Playground CS is a pop-up beach opposite to Amsterdam Central Station


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  • (c) Bete van Meeuwen

A pop-up beach for young families with children opens opposite to Amsterdam Central Station on 15 July. For six weeks, the former construction site of the North / South metro line will be a pleasant and safe place to play.

Playground CS

The pop-up beach is named ‘Playground CS’ and will be located at the Prins Hendrikkade. The beach will be ​​over 1500 square meters and approximately 250m3 sand is shipped to the spot from the former World Cup beach volleyball court at the Dam square.


Playground CS is an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs and is supported by the municipality of Amsterdam. The project is part of the ‘City in Balace’ program, which experiments to find a healthy balance between the growth of Amsterdam and the city life in clever ways. The project is conducted in collaboration with Tosti Creative and Amsterdam Verbindt.


Creative and sporty activities will take place on the beach every day for six weeks starting from 15 July onwards. Children can join activities like jeu des boules, a sand castle contest, child yoga, painting courses or an outdoor movie night. Although the initiative is mainly focused on children, it should be a nice place for parents and local residents as well. Adults can participate in tai chi or yoga classes in the morning, or start their day with a coffee and a newspaper in the sun. Cold drinks and snacks are for sale in a shipping container on the premises. More information about the project and its programming will be available on the Playground CS website.

Co-founder Joost Aartsen (Tosti Creative): “We hope to see five hundred happy faces daily at this exceptional location. It’s great that the municipality supports this initiative and wants to realize the project with ambitious entrepreneurs. The goal of this project is to form an Amsterdam collective to get the city in motion together. Anyone with good ideas is welcome to contribute.”


Inspiring: a pop-up-traffic jam-concert


Those people who were stuck in the traffic jam on the 30th of June at the A1 (highway), did pick a great moment to get stuck! A new classic festival, Wonderfeel, organized the first pop-up-traffic jam-concert in this traffic jam .

When the traffic jam occured, the side of a 16.5 meter platform truck opened. The New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet supplemented with sousaphone and percussion began to play under the direction of a conductor and entertained hundreds of motorists.

Initiator Georges Mutsaerts: “We wanted the audience to enjoy classical music in a fun way in a place where you would least expect it. Motorists also reacted with disbelief to the totally unexpected performance. In order not to hinder the traffic the performance lasted no longer than 10 minutes. But in late July, Wonderfeel will return in collaboration with ‘Natuurmonumenten’ with 200 musicians and 100 concerts in nature area ‘s-Graveland for the ultimate relaxation this summer.”

Wonderfeel will take place in ‘s-Graveland in the nature area Schaep and Burgh at 24, 25 and 26 July.

Pop-up- traffic jam-concert as inspiration

It doesn’t seem conductive to road safety to organize a pop-up restaurant in the traffic jam. But we have spotted Twitter and Facebook messages from restaurants offering menu’s to those who stranded in a nearby traffic jam. We love to mention original ways to respond to a nearby traffic jam on

Start pilot foodtrucks in Amsterdam



On 29 June, a pilot with foodtrucks starts at 24 locations in Amsterdam. At these locations fifty food-entrepreneurs and their foodtrucks will rotate every half-day.

Foodtrucks in Amsterdam provide ‘Tasty streetfood’

This Monday 29 June the foodtruck pilot ‘Tasty Streetfood’ kicks-off in Amsterdam. At 24 locations in Amsterdam around fifty innovative food-entrepreneurs will sell their food on the streets. The entrepreneurs will change location every several hours taking shifts on the various locations. The city of Amsterdam is the first municipality in the Netherlands that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to provide street food from foodtrucks at various spots in the city, besides the well-known food truck festivals of course.

Selected from 150 entries

Those interested could apply until 12 March and in total the municipality received more than 150 entries. The initiatives were valued based on a points system that valued food (whether organic, locally produced, innovative), innovativeness of the concept and sustainability.

Locations and Streetfood app

Because the food trucks change location between the various designated spots every few hours, a wide range of street food offerings will be available on every location. When drawing up the rotation schedule, the municipality will take the requests from the owners into account as much as possible. Check the locations on this image or Want to know where your favorite foodtruck is located at the moment? Download the Streetfood app via ‘Reizende Sterren’ (Travelling Stars)

Allergens Legislation: you can make it easier on yourself


Look for vendors who sell allergen free products! It can make your life a lot easier.

Do you already have an allergy information menu? Is it part of your food safety plan? Late last year we were busy with the new legislation but it’s no news anymore. A lot of restaurants have an indication on the menu that an allergy information menu is available, but there are also restaurants without any information. And of course you also have restaurants who think they can get away with mentioning the possible allergies you could have.

VA Foods, allergen free products

Meanwhile, there are several producers entering the market who have taken the allergens as a guideline for their products. Like for example the Valuas croquette developed by Master Chef Eric Swaghoven from restaurant Valuas (*). Recently we came across the products of VA Foods (in the Netherlands) they sell a line of snacks for those with allergies. They use high-quality fresh and pure ingredients as much as possible and try to avoid flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants.

The couldn’t make the law easier but you can make it easier on yourself

If you find it difficult to make meals without the allergens, start looking for producers who have already done a lot of work for you. For example, VA Foods sells products such as croquettes, hot dog, puff pastry, ragout and bread. Their products all meet the internationally recognized VITAL-2 standard. So the products are gluten free, lactose free, peanut free, nut free and free from other common allergens. By finding this kind of suppliers, you can make it easier on yourself …

Maastricht pampers guests


  • credits Jean Pierre Geusens
  • credits Jean Pierre Geusens
  • credits Jean Pierre Geusens
  • credits Jean Pierre Geusens
  • credits Jean Pierre Geusens

Several visitors of Maastricht were, totally unexpected, pampered last weekend.

Welcoming Maastricht

Last weekend some lucky visitors of Maastricht were unexpectedly surprised by two waiters. They placed a bistro set on various places in the bustling city and invited some visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee with the famous pie from this region and a musical performance. Watch the video impression here.

What you want?

With the “What you want?” campaign the city demonstrates that a visit or experience of the city doesn’t only depends on the hospitable services in hotels, restaurants and retail. The atmosphere and what you can experience are also very important. From arrival to departure, from cultural visitor to shopping lover, the city has to leave a lasting impression to everyone from young to old.

You don’t visit Maastricht, you experience Maastricht

John Aarts, alderman of economy from the city: “Maastricht has no clichés. Boring is a word that doesn’t exist here. Around every corner awaits a new impression, behind every façade a surprise. Although the city is small, it’s unique character is made by the atmosphere displayed throughout the city. You don’t visit Maastricht, you experience Maastricht.”

Daalder mobile payment app


  • Daalder mobiel betalen
  • Daalder mobiel betalen
  • Daalder mobiel betalen

The Dutch company Daalder launched its mobile payment Daalder app last week, an independent e-wallet for mobile payments in the Netherlands.

About Daalder

Daalder is an Amsterdam based start-up founded by entrepreneurs Renz Millenaar, Reinhard Spronk and Romke de Vries. Thomas de With, former director of the Global Transaction Bank at Deutsche Bank in the Netherlands is member of the Daalder Advisory Board. Business that are connected through Daalder receive payments via the ‘Daalder Webkassa’ (freely translated as ‘Daalder webbased cash register) which makes payments immediately visible. In addition, it is possible to send live updates and special offers to Daalder users.

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Bruges gets an underground beer pipeline!


To get the big beer trucks off the road, Bruges comes up with a new way to transport beer: an underground beer pipeline. Brewery ‘De Halve Maan’, brewer of the beers ‘de Brugse Zot’ and ‘Straffe Hendrik’ has gotten permission of the city council to build a miles long beer pipeline between the brewery and the city center of Bruges.

Beer pipeline

The pipeline is 3 kilometers long and is capable of carrying 6.000 liters per hour. The beer pipeline takes around 500 trucks off the road. With the pipeline it only takes 15-20 minutes to get the beer from the brewery in the city center. Some people are afraid for illegal tapping but the brewers are confident that the beer will be safe.

Food waste recycling Seattle


  • Image Space & Recycle34 & Dollar18 by Freepik via flaticon_com (Creative Commons 3)Images by Freepik via flaticon_com

In Seattle it is no longer allowed to throw food and food waste in the bin from 1 January onwards. Enforcement of the new rule will start from July, which implicates that each standard family bin that contains more than 10% recyclable and / or food waste will receive a $ 1,- fine on the next waste bill. Multi-family property owners with too much food waste in trash will get a $ 50, – fine after two warnings.

Recycling for companies

This system of warnings and fines applies to all companies. Before, there were only food recycling rules for catering establishments. Bins in (public) eateries used by consumers are excluded if there are sufficient alternatives to recycle food waste.

Waste target of Seattle

Seattle has set a target to recycle 60 percent of waste in 2015 and is putting effort in achieving this. In 2013 they achieved a recycling percentage of 56%, the city dumps 100,000 tons of food waste in landfills annually. With this new law, Seattle want to divert 38.000 tons of food waste from landfills into composting.

Young Flemish chefs party at Café d’Anvers


A party by chefs for chefs & foodies to close off the young chef campaign by Flanders Promotion.

Young Flemish Chefs

Another edition of ‘Jong Keukengeweld’ (freely translated as ‘Young Kitchen Violence’) with young Flemish chefs took place in Flanders this year. This Saturday 15 November the promotion will finish and the chefs change their pots and pans for decks on Sunday to celebrate the end of the successful campaign. Nick Bril (The Jane) will be one of the Dj’s in Café D’Anvers, a club that will be transformed into a culinairy Walhalla for this occasion. The cocktails are made by the mixologists of The Jane, The Pharmacy and Jigger’s and there is a wide variety of craft beers. Next to that you can taste creations by (BE), De Kromme Watergang (NL), Cuchara (BE), Fleur de Sel (BE), Kazen van Tricht and much more.

Flanders Promotion

More than 7.000 youngsters from 18 to 30 years old enjoined the culinairy promotional campaign by Flanders Tourism. They could dine with discount at top restaurants where young talented chefs are part of the kitchen team. Next to the domestic promotion of Flanders Tourism, they aim for the international market as well. Chefs Dennis Broeckx and Seppe Nobels, both from Antwerp, went to Moscow to kick-off the international campaign.

The event reminds of the chefs-for-chefs lobster party at Bridges earlier this year, where chef Ron Blaauw transformed into DJ Ron Blaauw.

Map allergens via Ingredient Information Netherlands


  • Ingrediënten Informatie Nederland

Within exactly one month, every food provider in Europe is obliged to be able to tell his customers or guests which allergens are processed into a dish or product. It’s a complicated matter and time consuming to have to determine this yourself. Ingredient Information Netherlands supports.

The solution

Ingredients Information Netherlands (IIN) connects the allergens, but also the nutritional values and the E-numbers, to the products you use. Based on this information they give an insight in which allergens, nutritional values and E-numbers that are processed in your dishes. IIN provides you with the solution for the provision of allergen information within your organization; it does this for large or small restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

This is how IIN works

The philosophy behind the IIN software; ‘being transparent in a simple way about all the allergens in food’. The software design is based on your menus, recipes and the products involved and thus provides a custom made ingredients-information package. In addition to allergens you can also gain direct insight into the nutritional values (required by law in 2016) and the E-numbers. In short IIN makes the link between the information provided by your suppliers’ raw material specifications and your own recipes in one database. Through your own ‘My IIN’ you have a quick insight in which allergens the products contain in both your dish and menu. You can print the results and process in a separate allergen menu, display the information on a tablet or smartphone, or even mail it to your guests.

100% custom made

So no sheets of paper, but a web based solution. That means you have access to the information via a PC, tablet or smartphone. The system saves time, you meet the legal requirements, you can receive guests who suffer from food allergies and you create added value for nutrition-conscious guests. Check out the website of IIN, it’s possible to experience the capabilities of Ingredients Information Netherlands in a demo environment.

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