Interactive high-tech lamp


The Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto has a very special chandelier in its lobby. The high-tech lamp is designed by IDEO Digital Shop and consists of hundreds of light bulbs that can all move and illuminate interdependently. The lamp responds to data streams of online media such as social media and information from the internet. When someone posts a message about the hotel on Facebook or Twitter the lamp responds, but the lamp also gives a reflection of the weather. The lamp also response to movements in the hotel, for example when someone walks up the stairs.

Online menu


  • Online menu

It’s actually strange in the hospitality industry; there is quite a stir around guest taking pictures of their dishes. Some chefs and their guests are annoyed by the flashes of the cameras, others go a step further and give guests the opportunity to shoot a perfect picture! Yet there are still a few restaurants that showcase their dishes on the website, the menu is usually hidden in a pdf file. Weird in a time where young people (particularly up to 35 years) communicate through pictures (Instagram).

Online Menu wants to change this. They place your dishes with photos on the homepage . In addition, they provide insights in your potential guests and audience. Guests will also have the opportunity to write a review. On the website guests can filter the online menu labels and ingredients, see how other guests rate the dish and have a look at combined side dishes or drinks that were combined with the menu. A reservation module is build in. This system can be used to increase the service; it is in fact linked to a reservation website. Nice to know that the Smith family is coming for dinner for the 10th time.. And you could offer them a menu with their favorite dishes.

Restaurant guests get the perfect light for food photos


Not every restaurant is happy with guests who post food photos on Social Media. The photos are often blurry or improperly exposed whereby the dish looks unsavory. To give guests the opportunity to shoot professional photos, restaurant El Burro in South-Africa placed a portable light studio in the restaurant. Guests can choose various colored lights and once they have chosen the perfect mood lighting, they can take a photo and upload it on Instagram with #dinnercam. The device is developed by MWEB Wi-Fi network. Guests receive a free copy of their photo.

Aperol Chef Brunch Officer


  • Aperol Spritz

Looking for a new job? Do you love brunching for free and Aperol Spritz? The ‘Aperol ® Brunch Society’ in America is looking for a new ‘Chef Brunch Officer’ (CBO). The CBO will visit several restaurant hotspots to taste the Aperol Spritz cocktail and makes sure the staff makes the right Aperol Spritz cocktail. The recipe: 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda. The CBO will visit restaurants twice every weekend, all summer long, gets a free brunch with friends and get paid for it! To apply, people need to upload an Instagram video of 15 seconds with #Brunchforaliving @AperolUSA and tell why they have to become the new Chef Brunch Officer. Click here to see a number of applications. Nice inspiration for restaurant owners: as restaurant you can invite a regular guests to taste new dishes.

Connecting coffee machine


At many companies the coffee machine is the place to socialize with others. Conferences often lack this social moment because of the abundance of coffee. The Coffee Connector by the ‘Economic Development Board (EDB)’ from Singapore brings back the social moment in coffee drinking during networking meetings. The impressive machine only works if two people order a coffee at the same time. With a few short questions you get to know your fellow drinker over a cup of coffee. Watch the video.

60 Second Tasting Menu restaurant Daniel NYC


Do you have 60 seconds? Then watch the video of the seven-course tasting menu of fine dining restaurant Daniel in New York. Chefs Eddy Leroux, Jean-Francois and Ghaya Oliveira prepare the menu with canapés, appetizers, desserts and petit fours, worth $ 220,=. The ’60 Second Tasting Menu’ video’s of the Eater make a fast-paced visual tour of beautiful, technically advanced menu’s of restaurants. Click here for more video’s.

Flemish hospitality at snack wall


To advertise Flanders as a tourist destination in The Netherlands, several typical Flemish delicacies came from the Dutch FEBO snack wall . Visitors treated with a flair of Flemish hospitality as well. See the video for the promotion campaign.

Pay a KLM booking through social media


  • social media

Now KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes it possible for customers to pay their booking through social media. Consumers are already able to book extra services through social media, such as a seat reservation or extra baggage addition, but they can now pay their booking via Facebook or Twitter as well. KLM will send the customer a link in a private message on Facebook or Twitter, consumers can choose the method of payment and complete the transaction. A KLM service agent receives a payment confirmation and sends a message to the customer. KLM is the first airline that makes it possible to pay through social media.

Inspiration from NYFW 2014


We all know that Fashion Weeks are concentrated around fashion shows and after party’s but this year Marc Jacobs took the opportunity to do another type of stunt!

After all the talk of alternative payment methods like Bitcoin recently, he decided to open a pop-up tweetshop, a store where you pay with social media posts, a brilliant idea to promote his fragrance Daisy. In essence this store was more about the experience than the shopping, being located in beautiful bright loft in Soho, the brand organized a set of activities. One was a photo-booth style field of daisies, where you could take daisy #selfies. When uploaded with #MJDaisyChain to Instagram or Twitter you could win great prizes with the messages, such as bags, full bottles of daisy, sunglasses and other gadgets. Other than the daisy-field booth there was also a cart with a coffeemachine and baristas making fresh coffee, ladies who were giving free manicures with Marc Jacobs nail polishes and lot’s of daisy art and daisies. A dj made the atmosphere even a bit more exciting and the “fabulous” NYFW visitors were having a ball. One simple tweet with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain earned you a small daisy roller and for the larger prizes your post had to be chosen. All together, a rather briljant concept and you bet that the # was trending during the opening days! ^Leonie van Spronsen

Pinterest for the hospitality industry


  • pinterest

‘Pin’ and ‘Interest’, also known as Pinterest. The social online bulletin board where users can share their images has become a lot more popular in the Netherlands the past year. Currently 1.1 million Dutch use Pinterest, compared with 530,000 users a year ago. Pinterest has extended the functions, so there are more opportunities for the users.

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