Applications of 140 seconds


During an application procedure for the position ‘Manager Social Media and Digital Advertising’ the Pizza Hut kept interviews of 140 seconds. The Pizza Hut believes that people who can sell themselves in 140 seconds should be good at selling the company in 140 characters on Twitter. A special way to let people apply for a function and to put your company in the spotlight.

Pizza box with a live performance of a popstar


Domino’s Japan has launched a packaging design for its pizza boxes and a special iPhone App featuring the virtual popstar ‘Hatsune Miku’. The iPhone app comes with a social camera function which allows you to take pictures of yourself and ‘Hatsune Miku’. When your pizza is delivered you can point your phone’s camera toward the box and it will turn into a dancing stage to watch and listen to Miku’s performance.

New packaging design McDonalds


  • McDonald's

McDonald’s has launched new packaging designs on all carry-out bags and fountain beverage cups. The new packaging is designed to communicate brand stories in an engaging and modern way. The packaging is a blend of text, illustration and a QR code and will deliver interesting facts about de brand. It makes information easily accessible from mobile devices. The packaging is launched in the United States and will be rolled out worldwide through 2013.

Former Noma sous-chefs are opening restaurant


Two former Noma sous-chefs Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman will open a new restaurant named Bror, in the heart of Copenhagen next month. Currently there are not many details available, but they will grow their own vegetables on Sejerø island. The two chefs have opened a Twitter and Facebook account to keep people up to date on the progress.

Hangout for farmer and consumer


The Youth Food Movement and the Dutch ‘Agrarische Jongeren Kontakt’ bring farmers and consumers together at the online platform ‘Het Eetcafé’. With the online platform the distance between farmer and consumer is reduced and the consumer learns more about the daily practice on a farm. The online platform gives the farmer the opportunity to explain how things are going at the farm and the consumers can ask questions, criticize and start discussions. The platform will soon be offline as well. This year they will organize days throughout the country where farmers meet consumers in the city and consumers can visit the farm to see where their food comes from. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economics of the Netherlands.

Inspiration for chefs


Via the twitter account of Kobe Desamaults we saw this beautiful long term movie about the preparation of duck by chef Seiji Yamamoto. Through the online video channel Tokyo Gastronomy by Friendroid, there are several videos to see about gastronomy in Tokyo.

What does a heart look like?


Just great to watch, kids about Valentine’s Day. No trend or anything but we started this morning with a smile.

Have a nice day. Video and image courtesy of YouTube,  Small Fry

The use of Social Media by Lego


Another example of how to use Social Media. The campaign ‘Holiplay’ by Lego is simple. Simply building something with Lego, combine it with whatever you have in your surroundings and snap a photo. That concept captures the very essence of LEGO – use your imagination and play. Konstellation, the creative digital agency, responsible for the campaign likes to refer to it as ‘Brickmented Reality’. Watch the movie and see how Lego has used Social Media and the effect of it.

Win an internship at Lagavulin


Diageo, the owner of the famous whiskey Lagavulin, offers a whiskey fan the opportunity to spend two days at the distillery. Participants can register until 31 March on the website Friends of the Classic Malts. On the subscribers can be voted. The warehouse boss Iain McArthur who plays the leading role in the atmospheric film chooses the lucky one from the top 10 with the most votes. A nice way to put your company in the spotlight and start an application process at the same time.

Slow Food in a fast movie


Flip van Ierschot of Foodwire, has made a movie which shows the energy of the Slow Food fair ‘Terra Madre’ in Turin. It gives a nice overview of the exhibition in almost four minutes.

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