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After the Twitter hotel in Majorca, the first Instagramhotel is now opened in Australia. Hotel 1888 has 90 rooms decorated with photos take by guests and is fully dedicated to Instagram. When you have more than 10.000 followers on Instagram you will get a free stay at the hotel and the guest/photographer of the Instagramphoto (of the hotel) of the month also receives a free additional stay. The hotel has a special room where you can take photos of yourself and guests are guided through the environment by an Instagram map.

Taco Bell surprised impatient customers


Taco Bell has held a fun stunt in collaboration with agency Grip Limited during the launch of the long-awaited arrival of Doritos Locos Tacos in Canada. Impatient customers were surprised during a special fan event. The exasperated tweets from the impatient customers were burned with a special laser on the first batch of shells and served to the specific customer. These customers ate literally their own words on the taco.

Marriott launched mobile travel game


Hotel chain Marriott has launched ‘Xplor’, a mobile game trip. During this game you will visit five cities (NYC, Paris, Beijing, Dubai, Sao Paul), you get sight-seeing challenges, solve puzzles and answer trivia questions. Players can create their own avatar, ranging from backpacker to jet-setter. For each city completed the player will receive 100,000 Marriott Reward points. Those who complete all levels before November 25, will receive three major prizes. The game is developed for all ages.

Ten thousand Twitter followers


To celebrate the mile stone of 10.000 Twitter followers we’ve visited one of our connections, Kitch& in Leiden, the Netherlands. We entered the restaurant with a bottle of Limonchili and were welcomed by co-owner Edwin van den Akker. He got acquinted with Horecatrends during one of our regular trend presentations. Kitch& uses Twitter to start an easy accessible dialogue with guests. Next to Twitter the restaurant uses DineRate to promote feedback on dishes and service, feedback through this service is rewarded with culinairy rewards on next visits. Edwin van den Akker uses to keep himself up-to-date with the latest trends in hospitality. “I don’t check the website every week, but if I do, I browse a few weeks back. The trends are for approximately 10% inspiring for my business, so definately worth to look at.” We would like to thank everyone for archieving the 10.000 followers, please keep sending tips via @horecatrends and

Three minutes in Italy


Beverage brand SanPellegrino has launched a new campaign called ‘Three minutes in Italy’ in partnership with Ogilvy NY and Deeplocal. Facebook users in the U.S. can get a virtual tour through the city Taormina in Sicily, Italy through the eyes of a robot. With a special Facebook application they can control the robot for three minutes. The robot is equipped with a translation system and through an audio and video connection Facebook users can communicate with the locals. The Facebook profile picture is displayed on the head of the robot. The beverage brand offers Americans an extraordinary Italian vacation experience through this campaign.

Phone-holding camera stand


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In Japan a phone-holding camera stand is installed on tourist spots so tourists can take pictures of themselves without the help of others. The camera holder can rotate 360 degrees and is installed at the right height and distance to take a group photo. The stand is suitable for any smartphone and even tablets.

Robotic coffee machine


Briggo has developed a robotic coffee machine in conjunction with Yves Behar and Fuseproject. The coffee machine ‘Briggo Coffee Haus’ offers people the opportunity to order a coffee through a touch screen or via a smartphone app. The range consists of many types of coffee, even with coffee syrups. The app will remember your favorite coffees. The Briggo Coffee Machine offers a fast and easy way to order a coffee, without any hassle or wait. At this point the coffee machine is tested at the University of Texas and will soon be at Bergstrom airport Austin.

Twitter hotel


World’s first Twitter hotel is located on the Spanish island Mallorca. The Twitter hotel Sol Wave House opened a year ago and uses Social Media to offer guests a unique experience. The hotel has Twitter themed rooms, Twitter drinks and through the virtual community #SocialWave guests can start conversations or flirt. By logging in to the hotel network, guests can share photos, send private messages and they can see who’s online and their location in the hotel. Guests can also submit requests via Twitter, such as filling the minibar or offer other guests drinks and food.

Plopsaland De Panne app


  • Plopsaland

Last week attraction park Plopsaland De Panne has introduced an app. This app is the perfect guide during a visit to the amusement park. The app includes navigation to find the different attractions and attractions can be selected based on the height of the children. It also contains information about meet and greets and the different shows. The visitor will also receive exclusive benefits and memories while visiting the park.

Heineken Departure Roulette


Heineken sends travelers to a destination that they have not planned or paid for. Together with agency Wieden & Kennedy New York, the beer brand challenges passengers to play the ‘Departure Roulette’ at Kennedy Airport. Passengers with their passport and tickets already in their hands, could change their flight to an unexpected destination. The ‘Departure Roulette’ is inspired by the new Heineken campaign that previously sent four men to remote destinations and filmed their adventures, launched by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.

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