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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about a nicotine-like ‘meat patch’ and the Fondue Pizza by Pizza Pilgrims and The Cheese Bar.

An international project upcycles shellfish to tackle plastic pollution and Café Jack and Beyond in London serves ‘bottomless Cake and Prosecco’. And a new water-saving defrosting system, called Boss Defrost, offers a more sustainable solution.

And an article on how the Coronavirus is hitting the business of American Chinese Restaurants and some inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2021!

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Vegetarian food company develops nicotine-like ‘meat patch’ to help curb cravings

Strong Roots, an Irish vegetarian frozen food brand, has teamed up with an Oxford professor to develop an adhesive patch — similar in appearance to a nicotine patch — that can allegedly help to curb cravings for bacon. However, unlike a nicotine patch, which releases nicotine via transdermal means, the Strong Roots “meat patch” simply releases the odor of bacon after being scratched by the wearer.

Pizza Pilgrims | Cheese Bar fondue pizza

Neapolitan pizzeria group Pizza Pilgrims has teamed up with The Cheese Bar, London-based champions of British cheese, to create the ultimate ripping and dipping foodie delight. The fondue is made by melting together sweet, nutty Cornish Gouda with earthy Cotswold hard cheese. Joining forces with soft Italian mozzarella, which has been melted in the oven alongside a splash of white wine and a little garlic and the perfectly elastic dough of a Pizza Pilgrims’ base, the fondue-pizza was born. Topped with prosciutto, a balsamic pickled onion and cornichons! Tear the faultless pizza dough to pieces and use it to scoop up spoonful’s of the molten-gold fondue.

Turning food waste into plastic-fee packaging | International project upcycles shellfish to tackle plastic pollution

An international collaboration project, the Celtic Crustacean Collaboration, is working to develop a new plastic-free food packaging material from food waste. The research is being led by CuanTec Limited in partnership with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS), Irelands’s Versatile Packaging and Northern Irish firm Kilkeel Seafoods.

Back in 2011 we spotted biodegradable golf balls made from lobster shells! Specially designed for playing golf at cruiseships. The University of Maine, in conjunction with The Lobster Institute, UMaine Biological and Chemical Engineering Professor David Neivandt and undergraduate student Alex Caddell of Winterport, Maine, did develop this golf ball. More in this article!

Café Jack and Beyond in London |Serves bottomless Cake and Prosecco

This West London neighbourhood café is offering people the chance to eat as much cake as they possibly can and slurp endless glasses of fizz for a whole hour and a half! After all the bottomless brunches we spotted in New York, London etc. this is a new one!

Boss Defrost

A new water-saving defrosting system, called Boss Defrost, offers a more sustainable solution. Running cold water from the tap for hours to defrost frozen foods is standard practice in restaurant kitchens all over the country, thanks to food safety rules created by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and enforced by local health departments. The concept of Boss Defrost is simple: when plugged into a power outlet and placed in a container or a sink full of water, the device recirculates the water over sealed foods. It uses approximately ten gallons of water at a time, a huge improvement from the current method.

The effect of the Coronavirus on American Chinese Restaurants

An article at Eater on how the Coronavirus is hitting the business of American Chinese Restaurants. The Times reports that NYC’s three main Chinatowns — in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn — have seen business drop from 50 to 70 percent in the last two weeks. Steve Ip, owner of Yin Ji Chang Fen, told the Times that he’s been expecting crowds of international students visiting New York-based family during the Lunar New Year: They haven’t materialized, and business at Yin Ji Chang Fen is down by half. Until the 10th of February there where reported 12 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the USA. Interesting read on the impact of the virus on the Chinese Restaurants.

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2021 | At Yard Sale Pizza you could order an Apology Pizza

At Yard Sale Pizza you could order an ‘Apology Pizza’ if you did forget Valentine’s Day! Or didn’t buy the right present! The team at Yard Sale did deliver heart-shaped apology pizzas to rebuild broken bridges on February 15. Chopstix in London helped send boxes of ‘Noodz’ to your crush last Valentine’s Day.

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