IKEA Skal app


IKEA combines its product range of glasses, new year’s eve, social networks and mobile phones, in one iPhone application “IKEA Skal!”. Watch the video and see how it works!

Pay with facecash


Face Cash is an innovative payment method that was invented by one of the Facebook founders. The application can be downloaded to smart phones and works like a smartcard. Besides a bar code it displays a photo, this picture serves as a kind of security mechanism during the purchase.

Gift a follower


At “gift a follower” tweeps and facebooker can treat their followers and fans to a present. The cost? 1 dollar per “internet surprise bag”. The sender does not know whats in the bag. Besides small presents, it is also possible that people do receive an iPad.

Check-in through Foursquare


Aloft Hotel has made it possible for guests to check in with Foursquare. They have a special website where Foursquare guests can see the next promotions and also read reviews from previous guests. Guests who did book a room before January 18 (2011) at Aloft by Foursquare, received 20 percent discount at the bar of the hotel.

Tweets for treets


Christmas twitter action: between 11 and 23 December, residents of U.S. cities New York and Los Angeles could earn different sweets Delivery. To join tweeps had to retweet the tweets from the Magnolia Bakery. Each tenth retweet received a treet, like cheesecake, fudge brownies or cookies delivered at home.

Hotel Daaldersplaats in Sneek, Friesland, The Netherlands


Hotel Daaldersplaats Sneek, Friesland, The Netherlands uses social media. In an inspiring movie they show how they do it and they do encourage their guests to do the same!  in the hospitality industry use different social media.


Google is about to serve the restaurant guests


Google wants to serve information to users without them searching for something, but based on their browsing or location profile, “contextual discovery”. For example: If you’re in a restaurant, Google can, based on the location of your mobile, provide you automatically a message with a link to the menu, along with indications of what your friends like to eat. Coming in 2011.


Starbucks supports Worlds Aids Day


On World AIDS Day, Starbucks donated 5 cents from every coffee sold to (RED). With the action “Share a red cup” Starbucks hopes to raise much money for this charity. Through the website of Starbucks it is possible to buy a ‘red cup’ for all your friends on Facebook.

Crowdsourced restaurant in 90 days


A bunch of creative people from Lansing, Michigan aim to give a restaurant a complete makeover within 90 days. Through crowdsourcing on social networks, they hope to get as many ideas as possible about the interior, the facade, color and menu. Every week they post online polls to determine the final concept of the restaurant.



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