The Milk Train Café | Soft-serve ice cream in a cloud of cotton floss


As from late July, The Milk Train Café in London is serving particular ice cream in a particular way! The Café serves soft-serve ice cream in a cloud of cotton floss. The flavours of the soft ice cream are special: Asian flavours, London style! The café opened late July and is extremely popular.

The Milk Train Café

Open your Instagram and search for #milktrain or visit the Instagram of The Milk Train Café, you instantly know why the folks are lining up to buy one! It simply looks just great! After you have made your choice at The Milk Train Café, they start with making the cotton floss (candy). This is placed in an ice-cream cone and then the soft serve ice cream is added, in one of the three flavours. The choice: vanilla, Hojicha (roasted green tea) or matcha (green tea). In order to complete the soft-serve ice cream and cotton floss you can top it off with either popcorn, crumbled Oreos or chocolate sauce.

Not only the flavours of the ice cream and the cotton floss are appealing, the pictures of the ice cream are a hit on social media as well. And let’s face it, sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

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