Cry like a real wolf for Eristoff


Cry like a real wolf and win tickets for the ‘I love Techno’ party in Gent, Belgium. Eristoff, ‘vodka from the land of the wolf’ started a partnership with ‘I Love Techno’ this year. The brand has taken the slogan ‘vodka from the land of the wolf’ very literally this time and launched a Facebook campaign. Till 6 November, everybody can send a video of their howling to the Facebook page of Eristoff and collect as many likes. On November 6, at 1 am, the 50 participants with the most likes will be selected. They can sit behind their computer and howl live with wolves in the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. When the wolf cries back within 1 minute, the participant will win 4 tickets for ‘I love Techno’.

Starbucks tweet a coffee


Do you know someone who deserves a Starbucks coffee? Starbucks has launched the ‘Tweet-A-Coffee’ project in collaboration Twitter. People can send a Starbucks gift card a $ 5 to a friend, family or a stranger. Users only need to link their Starbucks account with a Twitter account and send a tweet with the mention @tweetacoffee to the person in question. The person will receive a link with the voucher for a Starbucks coffee. ‘Tweet-A-Coffee’ is only available in America.

Cooking with matching music


  • Spotify

Get in the mood during cooking? The new Spotify-app Supper combines recipes with music. The app provides the difficulty level per dish and it shows for how many people the recipe is. There are two playlists per recipe: one for when you cook and one for when you eat. If you for instance bake a pizza, you will get more in the mood with the matching Italian music. The app is available in Spotify’s desktop program, but the number of recipes is still limited.

Hotel Mitland uses the HotelBooQi


Recently our managing director, Hans van Spronsen, wrote a column ‘Generation 0.0’ from witch we quote the following paragraph, ” Maybe the fact that the majority of hotel guests in the middle and upper segment is older than 40 years and is not active on the social media. That’s why I’m always amazed when I see that these hotels have a Facebook page and are very active on Twitter. Who are you trying to reach? Not the target audience, I think. We do not read tweets or likes.” In his column which is published in a Dutch magazine he explains that this generation checks all the reviews at or Tripadvisor and that hotelmanagers better check these reviews at a daily base and react to the reviews in a personal way.

Hotel Mitland in Utrecht is responding with the introduction of the hotelBooQi . This communication tool , a folding flyer credit card size , serves as a holder for the room key, contains practical information about staying in the hotel and a map with landmarks. The hotel thinks that despite the attendance of mobile applications, that at this moment in time it is still more effective to inform their guests this way. This in addition to the information on their website and taking into account the 0.0 generation. Besides that the unfolding of the HotelBooQi is still faster than downloading and opening an application.

Watch movies on a smartphone during your flight


The airline Virgin Australia has developed a new app that allows passengers to view movies and programs directly from their smartphone, laptop or tablet during a flight. Before the airplane leaves, passengers can download the app from iTunes or Google Play and get access for 300 hours movies and programs of Virgin Australia. At this moment the app is tested at 37 airplanes, both domestic and international flights.

The story of KETEL1


The authentic Dutch gin brand KETEL1 presents ‘The story of Willem de Bruin’, one of the singers of the Dutch hip-hop formation ‘The Opposites’. With the online video campaign, KETEL1 brings stories, history and ambition of Dutch artists in the picture. Recognizable elements are: craftsmanship, character and pure authenticity. In the video of Willem de Bruin you will see the story of the successful rapper. The reason for this campaign were the personal stories of people sent to the gin brand.

Pin Pack Go travel planner


Four Seasons brings the guests journey to life with Pin.Pack.Go, a new travel planning service on Pinterest. Via Pinterest you can make your own Pin.Pack.Go board and specify the Four Seasons hotel you will be visiting during your holiday. Follow that specific hotel and the hotel will follow you back. The Four Seasons hotel will pin recommendations like tourist attractions, restaurants and shops.  And through your board they have an insight in your interests. The Four Seasons thus plans your ideal travel from start to finish via Pinterest. An interesting and innovative way to inform your guests before their stay, a kind of concierge. And it increases the anticipation for your guests…



  • twitter hotel

After the Twitter hotel in Majorca, the first Instagramhotel is now opened in Australia. Hotel 1888 has 90 rooms decorated with photos take by guests and is fully dedicated to Instagram. When you have more than 10.000 followers on Instagram you will get a free stay at the hotel and the guest/photographer of the Instagramphoto (of the hotel) of the month also receives a free additional stay. The hotel has a special room where you can take photos of yourself and guests are guided through the environment by an Instagram map.

Taco Bell surprised impatient customers


Taco Bell has held a fun stunt in collaboration with agency Grip Limited during the launch of the long-awaited arrival of Doritos Locos Tacos in Canada. Impatient customers were surprised during a special fan event. The exasperated tweets from the impatient customers were burned with a special laser on the first batch of shells and served to the specific customer. These customers ate literally their own words on the taco.

Marriott launched mobile travel game


Hotel chain Marriott has launched ‘Xplor’, a mobile game trip. During this game you will visit five cities (NYC, Paris, Beijing, Dubai, Sao Paul), you get sight-seeing challenges, solve puzzles and answer trivia questions. Players can create their own avatar, ranging from backpacker to jet-setter. For each city completed the player will receive 100,000 Marriott Reward points. Those who complete all levels before November 25, will receive three major prizes. The game is developed for all ages.

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