Stadshaven Brewery opens new terrace in the Rotterdam Merwehaven


  • Nieuw terras voor de Stadshaven BrouwerijNieuw terras voor de Stadshaven Brouwerij
  • Nieuw terras voor de Stadshaven BrouwerijNieuw terras voor de Stadshaven Brouwerij
  • Nieuw terras voor de Stadshaven BrouwerijNieuw terras voor de Stadshaven Brouwerij
  • Nieuw terras voor de Stadshaven BrouwerijNieuw terras voor de Stadshaven Brouwerij

Do you want to enjoy a freshly tapped and ice-cold (special) beer on the largest terrace in Rotterdam’s Merwehaven? Starting May 6, you can do so on the new terrace of Stadshaven Brouwerij. The terrace of these ‘fearless brewers’ was carefully designed and built and is now completely ready to receive guests. On May 6, the official opening of this brand new terrace will take place, with various acts and entertainment. For example, the HW Party crew (Hermes House Band of 2019) will perform, and DJ Bootsy Paul will provide guests with the tastiest funk, disco and soul with his ‘moving sound machine’.

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The new hotspot in the Rotterdam Merwehaven

Director Harm van Deuren talks about this new addition to Rotterdam: “It was time to give the terrace the same allure as the brewery and the gastropub. The location on the quay is perfect for this: it is an astonishingly large space, and the view over the water is amazing! The sunsets we see from our terrace are spectacular. Together we rolled up our sleeves and worked very hard to make this terrace the new hotspot on the Rotterdam Maas. Now our guests can enjoy this beautiful outdoor space.” Stadshaven Brewery’s terrace is located at the Merwehaven, in Rotterdam’s famous Makers District. The activity in the harbor ensures that there is always something to see from the terrace. Pilot boats are constantly coming and going and the water cab stops right in front of the door. With an ideal south-facing location, guests are provided with sunshine all day long. The terrace covers a whopping 750 square meters and has room for 300 guests. The large, central outdoor bar provides guests with in-house brewed (special) beers. There is an extensive menu for every taste, whether you come for lunch, a quick bite or to dine long, eat vegan or go for a steak from the charcoal grill. On the terrace you can also meet with friends and learn to play the American cornhole game, a kind of bocce without sand.

Entertainment, music and (special) beer

The afternoon and evening program of the terrace opening of Stadshaven Brewery on May 6; between 4 and 5 p.m., guests will be welcomed with a (special) beer on the house and DJ Bootsy Paul will play the best funk, disco and soul during the first three hours. Of course with his famous ‘moving sound machine’. DJ Bootsy Paul is known as the house DJ of Feyenoord, but also of the ‘Wednesday Night Skate’ and even played as a support act for Prince. During the evening various other DJs and street performers will perform exciting acts. The closing act of the evening is the HW Party Crew: The Hermes House Band of 2019.

Stadshaven Brewery

The Stadshaven Brewery is a new, bold craft beer brewery of a size that only a few breweries in the Netherlands can match: 2 million litres of beer are brewed and bottled, canned or kegged each year. This makes the Stadshaven Brewery the second largest craft beer brewery in the Netherlands. Located in the Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H), which is undergoing redevelopment, the Stadshavens Brewery is constantly looking for new ways to contribute to the quality of life, circularity, sustainability and the social dynamics of the area. These include heat recovery in the brewing process, reuse of waste water, solar panels, use of batteries of scooters and the provision of brewage (residual product of the brewing process) for cows of the nearby floating farm. The (special) beers are inspired by the location of the Stadshaven Brewery; the brewery is located in a 100 year old (fully restored) fruit shed in the former Rotterdam Fruit Port.  Besides tours of the brewery, guests can visit the Stadshaven Gastropub, where all in-house brewed (special) beers, beer cocktails and innovative beer and food combinations are served.

Website: Stadshaven Brouwerij

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