#MannequinChallenge | examples from the hospitality industry


At our Facebook page we spot more and more videos from hotels and restaurants participating in the #MannequinChallenge. Have you already seen one? In this challenge, a group of people remains ‘frozen’ like a mannequin while someone walks around with a camera and captures the scene. What makes it fun is that companies can use this challenge to give their fans a glimpse into ‘their world’. We gathered a few examples.


The last couple of weeks we spotted the #MannequinChallenge everywhere. It’s a viral video trend in which people ‘freeze’ and remain in action as mannequins while a video is being recorded. According to Wikipedia usually with the background music of Rae Sremmurd, ‘Black Beatles. The hashtag #MannequinChallenge is used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is believed that the phenomenon was started by students in Jacksonville, Florida on October 12, 2016.

In the video above the #MannequinChallenge created by the people working at restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée (3 Michelin stars). But in the Netherlands some hotels and restaurants are also sharing this kind of videos, for example two Michelinstars restaurant The Treeswijkhoeve from Dick Middelweerd in Waalre shared this video via Facebook with the hashtags #Saterdaynightfever and #MannequinChallenge. Hilton in Rotterdam also participated in the Challenge. As did Librije’s Zusje in Amsterdam, they created an artsy video on this theme.

#MannequinChallenge by the Belgian ALS Liga

#MannequinChallenge for charity. The Belgian ALS Liga fund made a video for the never-ending #MannequinChallenge in which they, after the ice bucket challenge, once again try to draw attention to this deadly disease. ALS affects one for one all muscle groups which leads to complete paralysis and within 2 to 5 years to the death of the patient. In the video, everyone is ‘frozen’ and at the end it shows that the ALS patient always remains kind of ‘frozen’.

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