#RFWinterTale storytelling around the Christmas Season


The winter tales about Rudy the elk’s journey celebrating Europe’s Festive experiences. His journey is made even more special by the Rocco Forte hotels. Creating storytelling with the #RFWinterTale.

At the website of the Rocco Forte Hotel chain, you can find different stories about Rudy the elk, who is experiencing different elements of all the cities where the Rocco Forte chain has a residential hotel. In short all the stories are about Rudolph, the elk’s adventures while he travels through Europe. Every winter, he suffered the humiliation of being mistaken for a reindeer. So Rudy packed his bags for a grand tour through Europe, in order to educate the world about the mighty elk, which is definitely not the same as the reindeer. Even though his parents called him Rudolph….

Create your own story aroundRudolph, #RFWinterTale

As we write Rudy has already visited the Rocco Forte Astoria hotel in St. Petersburg, the hotel Savoy in Florence, the Villa Kenedy in Frankfurt and hotel Amigo in Brussels. Nice short bedtime stories to tell your kids, especially if they love to travel! At the website of the Rocco Forte chain you can create your own Winter’s Tale about Rudy. After sharing your tale at your social media channels, you can enter to win a 6-night stay at three of their luxurious properties, for two nights each.

About the Rocco Forte Hotel Chain

Established by Sir Rocco Forte and sister, Olga Polizzi in 1996, Rocco Forte Hotels is a family of 10 individual hotels and resorts in Europe. Located in Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Florence, Rome, Sicily and St. Peterburg. Each hotel is a landmark and they’re all individual hotels with exclusive design and distinctive dining and service. The hotels are member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Nestlé’s CHEF On Tour


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Nestlé uses a food truck to let chefs get acquainted with their new CHEF sauces: Chef on Tour…

Nestlé makes use of the street food revolution that has led to an outburst of street food and food trucks. According to Nestlé, street food brings people together, the food truck vendor is often the producer and educates the consumer where the product (or dish) originates from, about the ingredients and how it is prepared.

With this in mind Nestlé shows their costumers how to make use of their new product with CHEF On Tour. Nestlé’s culinary advisor (chef Edwin Detering) exclusively promotes the ‘CHEF’ sauces in his own food truck. He explains the preparation of the sauces, the ingredients and its variations.

The sauces of ‘CHEF On Tour’

From 27 October until 12 November Nestlé visited a dozen of hospitality organisations. Nestlé Professional involved chefs of the Van der Valk hotel chain in the development of the ‘CHEF’ sauces. As part of that collaboration, Nestlé wanted the entire kitchen brigade at the Van der Valk hotels to become excited about the sauces that they developed with their colleagues.

The food truck was located at the (supplier)entrance of the kitchen of the hotels. Nestlé took the whole crew out to the food truck at an appropriate time (during the ‘mise en place’ before lunch or dinner). The demonstration only lasted 15 to 20 minutes, so the brigade could immediately get back to work. These are the sauces they got to know during their short break: CHEF Peppersauce, CHEF Red Winesauce, CHEF Stroganoff sauce and CHEF Grillsauce. At first the crew tasted just the sauce (heated), then combined with a piece of grilled sirloin steak and finally with a piece of baked chicken thigh.

Are we going to see ‘CHEF On Tour’ more often?

Nestlé’s vision on this subject: “If ‘CHEF On Tour’ is appreciated by the chefs and their teams, then we will definitely consider visiting other chains and/or individual hospitality organisations with this concept. We might even show up at some other hotel and/or restaurants events in 2016.”

Flight Funding; KLM experimenting with crowdfunding


KLM is the first airline in the world that uses its social media channels for a FlightFunding experiment. Basically an experiment with crowdfunding. It is also a fine example of creating a new word in the English language and we wonder how it effects their brand image.

Oké, you say FlightFunding?

Today Juanita from Schijndel gets 24 hours (till 9 October, 7 am) the opportunity to make use of KLM’s social media friends to ‘FlightFund’ a flight to her family in Canada. KLM wants to use this experiment to test the strength of its social network. KLM has been using social media for years, it all began with the award-winning campaign, KLM Surprise in 2010. Since 2010 KLM has 24/7 social media service in 14 languages. Per week more than 150 social media service employees answer 70.000 messages from customers and fans. Amongst those messages there are many wishes from people who can’t afford to buy a ticket, but would love to travel.

Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, Manager Social Media KLM: “We would love to help everyone, of course, but sadly this is simply not an option for a business dependent on the sale of tickets. The FlightFunding concept arose from a deep-seated wish to help people make their dreams come true. This social media experiment will allow KLM to assess how its social network responds to appeals of this kind. From the stack of requests, the care team randomly selected the story of Juanita. ”

“Trial and error has played an important part in establishing KLM’s leading position in social media. FlightFunding really is an experiment. Today Juanita’s appeal has been posted on KLM’s social media channels. Everyone can make their donation on flightfunding.com. With over twelve million fans worldwide it must be possible to fund the amount for a ticket? However, in each experiment there is a chance that it will not succeed. We are very curious about the results. ”

The creative concept for Flight Funding has been developed in collaboration with Code d’Azur. See how Juanita experiences the FlightFunding. 

Tres Hombres prepares a viral launch with Thunderclap


Thunderclap sends a message through subscribed social media accounts at the same moment. By requesting users’ permission to send via their social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, it is possible to schedule a launch at one time.

Thunderclap social media distribution

The social media distribution tool shows who participates with the Thunderclap, it provides insight into the users supporting the message and creates a measurable reach. It gives the people joining a togetherness feeling because only the backers know about this upcoming ‘internet flashmob’ which can quickly provide be a trending topic. For the non-profit sector it is an interesting way to promote awareness campaigns by a “social contribution” instead of having to ask a financial contribution.

Sailing ship Tres Hombres

Using Thunderclap the crew of sustainable sailing ship ‘Tres Hombres’ will promote a campaign for organic coffee that the sailing ship will transport in 2016. Besides coffee, the ship was used to transport barrels of rum and chocolate with pure wind power over the ocean for the past five years. The ship can carry around 35 tonnes of cargo. Erik Rauws is one of the sailors Erik Rauws who has sailed along several times. He will join the sailing crew that will transport organic coffee from Costa Rica and created the sustainable coffee brand ‘Anemoi Coffee’. Half the ship is dedicated to cargo transport and half is used for passengers. People interested can join the crew on (a part of) the trip. The ship sails in the beginning of the summer in 2016 and a round trip takes about 5 months.

Anemoi Coffee by Sail

Share the Thunderclap by Erik Rauws and his Anemoi Coffee by Sail as well. The Thunderclap will be delivered on 11 September.

“We want to sail the most sustainable coffee in the world next year by sailing from Costa Rica to Amsterdam, join us!”

PinkFreeWifi: Free Wi-Fi in exchange for a like


More and more bars and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for a Like or Tweet. PinkFreeWifi also provides a powerful database to obtain data which an entrepreneur can use to get acquainted with his or her guests and use to organize an appropriate campaign or activity.

Still bars, hotels and restaurants that don’t offer free Wi-Fi

With a website such as hospitalitytrends.eu we spot developments at an early stage. We wrote an article about SO WIFI by the end of 2012, which is also a supplier of routers for ‘free Wi-Fi in exchange for a like’. Meanwhile, there are more free Wi-Fi providers on the market, including PinkFreeWifi. This company is based in the Netherlands but has implemented PinkFreeWifi worldwide and they create benefits for their customers by offering the router and a database. And since we also noticed that there are still many bars, restaurants and hotels that don’t offer free Wi-Fi, we have chosen to write another article about it.

Free Wi-Fi plus a data system

The software of PinkFreeWifi is developed in collaboration with the major manufacturers of routers such as CISCO and Merraki. PinkFreeWifi works from the cloud and is therefore always available. The system is focused on the social media and uses its statistics. The entrepreneur can use these data for promotional use. The system only uses data that users share via their open social media channels. For example the system will make analyzes like the demographic area your guests are coming from etc.

Tapas Bar Català uses PinkFreeWifi

There are already several companies using PinkFreeWifi. One of the best known users is surely the Tapas Bar Català in Amsterdam. This restaurant at the Spui – diagonally across from Café Luxembourg, has been around since 1985. The owner Gabriel Machin has taken over the restaurant in 1990 and serves only tapas with an authentic Spanish flavor. His quote:

“Our guests are our main focus and it has been our mission for years to give them that home-away-from-home feeling in the best Spanish style. We have our dishes and our kitchen under control and monitor the taste of our dishes, they taste as if they are made in Spain. Fresh, healthy and high-quality products. Amsterdam is a busy city with a very diverse audience that visits us. From the tourist to Prime Minister Rutte, but also our King and Queen, HRH Willem-Alexander and HRH Maxima enjoyed our service, quality and taste. In recent years, during the economic crisis, our industry had to deal with decreasing turnovers but our motto has always been to give our customers an enjoyable and pleasant evening. We looked around to find more market opportunities to better anticipate to their wishes. That’s how we got introduced to PinkFreeWifi and that has helped us tremendously in the communication with our guests. Our restaurant is in fact very small, we only have seven tables outside and seven tables inside. PinkFreeWifi told us of the opportunities that exist through social media today. Based on the data we pulled from the database, we have adapted our menus to the wishes of our guests. Our guests come from all over the world and we were able to adapt even better. As result: an enormous increase in turnover and a waiting line outside to enter our 40M2 large/small restaurant. We even won a TRIP ADVISOR Award.”

Royal De Ruijter opens pop-up sandwich restaurant in the Netherlands


Royal De Ruijter opened its first sandwich restaurant in the Netherlands. In the 9 Streets district of Amsterdam, restaurant Struisvogel temporarily transformed into a cozy breakfast and lunch restaurant. The sandwiches restaurant is dedicated to special sandwiches and pastries. Guests can use various sandwich spread products of Royal de Ruijter to create their ultimate sandwich.

Two kinds of spreads

The reason for opening the pop-up sandwich restaurant is a recent research showing that most Dutch people eat a lot of bread, but vary only little with two types of spreads. Moreover, the sandwiches are routinely eaten in fifteen minutes according to the research. This while variety and attention are really important in enjoying food. Despite the popularity of the sandwich, it does not get the attention it deserves. With the restaurant Royal De Ruijter wants to change this and inspire people to make sandwiches special again.

Pay with #broodjebijzonder at sandwich restaurant

The sandwich restaurant in restaurant Struisvogel runs for one week from Friday 4 September onwards and is open between 9:00 and 14:00. Anyone can walk in from 9.00 am onwards for a creative selfmade sandwich until 10 September. Fresh bread, fruit and Royal De Ruijter products like Vlokfeest (chocolate flakes), aniseed sprinkles, Fruit- and Strawberry-Raspberry sprinkles, ‘Gestampte muisjes’ (crushed aniseed sprinkles) and Bebogeen are yours to use. There is no menu and no price list. Guests pay by sharing a photo of the creation on social media with #broodjebijzonder.

SAIL Amsterdam has interactive long range beacons


Unique interactions between tall ships and smartphones via long range beacons at SAIL Amsterdam

Every five years, SAIL Amsterdam is the epitome of historic tall ships. Next to the historical ships, SAIL has a world first in the field of mobile innovation this week as well. Using long-range beacons and the inBeacon software platform which was developed in the Netherlands, spectators get automatically information about some 10 special ships via the SAIL app once they are in the neighbourhood.

A unique experience during the SAIL-in-Parade

During the SAIL-in parade specially developed long-range beacons offer information about the ships to a range of 300 – 350 meters. Beacons are placed on either side of the tall ships to cover the span of the Noordzeekanaal which is 400 meters in total at some points. The information about the ships will automatically be provided when the ship is nearby and the viewer has installed the free SAIL app and a Bluetooth connection. High in the mast of the bark ‘Europa’ a webcam is installed that broadcasts unique live view images. The viewer gets a link to the images via the SAIL app as soon as the ‘Europa’ sails along.

Range up to 300 meters

Until recently beacons a maximum range of 50 meters. The long-range beacons that are used during SAIL contain specially developed chips that allow an effective range of up to 300 meters.

Innovative technology with a Dutch character

The Dutch inBeacon is a cloud software platform that interacts with the owner of the smartphone as relevant as possible. The smartphone interacts with the environment, or the environment reacts to the smartphone.

SAIL app

All beacon interactions take place via the SAIL app that is available for free at the Apple iTunes store and Android Play store . The app works on all new iPhone version 4s and virtually all newer Android devices from version 4.3.

Your Take On #centerparcslol



Center Parcs organized a contest under the title “Your Take On” where teens can film themselves in all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Center Parcs. The company works together with well-known vloggers (video bloggers) like the ‘Knol brothers’ that promote the contest. Contestants can upload their videos to Instagram with the hashtag #centerparcslol.

Performance by rapper Dio

The maker of the best video will win a day of activities and an exclusive concert by rapper Dio at Center Parcs De Eemhof. Dio is a Dutch rapper who is known from the songs ‘Dom, Lomp en Famous’ in collaboration with the Opposites and Willie Wartaal and ‘Tijdmachine‘ with Sef.

Enzo and Milan Knol

Among other vloggers Enzo and Milan Knol collaborate with Center Parcs for the campaign. Both are social media stars that focus on Dutch teenagers. Enzo Knol is a YouTube hero with nearly 800.000 followers and often new videos by him are viewed more than 200.000 times within a single day. Milan owns Youtube channel DagelijksHaaDee (550.000+ followers) and his other channel DitIsMilan is good for 320.000+ followers.

For more information: www.yourtakeon.nl

Do you have a secret menu?


  • Secret-menu-Freepik-FlaticonSecret menu via Freepik by Flaticon.com

Hot in the USA: secret menu’s at fast food chains. From fast food chain In-N-Out, to Shake Shack to McDonald’s. Why not create your own ‘secret menu’ as a cafeteria or small fast food chain?

Last year I did visit the fast food chain In-N-Out in California, my daughter who worked and lived in New York already heard about their (not-so) secret menu. Recently I saw a video of Anthony Bourdain discussing his appetite for burgers of In-N-Out. This chain has been offering customer-created riffs on the menu which have been passed down through word of mouth since the 1960’s. At their official menu it has just three burgers (a hamburger, cheeseburger, and the ‘double-double’), it’s ‘not-so-secret’ menu adds six more. I tasted the iconic ‘animal style’ burger with a lot of grilled onions and mustard. Did I like it? Well it certainly was the most tasty fast food burger I have eaten on the West Coast. But I didn’t eat many!

How to create a secret menu

The appeal of the secret menu is a delicate matter for restaurants. You can’t promote them because of the fact that it will instantly lose its secrecy factor. It’s a matter of involving your fans and let them spread their favorite ‘secret menu’ through social media and locally through word of mouth. For more information read the article ‘Secret Burger Menus, Explained’ on Eater.

You can even check the secret menu’s at fast food restaurants in your vicinity at the website Secret Menus. At this website I even read that one of the secret menus at In-N-Out is called the ‘Flying Dutchman’. Just two patties and cheese, very trendy without gluten!  ^Marjolein

Inspiring: a pop-up-traffic jam-concert


Those people who were stuck in the traffic jam on the 30th of June at the A1 (highway), did pick a great moment to get stuck! A new classic festival, Wonderfeel, organized the first pop-up-traffic jam-concert in this traffic jam .

When the traffic jam occured, the side of a 16.5 meter platform truck opened. The New Amsterdam Clarinet Quartet supplemented with sousaphone and percussion began to play under the direction of a conductor and entertained hundreds of motorists.

Initiator Georges Mutsaerts: “We wanted the audience to enjoy classical music in a fun way in a place where you would least expect it. Motorists also reacted with disbelief to the totally unexpected performance. In order not to hinder the traffic the performance lasted no longer than 10 minutes. But in late July, Wonderfeel will return in collaboration with ‘Natuurmonumenten’ with 200 musicians and 100 concerts in nature area ‘s-Graveland for the ultimate relaxation this summer.”

Wonderfeel will take place in ‘s-Graveland in the nature area Schaep and Burgh at 24, 25 and 26 July.

Pop-up- traffic jam-concert as inspiration

It doesn’t seem conductive to road safety to organize a pop-up restaurant in the traffic jam. But we have spotted Twitter and Facebook messages from restaurants offering menu’s to those who stranded in a nearby traffic jam. We love to mention original ways to respond to a nearby traffic jam on horecatrends.com.

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