Flexotels | Mobile ‘corona proof’ booth to visit grandparents safely


  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels
  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels
  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels

Yesterday, my sister and I brought laundry, literature and treats for Easter to my mother who lives in a care home. A cheerfully waving mother behind the window of her room, but also a lot of misunderstanding about why we do not come in. Flexotels in the Netherlands, which normally rent out mobile sleeping units for large events, have changed a number of these units as a mobile ‘corona proof’ booth. A good example of positive ‘thinking different’! In Asten (in the south of the Netherlands, the Hof of Bluyssen was the first to purchase such a container. ^Marjolein

Flexotels BC (before Corona virus)

Normally, Flexotels rents out their foldable and portable accommodations, designed to provide a comfortable stay for festival visitors in particular. The Flexotels and Comfotels can be set up quickly and easily and can even be rented in your own house style. Time and costs are saved because 20 units can be used in one transport. Perfect for when things need to be arranged quickly!

The mobile ’corona proof’ booth of Flexotels

Since the moment the coronavirus hit our country more and more festivals are cancelled. Like for most companies in the hospitality industry, it was a challenge for Flexotels to find a source of income. A big challenge that they have taken, resulting in a mobile ’corona proof’ booth for care homes! Marketing manager Jeroen van Vliet about the visiting booth: ‘’We have converted a container into a visiting space. This gives people the opportunity to visit grandpa or grandma’’, says Van Vliet. “In the middle is a wall made from plexiglass. Both sides have a door, so it complies with all measures that currently apply.’’ The units are also very cozy. The units can also be used by, for example, the police as an interrogation room and of course also as a shelter for the homeless. The first unit of this season has been brought to Amailiazorg in Asten. A care home for 42 people with dementia and twenty people who live in a care home area.

Check out how the units from Flexotels are used:


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