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We are writing this article a few hours before our Prime Minister Rutte’s press conference in which we all hope to hear that there will be a little bit more freedom for everybody in the Netherlands. It’s already clear that no major changes are to be expected, but it would be very positive if milestones were indicated to work towards. One of the items for this will nevertheless revolve around redefining our personal space, the rule that is very difficult to put in place for smaller restaurants. In addition to the missing space, they won’t make enough turnover. For companies where the 6 feet distance can be met, it is also important to continue to deliver in addition to the missing turnover. We think that lots of guests will still order online, they love to eat out but are still afraid for contamination.

With links this week to articles about Starbucks who’s investing 10 million USD in aid for partners worldwide, and about a DIY ShackBurger Kit by Shake Shack.

Mask to Go, is an initiative in Hong Kong where about 35 vending machines are installed from which one can draw medical-grade face masks for free! And Disneyland also tries to keep in touch with their (potential) guests, among other things by sharing recipes via social media.

And an article about a door handle that kills 99.8% of all germs! In California wineries across the state created almost 80 virtual experiences, go to the Wine Institute’s website at Discover California Wines.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Free face-mask vending machines to be installed across Hong Kong

Spotted: a new initiative launched by business tycoon, Adrian Cheng, will provide residents of Hong Kong with millions of free medical-grade face masks. Naming the project “Mask to Go”, its aim is to provide masks to the most vulnerable in the community. Cheng has enlisted the help of eight NGOs to distribute the face masks, who will fill and oversee 35 vending machines that will be installed across the eighteen Hong Kong districts.

Starbucks commits $10M USD in COVID-19 relief for partners around the world

Starbucks announced a commitment of $10 million (USD) to establish the Starbucks Global Partner Emergency Relief Program, part of its ongoing efforts to support partners (employees) around the world impacted by COVID-19. The commitment marks the first time both company-operated and international licensed market store partners across Starbucks may access hardship grants. These one-time, direct relief grants will be made available to partners facing extreme hardship as a result of COVID-19 and help ensure that partners around the world have access to emergency support during this difficult time.

Disneyland released their Magical Churro Recipe

While the parks themselves are currently closed, Disney Parks Blog has released their famous churro recipe so fans can properly capture that magic from home. The problems for the many amusement parks are of course also incalculable and so they also do everything to keep in touch with their (potential) guests. Recipe in the link in the title.

Door handle that uses UV light and reflective material to kill germs

We’re all very careful with touching surfaces, so this self-sanitizing door handle is a great improvement! The handle consists of a glass tube that’s accented by aluminum caps at the top and bottom that hide UV light technology. The portion of the handle that users come into contact with is covered in a powdered photocatalytic coating that’s sourced from titanium dioxide. Once the light is activated, the handle is capable of destroying 99.8% of the bacteria and germs that could be lingering on the surface, while the kinetic design draws energy from the door’s motion to eliminate the need for an additional power source. The self-sanitizing door handle was one of the winning entries for the James Dyson Awards 2019. More at the link to the website of Yanko Design in the title.

California wineries bring virtual wine experiences to consumers

With winery tasting rooms temporarily closed due to California’s statewide shelter-in-place order, wine lovers are increasingly looking for new ways to connect with their favorite vintners without leaving home. Golden State winemakers have responded in a variety of fun, creative ways to bring California wine country to consumers across the country. Along with putting innovative and educational twists on “virtual tastings,” many are now offering virtual vineyard and winery tours, video cooking demonstrations, yoga sessions followed by a toast, digital happy hours with winemakers and more.

To see all the nearly 80 virtual experiences from California wineries across the state, go to Wine Institute’s website at Discover California Wines.

Make your own Shake Shack Burger with DIY ShackBurger Kit

Shake Shack is offering do-it-yourself kits to make its popular burgers from home. Each ShackBurger pack comes with components for eight burgers, including eight Angus beef patties, potato rolls and slices of American cheese, along with four ounces of ShackSauce. Produce-based ingredients, such as tomatoes and lettuce, as well as ‘extra toppings’ like pickles, onions and bacon are not included in the kit. Items are prepared fresh and shipped from the restaurant chain’s shop.

Great idea and it reminded us of the Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter.

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