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  • Kever Canned Cocktails
  • Kever Canned Cocktails

Cocktail bar quality cocktails made in an instant for your enjoyment at home, in the park, or on the boat. The innovators of Kever are ready to amaze and delight a new generation of cocktail connoisseurs with our new canned cocktail range. Simply close your eyes, take a slow refreshing sip and imagine being in your favourite cocktail bar.

You can pour five cocktails from one can, and the colourful appearance and playful names from the Kever Canned Cocktails such as Henkie Panky, John Lemon, Holy Negroni and Pinky Promise will put a smile on your face. The can is easy to carry and for 90% recyclable. The cocktails are artisanal made with natural flavours, vegan and gluten-free.

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Kever Canned Cocktails by the Amsterdam-based genever brand

The Cocktail Craze as we know it in London and other metropolitan cities is also gaining a foothold in other countries. Many urban residents now know how to find their way to the cocktail(bar), where they are enticed by the fun and sophistication of classic cocktails such as – the Negroni, Martini, or a John Collins. Mixology, the art of making cocktails, is slowly becoming the new standard at home and on the terrace. Mixing classic cocktails – and adding modern twists to them – is a skill all on its own. It often starts with three types of spirits together with the complicated magic of all kinds of bitters, syrups, shakers, stirrers, and of course good ice. It takes years to learn how to make that perfect cocktail, but we have now made it easy for you. The innovators of Amsterdam-based genever (AKA Dutch Gin) brand Kever are delighted to introduce our luxurious new range of four canned cocktails. All modern twists on classic genever cocktails, in a low carbon footprint, 500ml can. All you have to do is refrigerate your cocktail, shake and garnish it. The Kever cocktail range is available from this week onwards at various liquor stores, online, and in restaurants and bars in Amsterdam.

Cocktailian History in a can!

The next step of the Amsterdam-based Kever genever brand is a very logical one, says Ruben Wolvekamp: ‘On the one hand we see that convenience is playing an increasingly important role for consumers, but also the hospitality industry worldwide. They just don’t want to make any concessions on taste and quality. The ready-to-drink category has therefore been growing by double digits in recent years. For the founders of Kever, it is not only this potential that beckons. This introduction helps us in our mission to give our Dutch heritage, genever, a well-deserved place on every menu or home bar. Genever and cocktails are an authentic and real story. We Dutchies have had an amazing part in the global cocktail culture with the export of genever.’ ‘Did you know, for example, that in the pre-war United States, one out of every three cocktails were made with Dutch genever’, says Sebastian Kolstee. Our John Lemon is inspired by a true cocktail classic: the John Collins. The Pinky Promise is a contemporary and fruity twist on the Clover Club.

Kever Genever |Disruptors in the beverage market

Kever Genever was founded by a pair of friends with a love of genever and an unbridled curiosity for new flavors. Their genever changed the perception of that spirit in the Netherlands. They even developed – entirely in the context of the mindful drinking movement – a genever-inspired non-alcoholic spirit. Kever has a refreshing view on the world of spirits, in particular genever, and a nose for innovations. The introduction of the canned cocktail range is right up the brand’s alley. Kever is distilled in the Amsterdam region.

The Kever Canned Cocktails are available from this week on their website and specialist distributors.

Website: Kever

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