Coca-Cola Happiness Machine


 “Share the happiness”, have fun with a vending machine and a lot of students. Capture the reactions on camera and you have a wonderful advertisement, to use in social media.

Social Media, hype or fundamental shift


Radio and television needed 38 and 13 years to reach 50 million users, Internet only needed 4 years.. Facebook had 100 million users in just 9 months. Social media hype or a fundamental shift?

Is Bubbly the new Twitter?


In India this is allready the newest rage; bubbly. Because many famous Bollywood actors already use this new social network, thousands of new members submit to Bubbly Motion every day. Bubbly is very similar to Twitter, only they use voice messages instead of written.

Twitter can be profitable


With Twitter you can earn money. Those who do well, often earn much money. With that message and a new book (Twitter with result) Dick Raman tours through USA and The Netherlands. “Companies that do not know what Twitter, Facebook and other social networks already mean, are lost”. According to Raman ‘social networks’ are the way to approach the customers. 

Coca Cola focuses on social media


Coca Cola will focus more on social media. Under the guise of “be where the customer is” Coca Cola Marketing now focuses on Facebook among others. The key is to offer interesting online content, according to Coca Cola. It is supposed to work better than distributing free samples.

Burger King’s ‘Female Superfan’.


Burger King changed its marketing strategy, and now focuses more on women. During investigation of “Super Fans” (frequent visitors to fast-food restaurants 9 to 10 times per month) the company discovered that 29% of the visitors is older than 50 years. The assumption that most guests are males between 18 and 34 years old turned out not to be true. Burger King now started a campaign aimed at the female “superfan”. In the US only.

Forward a good deed


Boom Boom printed 26 good deeds on  small cards (for example buy a cup of coffee for a stranger). The idea is to pass these cards to friends or strangers. Through the site, people can share their experiences through pictures and videos. The card can also be followed through the site to track how many times the card is forwarded.


Taxi sharing


Taxi2 is a service free of charge for Virgin Atlantic and other airlines passengers who want to share their taxi from the airport to their home / hotel. An initiative to share costs and preserve the planet. Travelers can register online and submit flight and arrival details. The system ensures that you are linked to a suitable companion to share a taxi.



 Opinion Maker allows you to survey the guestexperience with a modern and user friendly touchscreen computer. The opinions of the guests are measured by means of a scientifically approved system.




This new online tool can be used when you visits restaurants, public places and for example offices. People use ‘foursquare’ to ‘check in’ and to let friends and family know what their favorite spots are. A fun way to discover new places, find out what friends around are doing and what their favorite spots are.


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