Pannenkoekenhuys ‘t Noorden | Has his own ‘kids-sharing-books-station’


The Dutch ‘Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp’ (National Child Support Foundation) thinks that all children should be able to read. Therefore, they initiated the National ‘Kids-sharing-books-day’ on October 4th. Everywhere in the Netherlands children books will find their way to multiple ‘kids-sharing-books-stations’. This day is initiated to stimulate reading amongst children, since reading is very important   for the development of every child.

Pannenkoekenhuys ‘t Noorden (a Pancake restaurant in the East of the Netherlands) decided to participate and has its own ‘kids-sharing-books-station’ now. The ‘station’-manager Wesley Huning, asks all the children living near the pancake restaurant to bring as many child books as possible. This will help the books start wandering from station to station and thus enabling lots of kids to enjoy books. Maybe they can bring books with animal themes as it’s also World Animal Day on the 4th of October!

What is a ‘kids-sharing-books-station’?

A sharing child-book station is the place where books that are shared feel at home. Children pick up  one of the books to read at home and then bring it back or leave it at another ‘kids-sharing-books-station’. Those stations can be found in waiting rooms, trains, schools or at other ‘kids-sharing-books-stations like in other restaurants.

Website: Nationaal kinderzwerfboekdag

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