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The grey cobblestone streets and stately canal houses of Amsterdam; they are far from the sandy beaches, palm trees and ferocious pirates we associate with rum. Nevertheless, it was under the Dutch rain where the Spirited Union Distillery and its Union55 rum were created. In 2015, Ruben Maduro found himself fed up with the sickly sweet and artificial flavors in his beloved (spiced) rums. “I travelled all over the world as a brand ambassador, bartender and trainer. And one thing struck me: The lack of innovation in rum.” One and a half year later, in early 2017, an experiment had evolved into an uncategorized rum. A botanically infused one..

Spirited Union Distillery

At the 14th of March The Spirited Union Distillery opened its doors just outside the city center of Amsterdam and does not just provide a space for flavor innovation or keeping up with production demands. Along with the actual distillery, they launched ‘the Union Experience’ where visitors learn everything about rum and spirits, have tastings, produce their own spirit, or shake things up in a cocktail workshop. All entirely sustainable, as the Spirited Union Distillery runs mainly on solar energy. Besides, the Spirited Union Distillery offers a playground to aspiring distillers. “I started Union 55 experimenting on Friday nights in a small distillery in Amsterdam. I want to give other drink entrepreneurs a chance to develop their spirit and ideas.”

Website: Spirited Union

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