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A wrapped metro


  • Sisaprod

Creative agency Sisaprod has surprised passengers of metro line 8 in Paris. With fuschia wrapping paper and tape, they have covered every surface on the inside of the metro. The metro was one big gift inside. With this action, the agency has gained a lot of publicity on Social Media.

Pinterest connects businesses to an interactive map


  • Pinterest

Pinterest has launched the new tool ‘Place Pins’ which makes the social media platform more interesting for small businesses. With Place Pins, users can add addresses and maps when they Pin an image. These are displayed on an interactive map. Make a Pinterest board with your favorite hotels and restaurants, for instance Paris and you can share this interactive map of Paris with other users. By clicking on ‘more information’ you will be directed to the Foursquare page or the hotel / restaurant website.

New Year’s Eve dinner at the Waldorf Astoria


  • Waldorf Astoria

Since 1931 the Waldorf Astoria NY has been a legendary destination for elegant New Year’s Eve celebrations. They now want to see how many Waldorf Astoria NY New Year’s Eve photos they can collect! They ask their fans at Facebook and their Twitter followers to find and post photos, everybody can vote and the person who did make or found the winning photo will receive a dinner for 2 at the Waldorf on New Year’s Eve! A great promotional campaign, simple to execute and who knows they might even run into some great photo’s from private albums.

Fish Tales by Bart van Olphen


  • fish tales

With Instagram videos of 15 seconds, the Dutch fish expert Bart van Olphen shows dishes, tips and tricks about cooking with fish. With this, he wants to demonstrate that it is easier to cook with fish than most people think and in the meantime raise awareness of responsible fishing. Chef Bart van Olphen committed to consuming sustainably caught fish and is author of a couple of Dutch fish cookbooks ‘The Fishes Cookbook’, ‘The Dutch viskookboek’ and ‘Working with fish’. And it’s the first Instagram cooking show!

QR-mosaic project QRio


The Rio de Janeiro government has installed QR-mosaic in the sideways to provide tourists with more information and a map. The QR-code opens an app that makes road signs unnecessary.

National Geographic augmented reality


National Geograpic celebrates its birthday in the coming months. To promote this, an exhibition of 36 premium photographs will travel to several train stations in the Netherlands until February. A giant virtual reality show is set-up to promote the exhibition. Passers-by can see and photograph themselves with a rhino, astronaut and dinosaurs. See the video for an impression. The exhibition travels to Eindhoven (December), The Hague Central station (January) and Arnhem (February).

Cry like a real wolf for Eristoff


Cry like a real wolf and win tickets for the ‘I love Techno’ party in Gent, Belgium. Eristoff, ‘vodka from the land of the wolf’ started a partnership with ‘I Love Techno’ this year. The brand has taken the slogan ‘vodka from the land of the wolf’ very literally this time and launched a Facebook campaign. Till 6 November, everybody can send a video of their howling to the Facebook page of Eristoff and collect as many likes. On November 6, at 1 am, the 50 participants with the most likes will be selected. They can sit behind their computer and howl live with wolves in the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. When the wolf cries back within 1 minute, the participant will win 4 tickets for ‘I love Techno’.

Starbucks tweet a coffee


Do you know someone who deserves a Starbucks coffee? Starbucks has launched the ‘Tweet-A-Coffee’ project in collaboration Twitter. People can send a Starbucks gift card a $ 5 to a friend, family or a stranger. Users only need to link their Starbucks account with a Twitter account and send a tweet with the mention @tweetacoffee to the person in question. The person will receive a link with the voucher for a Starbucks coffee. ‘Tweet-A-Coffee’ is only available in America.

Cooking with matching music


  • Spotify

Get in the mood during cooking? The new Spotify-app Supper combines recipes with music. The app provides the difficulty level per dish and it shows for how many people the recipe is. There are two playlists per recipe: one for when you cook and one for when you eat. If you for instance bake a pizza, you will get more in the mood with the matching Italian music. The app is available in Spotify’s desktop program, but the number of recipes is still limited.

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