Heineken Departure Roulette


Heineken sends travelers to a destination that they have not planned or paid for. Together with agency Wieden & Kennedy New York, the beer brand challenges passengers to play the ‘Departure Roulette’ at Kennedy Airport. Passengers with their passport and tickets already in their hands, could change their flight to an unexpected destination. The ‘Departure Roulette’ is inspired by the new Heineken campaign that previously sent four men to remote destinations and filmed their adventures, launched by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.

Hilton cocktails


Hotel chain Hilton shows how to prepare their cocktails via the Youtube channel. Bartenders from several Hilton hotels in the Caribbean show the secret behind their famous cocktails. What about the Piña Colada in the video above or the Hawaiian Eye Cocktail of the Hilton Hawaiian Village®? Bring the tropical atmosphere of Hilton to your home with these cocktails!

Shoppable store windows


Clothes & Accessories store Kate Spade Saturday uses the busy sidewalks in New York City, by creating a shoppable store windows. They have placed interactive windows in formerly vacant retail stores where you can shop online. The storefronts are painted yellow with black and white elements and a selection of clothing and accessories are displayed on hangers and hooks inside the windows. Through the large touch screen display, passers by can browse the entire collection and get more information. Only a mobile phone number is required and a confirmation will be send, payment will be done at delivery, the order will be delivered for free within one hour. The four stores are open 24 hours a day between June 8th and July 7th.

The wearable movie


Again a brilliant advertising of Coca-Cola to share ‘happiness’. In the animated movie ‘The wearable movie’ Coca-Cola wants to deliver fans all of the world a smile. The concept was developed by Ogilvy and created by Psyop. Each frame of the movie was put on a t-shirt and sent to fans. The fans were asked to take a picture of themselves with the t-shirt. These pictures were combined to recreate the animated movie of all Coca-Cola’s fans.

Student dinner blog


At the website GEWOONWATEENSTUDENTJESAVONDSEET.blogspot.nl former student Leonie writes about her simple and decent dinners. She mostly creates her own dishes, but sometimes she is inspired by cookbooks. Her blog is viewed 1,400 times a day and her Facebookpage has received nearly 25,000 likes in two years. A student restaurant in Amsterdam can respond to this blog by inviting Leonie for a dinner and let her write a blog about it. This way restaurants generate a lot of free publicity.

Your dads favorite quote


A nice and simple Father’s day action of hotel Taj West End Bangalore, India. Followers can share one of their dad’s favorite sayings and quote them with #MyDadAlwaysSays on Twitter. The best quote will win a father’s day lunch in the restaurant.

#RCMemories through promoted by


The official twitter stream of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. Tweeting for global travelers, collectors of #RCMemories and lovers of #luxury. We do not often see examples of hotels using the ‘promoted by’ opportunity via Twitter. Recently we spotted the above mentioned tweet promoted by @RitzCarlton: ‘Travel inspires the most treasured memories. Share yours on @twitter & @instagram with #RCMemories. We can’t wait to see what you discover‘. They gather photos taken by their guest at #RCMemories at Twitter and Instagram. Thus the story of vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton locations worldwide are told through pictures by their guests. Great marketing campaign! And inspiration for each hotel or restaurant. As to come up with a hash tag for your own business is easy. Getting your guest to send in pictures is a challenge! We contribute to the #RCMemories by placing the picture of the Bathmenu from the Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur. Also shown in our booklet ‘Royal hospitable gestures‘.

Mouthopia,Think With Your Mouth


McDonald’s has taken a fresh approach with their most recent advertising campaign called “Think With Your Mouth”. Created by New York-based ad agency Translation, the outcome is a series of 20-second videos, which all feature a Big Mac as the centerpiece. Each of the videos has a distinct style with the goal of appealing to a different segment of Internet users. With this tactic they aim to increase the number of people who are likely to click on any one of the company’s videos, thus increasing the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

The Ibis Snuggling Bunnies


The Ibis hotels introduced their most comforting hotel bed ever with this ad. More information at #ibisbunnies and if you like them at Facebook you can even see more exclusive behind-the-scenes YouTube videos.

Scrabble Wi-Fi


In Paris you can get free Wi-Fi by playing Scrabble on your phone. Paris has got quite a lot of places where Wi-Fi is not available, so Ogilvy Paris introduced the game Scrabble Wi-Fi. Scrabble placed three Wi-Fi hotspots in the city where correct spelling and creative use of language was rewarded. Create any word using up to seven letters for the password and the score will be converted into free Wi-Fi minutes. So the higher your score, the longer the connection.

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