilizer | Protect the air you breathe

A product from Belgium! The UVGI-80 was designed to perform a full cleanse of contaminated environments, via the elimination of virus and bacteria spread in the air through small particles called aerosols. The increased spread of lung and respiratory viruses, as well as bacteria, increases the risk of infections in our (work) environment. The UVGI-80 was designed to perform a full cleanse of contaminated environments, via the elimination of virus and bacteria spread in the air through small particles called aerosols. The UVGI-80 is suitable for dynamic disinfection of air in hospitals, pharmacies, (medical) examination rooms, waiting rooms, restaurants and hotels, class rooms, offices, etc. One sterilizer will cost More at the website of FagronLab, link in the title.

Check out their video below, text will continue below the video:

KFC Next Gen prototype restaurant steps-up digital, contactless experiences

KFC has unveiled its Next Generation Prototype restaurant that puts digital and contactless experiences front and center. Although more than 60% of the chain’s units have a previously updated design called the ‘American Showman’, which began leaning into the digital customer, the pandemic revealed to KFC that it needed to take it a step further. For instance, KFC U.S. drive-thru sales grew 60% in Q3 2020 compared to a year ago and recently hit a delivery milestone with 80% of KFC’s in the U.S. delivering through multiple delivery aggregator partners. With the increase in online ordering, delivery and drive-thru, the new design seeks to take the stress out of the ordering process for both KFC restaurant employees and customers. Check out at the QSR website how they plan to do just that, link in the title.

Online survey ‘Dining Habits 2020’ by Lightspeed | How Corona changes the dining out behaviour

Only a few people in Germany are afraid of getting infected in a restaurant. Nevertheless, since the beginning of the pandemic, many have not gone out to eat. These are two results of a recent online survey in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium for Lightspeed, a provider for omnichannel commerce solutions. In Germany about 1,000 people were interviewed at the end of October. In Germany, only one in seven people are afraid of getting corona in a restaurant, and in Belgium, only one in ten. The fear of infection is greatest in the Netherlands: 18 percent of respondents here fear it. Many more details at the article at Food Service Deutschland, link in the title.

No gingerbread house but a savory ‘Charcuterie Chalet’ this Christmas?

You just have to check the image at the website of Taste of Home (link in the title) to check whether a Charcuterie Chalet will be part of your Christmas celebration. Although it looks amazing, the only way we see it as substitute for a gingerbread house is, as entrée for a big family dinner or to snack with a beer, glass of wine or a cocktail. Very popular though on Instagram!

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