Dining with the dogs


Through the website of Dining With Dogs, people can see what restaurants ‘dog friendly ‘. It is also possible to leave a review. People can share their opinion with other dog lovers on Facebook and other social networks. Currently there are restaurants on the website in New York, Chicago, California, Arizona and Florida.

Crowdfunded fashionlabel


On websites www.fashionstake.com and www.catwalkgenius.com fashion lovers can invest in upcoming fashion labels for a minimum of € 10, = Shareholders receive a few percent of the profits. Shareholders can market ‘their’ brand on Facebook and Twitter, this  structure is called Crowd Funding. 

Spcial Media Sobriety Test



For those who may regret a Tweet if they had too mucht too drink there is the Social Media Sobriety Test, to make sure you can do a sobriety test before you send a tweet. All you have to do is install the plugin in your browser and specify the sites you want to block. When you then click on one of these sites you must first pass one out of five sobriety tests. If you’re not drunk, you can login.

KLM spreads happiness


Passengers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines may be surprised with a gift as soon as they announced there travelplans on foursquare. KLM uses the slogan ‘ We want to discover how happiness spreads’. Through the website you can register yourself as a follower of KLM.

Tweeting patissier


After butchers, bakersy and ice cream vendors, there is now a chocolatier that twitters, bloggs and facebooks. Until recently Vander Donk Fine Chocolates in Amsterdam only had online shop but opened its first store this week. Vander Donk uses social media to provide information about its activities and shares recipes on Facebook and Twitter.

Martini Spumante


Not everyone knows that the ‘spumantes’ of Martini belong to the assortment since 1863. Since last week they are available in The Netherlands. To celebrate this addition a they threw a bubbly party and created a special YouTube channel.

Social network for athletes


HeiaHeia is a social network specifically designed for people who play sports and exercise. The originally Finnish social network hopes to offer the benefits of sports and social networks in an entertaining package. People can keep track of their own training and share it with other people, it is also possible to your share your activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Landal looking for testers on Hyves


On December 17th Landal Green Parks opens a new holiday parc on the slopes of the Winterberg. For the opening weekend, Landal was looking for four families who want to test the new accommodations. All expenses are paid by Landal and all you have to do this for free ski weekend is to install a pimp on your Hyves (Dutch social network). The campaign aims to increase Landal number of followers on Twitter and Hyves.

First Twitter cookbook


Almost every day the Irish home cook Maureen Evans publishes a recipe on her twitter account @cookbook. Evans currently has just over 35,000 followers to try her recipes at home. Because the messages on twitter may only be 140 characters long Evans uses abbreviations. Thus s + p for salt and pepper. The dishes Evans publishes vary from noodles to biscotti.

Twiner at Xanders Bazar


Xanders Bazaar Winebar and Kitchen, located in Zwolle (The Netherlands), started a Twitterconcept called Twiner, which stands for Twitter, diner and wine. Every 2 weeks, this restaurant acts as a meeting place for 13 Tweeps. During a Twiner-evening, a three-course diner costs € 24,50, excluding the wine.

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