NONA June | Gin-Tonic without hangover


  • NONA June, non-alcoholische drankje
  • NONA June, non-alcoholische drankje
  • NONA June, non-alcoholische drankje
  • French N°9 cocktail met de non-alcoholische NONA June
  • NONA Collins cocktail met de non-alcoholische NONA June
  • NONA tonic met de non-alcoholische NONA June

Gin & Tonic: It is arguably the most popular drink of the last couple of years. Just a pity that the alcohol percentage is so high that the next day you need a lot of aspirin, a fleece blanket, a sofa and about ten hours of Netflix to overcome the hangover. There are plenty of non-alcoholic spirits for sale, but none really taste like pure gin, according to the makers of NONA June. “That could be differently,’’ thought the Charlotte a bio-engineer from Ghent (Belgium), and she created NONA June, which is an alcohol-free gin that cannot be distinguished from the real gin. The Kicker? Charlotte only allowed herself to launch NONA June after the approval and support of renowned sommeliers and chefs.

NONA June | Privileged with an unique taste

‘’Non-drinkers are often labeled as boring and feel pressured to have a drink after all. With NONA drinks we want to give everyone the choice to drink differently, but in style. NONA believes that no compromises should be made in taste, quality and experience if you don’t want to drink; NO ALCOHOL, NO COMPROMISES. NONA June is a complex yet balanced alcohol-free spirit inspired by gin.’’

The name NONA actually stands for two things: Nonalcoholic, but above all also for the number 9 (Nona in Latin). This number refers to the nine botanicals used in the gin. June refers to juniper, the ingredient that gives gin its unique taste. This is exactly why NONA June can call itself an alcohol-free gin: the rich and intense taste is preserved because the ingredients that match the original so well. No compromises are made: certainly not in terms of taste, quality and experience.

NONA is not a drink: NONA is a moment

Nona is not a regular drink, but an experience or a great moment. The intense taste symbolizes the intense experience of an intimate moment: NONA is a perfect drink to enjoy in peace with a partner, but also during dinner or in the club, when you do not want to come across as a boring human, but would like to be in the moment with your friends. It is a moment when you can recharge. Based on this experience, NONA is available in more than nine countries, including renowned Michelin (star) restaurants and cocktail bars. The Netherlands is now joining the ranks.

About NONA

Young, Ghent, Graduated as a bio-engineer and a huge passion for herbs and nature. Charlotte Matthys, 26, developed her own Non-alcoholic variant for gin. She transformed her living room into an improvised laboratory, where she distilled herbs and thus developed the very first Belgian alcohol-free spirit. She was assisted by renowned chefs and sommeliers to shape the taste palette. NONA June is available in a 70cl bottle and in a smaller size of 20cl. You can find more information and all sales outlets on their website.

3 mocktails with NONA June

Signature cocktail NONA & Tonic:

Ingredients: 5cl NONA June; 10cl Indian tonic; Orange zest; Basil and ice cubes.

Preparation: Fill a glass with ice cubes. Add 5cl NONA June, followed by 10cl Indian tonic and stir gently. Finish the cocktail with the basil and orange zest as a garnish.

NONA Collins:

Ingredients: 5 cl NONA June; 3 cl Lemon juice; 2 cl Sugar syrup; Soda; Lemon zest or a slice of lemon and possibly a sprig of thyme.

Preparation: Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add NONA June, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Top with soda and stir gently. Garnish: lemon zest or lemon slice. Optional garnish: thyme sprig.

French N ° 9:

Ingredients: 3 cl NONA June; 2 cl Verjuice; 1 cl sugar syrup; 3 cl of sparkling water; Sage leaves.

Preparation: Pour the NONA June, Verjus and sugar syrup in a glass. Stir this for a minute. Then add the sparkling water and garnish with the sage leaves.

Website: NONA Drinks

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