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  • Stokerij Lubberhuizen - credits Nilla BerrettyStokerij Lubberhuizen - credits Nilla Berretty
  • Stokerij Lubberhuizen - credits Seijbel PhotographyStokerij Lubberhuizen - credits Seijbel Photography
  • PassimoncelloPassimoncello
  • RummieclubRummieclub
  • Rummieclub - Martijn en JudithRummieclub - Martijn en Judith
  • RummieclubRummieclub
  • The Stillery - Most Floral Gin and Ouwe KopstootjeThe Stillery - Most Floral Gin and Ouwe Kopstootje
  • The Stillery - The labThe Stillery - The lab
  • The Stillery X Moyee Coffee EspressoThe Stillery X Moyee Coffee Espresso
  • Spirited Union DistillerySpirited Union Distillery

In recent years, we have spotted a lot of new artisanal spirits in the Netherlands. We have written about the Jongens van Oud West (the Boys of Oud West) who produce Orancello, orange-based Limoncello, and about Voerman Vieux, whose vieux is served straight up with ice cubes or used in cocktails. And about Pink Willem, the first Dutch rosé vermouth based on rhubarb, raspberry and matching botanicals and about the canned cocktails by Amsterdam-based brand Kever Jenever. We also wrote about the sustainable limited edition Hemelwater jenever by Hooghoudt: the distillery from Groningen succeeded in producing jenever from rainwater in 2021.

Below a list of more artisanal drinks!

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For the websites of the mentioned artisanal spirits, click on the title

The Stillery| The first CO2 neutral distillery in the Netherlands

The Stillery, a distillery in Amsterdam. Where two guys from Amsterdam make original vodka, Genever and gin. They do this with locally harvested organic spelt grain, natural yeasts and cabinets full of spices. All these products are distilled at their location in Amsterdam on the Donauweg, entirely in their own way. The homemade spirits are produced organically, and for every liter produced, one tree is planted. This way, the footprint of CO2 produced during fermentation, production and transport is compensated. In addition to this the distillery runs on green electricity and during production energy is recovered in several ways. This makes The Stillery Amsterdam the first CO2 neutral distillery in the Netherlands! The Stillery currently makes three types of artisanal spirits; ‘The Stillery’s First’, Vodka, ‘The Stillery’s Ouwe’, Genever and ‘The Stillery’s Gin’, Gin. Which one would you like to try?


In Diemen, near Amsterdam, you will find the Rummieclub from Judith de Bie and Martijn Gerrits. Here they not only make good rum but also focus on education about this special spirit. They stand for genuine craftsmanship combined with good vibes. We already get very happy when we see their bottles! They like to explain where rum comes from, how it is made and discuss the different types of rum. Judith and Martijn do everything themselves, fermenting, distilling, maturing and even bottling and labeling everything from their own distillery. They also supply refillable 10-litre jerry cans to bars. This way bars don’t have to throw away the empty bottles all the time, nice and sustainable! Besides their own distillery in Diemen, their store in Oostenburg in Amsterdam will open soon.

Spirited Union Distillery | Rum distillery

In 2017 Ruben Maduro released a botanically infused rum called Union 55 and in 2019 we wrote about his first rum distillery in the Netherlands: Spirited Union Distillery. An independent rum distillery in Amsterdam, a vibrant cocktail bar, refreshing drinks, 27 distillation kettles, and the wonderful smell of fresh botanical ingredients.” You can even become a distiller for a day there! They give workshops and afterwards you get to take your own bottle home.

The place for lucky bastards | Bottle Distillery in Eindhoven

The Bottle Distillery is located in the former Melkontvangst (milk reception) on the Campina site in Eindhoven and distils gin, rum, vodka, beer brandy and liqueurs such as Arancello and Lucky Bastards CoffeeRum liqueur using traditional methods. At ‘Bottle Up’ and ‘The Docks’ you can enjoy a drink and a snack. Bottle Up is located on the first floor of the distillery and is open all year round. Bottle Up is spacious with a large bar and many seats. An attractive, cosy space with a view on their distillery. You can visit their downstairs bar The Docks, which has a terrace. They give tours, tastings and workshops.

Stokerij Lubberhuizen | The Fruit Distillers

Stokerij Lubberhuizen is the first Dutch artisanal distillery of Eau de Vie, located in the Betuwe in a restored house, right next to the characteristic Dikke Toren (Thick Tower) of Varik on the river the Waal. Here, owners Bas and Joost Lubberhuizen distill their Eau de Vie from freshly picked fruit from the Betuwe. Their products are distilled entirely according to traditional methods, manually and sustainably. They regularly won prizes. In addition to the classic Eaux de Vie made from the well-known types of fruit from the Betuwe, Stokerij Lubberhuizen also distils various kinds of ‘forgotten fruits’; lesser-known types of fruit that are difficult to obtain, difficult to pick or cumbersome to process. For example, holly berries, cranberries, quinces, medlars, mulberries and morels. The fruit is usually picked in the wild or from small orchards or private gardens in the Betuwe. The supply is limited and will always vary. Another speciality is the Rijks® Eau de Vie that they made especially for the Rijksmuseum; a mix of cherry, medlar, pear and quince. Other drinks made by the distillery include: Waalbitter, Eau de Bière (a distillate of beer aged in an Oloroso barrel), gin and various types of jenever.

Leidsche Limo | Limoncello from the Dutch city Leiden

Leidsche Limo is a Limoncello made as sustainably as possible. It is made by 3 friends, David Eleveld, Hidde Prenger and Kiefer Herman. They buy their Amalfi lemons (Sfusato Amalfitano) from local farmers in the Amalfi region. These lemons come from a unique volcanic soil and are harvested without machines, pesticides or wax. In addition, the limo is made by hand in Leiden. They also deliver by bike in the city. Besides the limo, they also sell a cocktail package with the Leiden Goeie Mie and hoodies made of organic cotton with the logo of the Leidsche Limo.

Dutch Farm Distillery ‘From crop to glass’ | Kalkwijck distillers

Kalkwijck Distillers is a single estate distillery in Vroomshoop. On the land around the old distillery grains are cultivated that are the basis for their alcohol. By controlling the entire process from grain to bottle, they distil high-quality drinks in an authentic manner, with all the goodness of the countryside. They make gin and, among other things, a Lady Eastmoor Whisky Liqueur, Kalkwijck Almond Liqueur, a coffee liqueur, vanilla liqueur and a honey-ginger liqueur. But they also make gins: Whisper Man’s Gin and Whisper Man’s Aged Gin Muscate and even a whisky: Eastmoor Single Malt Whisky First Batch 2015.

One of the new artisanal spirits | Passimoncello

A different take on the Limoncello liqueur that is well known to everyone; Passimoncello. This artisanal spirits is invented and developed by Simon and Harm, two friends since high school. The drink is inspired by the Italian passion. They made it their mission to create precious moments lived with passion. They created their own variation on the traditional Limoncello by adding a hefty dose of passion (fruit). This makes Passimoncello a combination of Italian passion, tropical taste and Dutch entrepreneurship.

Passimoncello is made of 100% natural ingredients and is unfiltered. Which means that the fibers are still in it, this ensures the best taste and color experience. The drink is served cold and can be used in many ways. We think it is very tasty!

Nobeltje liqueur by Nobels Drinks

Nobeltje is a drink with a rich history. Nobeltje was born during the Amelander lockdown of 1902. Due to bad weather, the island became isolated and supplies from the mainland could not be delivered. The Nobel family was forced to get creative with the leftover liquor from their café. Thus the first Nobeltje was born, and it is still the basis of the recipe that is used today.

Nobeltje is a liqueur based on Old Dutch rum, with tones of vanilla. Traditionally it is served with a cup of coffee, in chocolate milk, or with ice cream as an aperitif or digestive. Did you already know about this old Dutch liqueur? Beside this liqueur Nobels Drinks also produces gin, jenever and Crum (Cranberry rum).

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