Voerman Vieux | Ingmar Voerman brings the Dutch liquor ‘Vieux’ back to life


  • 't koetsiertje - Voerman Vieux
  • Jos Zonneveld en Ingmar Voerman van Voerman Vieux
  • Een cocktail met Voerman Vieux door Tess Postumus
  • Een cocktail met Voerman Vieux by Tess Postumus
  • Voerman Vieux
  • Voerman Vieux
  • Ingmar Voerman en zijn Voerman Vieux

Yesterday, Thursday 14th of October, Ingmar Voerman and Jos Zonneveld launched their new brand Voerman Vieux in Amsterdam. We had the pleasure of tasting their new product, on the rocks for connoisseurs and delicious in cocktails! In this article we share two recipes. Check out our highlight on Instagram of the real Dutch launch in Amsterdam.

Beverage journalist Ingmar Voerman and co-owner Jos Zonneveld are revitalising the ancient Dutch Vieux with their Voerman Vieux and are introducing this beverage to a whole new generation. They have created an artisanal vieux with a full, round taste.

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Voerman Vieux | Luxurious version of an age-old Dutch drinking tradition

Vieux is an age-old Dutch drinking tradition. It was our mischievous response to the French cognac. When the use of the term cognac was restricted by France in the early 60s, Dutch liquor merchants introduced the name ‘Vieux’, because this term appeared on most cognac labels. This imitation cognac degenerated into a mix of sugar beet alcohol, Vieux aroma and sugar. The drink became very popular because it was priced much lower than its French brother.

A Dutch ‘Koetsiertje ‘or coachman | Craft Vieux

‘Vieux has always fascinated me and it is a big dream of mine to give this drink, with such rich history, a second life’, says co-owner Ingmar Voerman. “I believe the drink should be of higher quality than how it was made until now, because the average Dutch drinker has developed their taste & preferences. We have been working on optimizing the first craft Vieux for a long time but are ready to launch the brand now. We chose the name Voerman Vieux because it is a synonym for coachman. In “Bargoens” (Old Dutch slang), Vieux was referred to as coachman’s cognac. Probably because many coachmen made life on the buck more bearable by drinking a glass of Vieux.”


Voerman Vieux is traditionally made from a wood-aged French grape distillate (also called brandy), enriched with botanicals such as bitter orange, figs, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger root. Its round and full-bodied taste makes it perfect to drink both neat and with ice. Thanks to its versatile flavour profile the Vieux can also be used in mixed drinks and cocktails. To realize the brand, Ingmar Voerman collaborated with Jos Zonneveld, the man behind the beverage brand By the Dutch. Voerman Vieux is produced by one of the oldest family distilleries in Schiedam.


Part of the profit of Voerman Vieux goes to the National MS Fund and is intended for further research. MS is a neurological disorder that Ingmar, with 17.000 other Dutch people, suffers from. A disease that is still not curable. This will hopefully change in the future!

Voerman Vieux to mix

Recipes developed together with the mixers of The London Essence Company

Voerman & Ginger – fill a glass with ice cubes, pour 35 ml of Voerman Vieux and top off with 100 ml (half a bottle) of London Essence Delicate Ginger Ale. Stir briefly. Garnish with an orange slice.

Voerman & Stormy – fill a glass with ice cubes, pour 35 ml of Voerman Vieux and top off with 100 ml London Essence Spiced Ginger Beer. Stir briefly. Garnish with an orange slice.

Voerman Vieux is served in the best cocktail bars in the Netherlands and is available at selected (online) liquor stores such as Barrelproof and Library of Spirits in Rotterdam, Andre Kerstens in The Hague, Cane & Grain and Drankerij in Amsterdam and online via, among others, Drank.nl.

Website: Voerman Vieux

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