Restaurant Alinea


Another great video of Restaurant Alinea, created by Christian Seel. Check also the video of the lamb course or the edible helium balloon.

Foursquare for drinks


Elixr is a new app / social network for iPhone and iPad where users can share their drinks with friends. The new app allows users to take a picture of their drink and post it with a comment and the location. Your friends can view and comment the drinks you share. It’s also possible to see where your friends have checked in and you can rate a drink to help building a grade for the venue you’re at and populates the drink menu for other Elixr Members to see.

Carlsberg put friends to the test


A phone call in the middle of the night: your best friend is in trouble. Would you go out and help him? Carlsberg tests some friendships. What would your friends do? Are they true mates?

Now you are cooking


The new blog ‘Now you’re cooking’ developed by Electrolux, helps prepare the tastiest dishes. The blog collects cooking videos, exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ material and thus inspires food lovers. Often it is impossible to keep pace with the TV cook during cooking. You can turn the movies of ‘Now you’re cooking’ on the cooking mode, so you can easily cook at the same time as the chef cook. The video shows short pieces of text that will help you go through the cooking process and when you pause the video the cooking process is even step by step explained.

You are not funny


A great announcement of a comedy festival that takes place from 27 March till 21 April in Melbourne. Well, maybe her husband isn’t that funny, but this commercial definitely is!

Applications of 140 seconds


During an application procedure for the position ‘Manager Social Media and Digital Advertising’ the Pizza Hut kept interviews of 140 seconds. The Pizza Hut believes that people who can sell themselves in 140 seconds should be good at selling the company in 140 characters on Twitter. A special way to let people apply for a function and to put your company in the spotlight.

Pizza box with a live performance of a popstar


Domino’s Japan has launched a packaging design for its pizza boxes and a special iPhone App featuring the virtual popstar ‘Hatsune Miku’. The iPhone app comes with a social camera function which allows you to take pictures of yourself and ‘Hatsune Miku’. When your pizza is delivered you can point your phone’s camera toward the box and it will turn into a dancing stage to watch and listen to Miku’s performance.

New packaging design McDonalds


  • McDonald's

McDonald’s has launched new packaging designs on all carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups. The new packaging is designed to communicate brand stories in an engaging and modern way. The packaging is a blend of text, illustration and a QR code and will deliver interesting facts about de brand. It makes information easily accessible from mobile devices. The packaging is launched in the United States and will be rolled out worldwide through 2013.

Former Noma sous-chefs are opening restaurant


Two former Noma sous-chefs Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman will open a new restaurant named Bror, in the heart of Copenhagen next month. Currently there are not many details available, but they will grow their own vegetables on Sejerø island. The two chefs have opened a Twitter and Facebook account to keep people up to date on the progress.

Hangout for farmer and consumer


The Youth Food Movement and the Dutch ‘Agrarische Jongeren Kontakt’ bring farmers and consumers together at the online platform ‘Het Eetcafé’. With the online platform the distance between farmer and consumer is reduced and the consumer learns more about the daily practice on a farm. The online platform gives the farmer the opportunity to explain how things are going at the farm and the consumers can ask questions, criticize and start discussions. The platform will soon be offline as well. This year they will organize days throughout the country where farmers meet consumers in the city and consumers can visit the farm to see where their food comes from. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economics of the Netherlands.

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