Stadshaven Brouwerij in Rotterdam launches the world’s first beer cocktail tap


  • De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij. De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij.
  • De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij.De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij.
  • De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij.De eerste biercocktailtap ter wereld bij de Stadshaven Brouwerij.

A fresh beer cocktail, tapped à la minute and quickly on the table. As of now beer and cocktail lovers can go to the Stadshaven  Brouwerij (Brewery) in Rotterdam for this. Last weekend the world’s first beer cocktail tap was launched here. The idea came from Andrea Possa, shareholder of the brewery and former world champion in cocktail shaking. This experienced bartender – with more than 10 years of brewery experience – wanted to build a bridge between the cocktail and beer worlds.

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World premiere for the beer cocktail tap

Consisting of two tap columns, the tap machine mixes beer with the ingredients of a cocktail. Andrea Possa is full of praise about this world premiere: “After almost a year of development we finally have the world’s first beer cocktail tap in use. We are very proud of this innovation within the hospitality industry. Also for our guests this will be an enormous asset. Beer cocktails are immensely popular. Thanks to the development of the beer cocktail tap we can serve everyone a qualitative and tasteful beer cocktail at any time. An enormous enrichment for the beer and cocktail industry.”

One of a kind beer cocktail tap

Per tap column, one type of beer can be combined with three different cocktail options. The tap combines the drinks in measured proportions, which are adjusted by electronically controlling the flow rate. The result? With two tap columns no less than six different cocktails with two beers mixed together. The development of the beer cocktail tap was not without its challenges: on one hand it is important that the different ingredients of a beer cocktail are combined at the last moment. After all, the cocktail has to be fresh. On the other hand the challenge lays in the ability to mix different types of beer cocktails from one tap. To meet these requirements, Andrea developed a tap in collaboration with Van Duijnen Horeca Service. The result is a one of a kind beer cocktail tap. “The idea for the beer cocktail tap originated when I was standing in a busy bar and wanted to order a beer cocktail. However, the barman had to refuse with regret; the beer cocktails were very laborious and it took him too much time to make one for me. With all these technological developments in the catering industry, there had to be a solution, I thought. But without losing the human touch. And that is exactly what we have realized with our beer cocktail tap. A barman can tap the beer cocktail up to 80% and then add a personal touch for the remaining 20%. Fast, efficient and qualitative”, says  Andrea Possa.

The beer cocktails from Stadshaven Brouwerij

Beer cocktails are not a new trend: already in 1861 the first beer cocktail was mixed by a creative bartender, who added a dash of champagne to a stout. Next to that Radler is still unprecedentedly popular and in Germany Snow-white is a must. Thanks to the beer cocktail tap the beer cocktail trend is lifted to a new level: at Stadshaven Brouwerij guests can now enjoy a freshly tapped Florist: a fresh and flowery cocktail, made of the home-brewed Great White (white beer with orange and grapefruit), KETEL 1 Vodka, Italicus bergamot liqueur and elderflower liqueur. Prefer something sweeter? Then choose the Fruit de Merwe – a sweet and fruity cocktail made with Stadshaven American Amber Ale, Tanqueray Black Currant gin, Maraschino liqueur and pineapple juice. The beers of the Stadshaven Brouwerij lend themselves perfectly to a beer cocktail, thanks to their surprising fruity tones. These fruit tones play a significant role in the flavor profile of the beers. The home-brewed beers are in fact inspired by the location of the Stadshaven Brouwerij: a 100 year old (fully restored) fruit shed in the former Rotterdam Fruit Port.

Stadshaven Brouwerij | A location packed with innovation

The Stadshaven Brouwerij is a new, daring craft beer brewery of a size that only a few breweries in the Netherlands can match: 2 million liters of beer are brewed and bottled, canned or kegged every year. This makes the Stadshaven Brewery the second largest craft beer brewery in the Netherlands. The brewery is located in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H), which together with the Rotterdam Dry Dock Company (RDM) forms the Rotterdam Makers District. This area is known as the innovation hub of Rotterdam, of which the Stadshaven Brewery plays an important part. Innovation and technology run through the brewers’ veins and kettles, with the development of the innovative beer cocktail tap fitting perfectly into the Makers District. The Stadshaven Brewery is also continuously looking for new ways to contribute to livability, circularity, sustainability and the social dynamics of the area. Examples are heat recovery in the brewing process, reuse of waste water, solar panels, use of batteries of discarded scooters and the supply of brewer’s grain (residual product of the brewing process) for cows of the nearby floating farm.

Recently the Stadshaven Brouwerij opened a terrace at the Merwehaven in Rotterdam. 

Website: Stadshaven Brouwerij

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